The Ammon is the Abraxas, and place of Sophia (wisdom); to the Gnostics, Christos (or Gnosis), and the Third Eye to many people today hippocampus 3d2who may be considered New Age. The Ammon’s Horn is also known in science as our hippocampus located in a section of our brains that we access the hidden supreme power deep within the DNA of each one of us to obtain gnosis, intuition, wisdom, and to relearn from our past lives.

Third eye activation to enlightenment and gnosis here we come…

The subject of the third eye is a favorite topic amongst many modern researchers, and authors like myself. When studying the history of any topic, my path is one in which I try to utilize science and real world descriptions in order to attempt to make actual connections between the subject I’m researching and with scientific research. The many times I have employed this method, I have been able to make sense of some of these terms like the third eye, ancient myths, and/or religious allegories.

For example, I have found that it wasn’t until the recent era in the last 100 years or so with certain belief systems such as Theosophy, that the third eye was connected with the pineal gland that is sometimes called the sixth chakra. The pineal gland is also said by some people to be the seat of the soul which is the intuition organ and the connection point to self enlightenment. This belief has carried on into other “modern spiritual traditions”which we can just call the modern New Age community.

In doing my own extensive research into the third eye, our brains intuitive organ, modern science and ancient history, I had discovered that the ancient philosophers, wisdom teachers, mystery schools, religions and even the scientists today of the world have never mentioned the pineal gland, or alluded to the center of the head being the place where this enlightenment or gnosis would be the center of. There is no evidence, clues, statements, hieroglyphs, history and studies whatsoever that I can find.

What I have found is an ancient connection to a god who was known in Egypt as Ammon (Amun, Amon Ra, Amen etc.), and a place in our brains known as the ammon’s horn, or hippocampus. Here is an image of the ancient Egyptian ram-horned Jupiter Ammon connecting to his third eye in order to obtain enlightenment which is depicted in the planetary disk that represents Jupiter.

Secrets of the Pyramid Amons Horn Heilograph 2

Now here is an image of a ammon’s horn or hippocampus.

hippocampus 3d

The descriptions, stories, hieroglyphs, hymns and history written about this god indicate to me that Ammon represented what we call today the third eye. If you look at the simple evidence I provide below with an open mind (or should I say third eye?), and read the other articles I have written on this very subject in the past, you will see that I provide not only the ancient stories, but that I also connect them to real science that can be verified by anyone if you simply take the time to research this subject.

33rd Degree Masonic philosopher, Manly P Hall had written about Ammon in How to Understand Your Bible; “The word ‘amen’ is from Ammon, the father god of Egypt, and was an ancient Egyptian salutation to the supreme power of the universe.” According to Plutarch, Ammon is the first being and all things, and Ra is the sun-god.

Here are some images of just a few of the most famous powerful people in history, proving they knew the science of Ammon. Can I get an Amen?

Here is Menmaatre Seti I (or Sethos I as in Greek) who was a pharaoh of the New Kingdom Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt, the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre. His horns are right in the location of our hippocampus.

Secrets of the Pyramid Set I Horns

The Phoenician Hebrew Lawgiver and Levite, Moses sporting the horns.

Moses Ammons Horns

 Macedonian King Alexander the Great, united Greece, led the Corinthian League and conquered the Persian Empire.

Jupiter alexander the great

What many people have failed to realize in reading these descriptions, is that this first being and supreme power is actually within all of us. It is our real third eye, and it is not or pineal gland. This is why Ammon (Amen) is described by the Egyptians who were master alchemists and knew this science, as the King of Gods; Father of the Gods; Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands; Lord of Truth whose shrine is hidden; and Amun ra, the Lord of Wisdom.  Amon is “The Hidden One” of the visible and the invisible worlds, who is the “Creator God” and the mysterious soul of the universe which reveals itself in light. Amon is the light, creator, builder and grand architect of the house and temple.

These are all ancient esoteric descriptions and allegorical representations that were only to be truly understood by the initiated, and marveled at by the uninitiated. These weren’t dreamed up stories made of fantasy or myths created for no reason. This was an actual science of anatomy, physiology, cosmology, enlightenment and gnosis. A science they used to create Gods, legends, and to live by. A secret gnosis they had sought to remember they had lived before in order to evolve their souls in each successive lifetime.

I know because I descend from these ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Hebrew Kings and sons of the serpent priesthoods. What I’m doing in this lifetime is just relearning what I have done in past lives. It is a form of genetic memory in which our DNA acts as our hard drive, and the hippocampus as the computer’s memory processor. It is through who the Egyptians had called the supreme being; the hidden God and lord of thrones in our brains where we connect with the creator, our pasts, intuition and where we evolve as souls. Because as Plutarch said, Amon is the first being and all things, and Ra is Jupiter who gave Ammon his being.

Here is another image of the hippocampus. My goal with these images and connections is to show that some of our ancestors had left these clues in stones, sculptures, and even coins for us to remember and relearn.

Secrets of the Pyramid Hippocampus Drawing www.macalester.eduThe word hippocampus is derived from the Ancient Greek ἱππόκαμπος (hippokampos), ἵππος (hippos, “horse”) and κάμπος (kampos, “sea monster”). Check out this image of an actual real human hippocampus and a seahorse. This is why they are named after each other, and the reason for the fabulous Greek legends of Neptune and his sea horses.

Hippocampus and seahorse

This science was often depicted with Gods riding a sea-horse such as Hippius, a name of Neptune. The Hippocampus was Neptune’s favorite horse. Neptune (Latin: Neptūnus) was the Roman god of water and the sea in Roman mythology and religion, a brother of Jupiter and Pluto. He is the counterpart of the Greek sea god, and one of the ancient gods of Phoenicia under the name of Poseidon. Neptune or Poseidon, is often riding a hippocampus or has his chariot drawn by two of them, and his babies are called tadfoals.

neptune on hippocampus

All humans have Ammon’s horn which is two hippocampi; one on each side of the brain and it is a part of the cerebral cortex, and in primates is located in the medial temporal lobe, underneath the cortical surface. It contains two main interlocking parts: Ammon’s horn and the gyrus.

Secrets of the Pyramid Hippocampus_and_seahorse 2

How does the Ammon’s Horn or hippocampus act as our Third Eye or seat of our soul?

If you research the brain and the hippocampus, you will find that there are an extensive amount of studies and articles from scientists that have been completed on this subject. In almost all this information it has been concluded that this area of the brain is what we use for the ability to recall memories guide adaptive behavior past experiences as they evolved over time. When the hippocampus is damaged, a person can’t create new memories.

There are several studies both government and private that verify its role in all memory and even learning. These facts along with the ancient images and gods are the reason why I believe it is the true third eye. Here is just a small example of articles I have discovered.

Memory, Learning, and Emotion: the Hippocampus … –  Home · About this site … Emotion and memory are very closely related. … The portion of the brain that helps those names get into memory in the first place, this  …

Here is an article about UCLA scientists boost memory by stimulating key site in brain. UCLA neuroscientists demonstrated that they can strengthen memory in human patients by stimulating a part of the brain site called the entorhinal cortex. Considered the doorway to the hippocampus, which helps form and store memories, the entorhinal cortex plays a crucial role in transforming daily experience into lasting memories. UCLA scientists boost memory by stimulating key site in brain – University of California, Los Angeles – Feb 8, 2012 – Elaine Schmidt; 310-794-2272; [email protected].

It is also known as our GPS. Just this past October, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three men who discovered that the hippocampus is “an inner GPS in the brain” that enables virtually all creatures to navigate their surroundings.

Third eye - Nobel Prize in Medicine Is Awarded

Amon is written about in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead such as in this Hym;

“Praise to Amen-Ra, the good God beloved, the Ancient of Heavens, the oldest of the earth, Lord of Eternity, Maker Everlasting. He is the causer of pleasure and light, maker of grass for the cattle and of fruitful trees for man, causing the fish to live in the river and the birds to fill the air, lying awake when all men sleep to seek out the good of His creatures. We worship Thy Spirit who alone hast made us; we whom Thou hast made, thank Thee that Thou hast given us birth; we give Thee praises for Thy mercy to us.”

Below you will find many more articles you can read on this subject that will support the facts  I have put forth in this article. If you have information that can refute my articles with real science, then please feel free to debate me below or by email. You can also feel free to comment and ask me questions.

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