Yes, as St. John had once said and is on the outside of the building of the central intelligence agency (CIA), “The truth shall set quote - light in tunnelyou free.”

However I think we can add another sentence to this beautiful phrase I would like to present to you and that would be “But just do not go telling everyone about these truths you discover by yelling from an Internet rooftops!”

After all folks, this is the world wide web and last time I checked, you don’t surf a web, you get caught in them.

Imagine that my fellow entrapped worms in your internet cocoons?

This phrase I added above is based on the simple facts that have been recorded over the course of written history showing the many martyrs who had spoken truth that were crucified, tortured and murdered and with this year being 2015 with the passage of the DARK Act.

The meaning of DARK is “Denying Americans the Right to Know.”

These facts are solidified by the blood and bones of millions of people who were martyred fighting their governments and now by U.S. law.

The message is loud and clear for us all to clearly understand the world in which we live.

As Jordan Maxwell once told me “Yeah I see a light at the end of that the tunnel and it’s a locomotive train coming straight at us!”

With that said, let there be light, may the truth set you free and please be careful for that light at the end of the tunnel. It may not here to illuminate, but to annihilate!

Train Tunnel

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