The ancient Egyptians were master alchemists, scientists and gnostics. Their whole religion was hippocampus 3d2based on these three heavenly human practices that they used to not only stay healthy and live as long as possible, but also to obtain true gnosis so that they could evolve their souls.

This my brothers and sisters is the basis of human evolution.

They knew the secret hidden powers of the body, blood and brain. This was the seat of their power that they used to grow such a vast empire in which they ruled for thousands of years.

The rule of the first true ancient gnostic Egyptians.

You can find evidence of their scientific beliefs and secrets encoded into their hymns and hieroglyphs. What I would like to do with this article is just create a simple visual of this ancient science compared with modern science in order to help activate your own third eye memory code, so that you too can discover your own gnostic past.

Activation sequence engaged to the third eye memories of the past. Let’s walk like an Egyptian!

Here is the symbol of the Eye of Ra. It was known to symbolize the life-giving powers, and its dangerous aspect was invoked in the protection of the pharaoh, of sacred places, and of ordinary people and their homes.

Third eye - eye of ra

Now compare the Eye of Ra with a recent image of our brain’s hippocampus. The similarities are not a coincidence, but scientific evidence that this was the basis of their alchemical gnostic religion.

Thrid eye - eye of ra and ammons horn

One of the Gods they had created to secretly encode this science into their religion, was the God known as Ammon or Ammon Ra (Amun, Amen, Jupiter Ammon etc.). The symbology of this God was specifically meant to place on his horns which is to symbolize what we call today the ammon’s horn and hippocampus.

Here are a couple of images of the Egyptian God Amon where you can see these facts for yourself.

Secrets of the Pyramid Amon Ra Rams


Secrets of the Pyramid Amon Ra Ram Sphinx

Later Ammon became Jupiter-Amon of the Greco Egyptians. This I believe was because they had proclaimed Jupiter the as above life and light giver to the so below with the Ammon’s Horn playing a crucial role in our ability to become Gods ourselves like the God Jupiter. Co-Creators who use our Jupiter born phosphorus light abilities to connect to our third eye so that we obtain gnosis, enlightenment and become immortal stars whose lights shine over the world.

These images are of ancient statues of Jupiter Ammon, with the horns we call today the third eye.

Jupiter ammon 2

Jupiter ammon 3

You will even find the Phoenician Hebrew King and lawgiver, Moses was often depicted with these horns of Jupiter Ammon to signify his gnostic lineage.

Moses Ammons Horns

The Eye of Ra is a source of heat and light, and it is associated with fire and flames. This is why many ancient statues and hieroglyphs often depicted a type of planetary disk that people often mistake for the sun on the God’s head. It is not the sun, but the planet Jupiter who they knew as the king, creator and life-giver to all life on earth. As I mentioned above, this is why in later kingdoms, Ammon becomes Jupiter-Ammon.

Secrets of the Pyramid Amon Ra

This fire and flames spoken about by the Egyptians can be seen in this modern image of the hippocampus showing the firing action within our brains that is caused by the alchemical element known as phosphorus, and in Latin as Lucifer. You can clearly see that a majority of this firing action takes place in the hippocampus or the ammon’s horn.

The son of God, Horus was also often symbolized in statues and hieroglyphs with his third eye prominently displayed on the sides of his head along with the disk of Jupiter on his head. Also please notice the serpent which is really a worm.

Third eye - horus

Here is another image of Horus as a man God with the secret ammon horns.

Secrets of the Pyramid Amons Horn Horus 3

The eye of Horus can also be easily compared to the hippocampus.

Eye-of-Horus brain

The sons of Ra (Jupiter) were the Pharaohs who also encoded this secret third eye gnostic religion into their own images. They did this so they would remember where they come from when they were reborn as reincarnated beings in a future life. Here are images of some famous Pharaohs, Kings, and Messiah’s of Jupiter sporting their gnostic hippocampus horns to symbolize their gnosis.

This is Menmaatre Seti I (or Sethos I as in Greek) who was a pharaoh of the New Kingdom Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt, the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre, and the father of Ramesses II.

Ammons Horn Seti I

Now here is the son of Ramesses II, Ramesses III (my reincarnation). He was the second Pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty and is considered to be the last great New Kingdom Pharaoh.

Ramesses III horns

Alexander the Great

Jupiter alexander the greatRoman Emperor, Messiah, and First Pope of this 6th Age, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus Caesar.

Augusts Caesar CoinsThe Roman politician, general and high priest of Jupiter, Marc Antony.

Priest of jupiter amon Marc Antony. Denarius

The current U.S. Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama sporting the gnostic horns.


Thanks for taking a walk in the past using my hippocampus to connect with my ancient ancestors who are me and I AM them. Back to the East we look to bathe our reincarnated souls in the gnostic light.

Now, let’s walk like an Egyptian……. – AMEN!

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