They seduce weak minded people with their ‘reasoning’ and ‘intellectual debates’, keeping them detached from their knowing, and hence the lower vibrating carnal mind. – Santos Bonaccisantos bonacci

This is a follow-up article/statement made by Santos Bonacci to Jan Irvin and his Trivium crew. The reason I’m posting this, is because I feel it is important that people in the occult, Gnostic and esoteric studies of today, know who they are dealing with. I’m not a party to this ongoing battle of truth and light between Jan and Santos, but I do agree with many points that Santos makes here, and I have his back if needed be. I had personally dealt with Jan a short time back for about two months of my life. Let’s just say we do not like each other one bit anymore…

SANTOS – All the enlightened masters of all time have warned not to fall in the trap of the intellectual. What these Trivium dunces don’t get is that all kind of thinking is just noise, this is why the great Avatars, Rishi’s, Christs, Philosophers of history, what ever you wanna call them, encouraged quietness and meditation to escape the lower realms of thinking, emotion and sensation and raise the consciousness to the realms of knowing!

Plato, and Pythagoras etc teach that these lower brained plebeians continue in their infernal perpetual arguing and ‘reasoning’ because they are suffering with forgetfulness (see Macrobius’ Commentary on Scipio’s dream CH 12) hence continue in their theories and opinions due to drinking of the cup of forgetfulness and in so doing live in the darkness of their own minds all the while of course THINKING (noise) they are just so smart.

I don’t deal in opinions or intellectualize, only fact and verifiable truth and I trust that most people on this page are with me.

Do not be a thinker, be a knower! “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. These clowns led by the dunce of the universe Jan Irvin aka Constable of the Trivium, who’s boyfriend Gene Odening aka Captain of the Trivium (the Trivium Police) and John Kacarab with his very intellectual look, are reveling in Maya…. forever learning but NEVER coming to an accurate knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3:7 NIV “always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth”.

Be warned guys, these are dangerous individuals, not only to you, but also to themselves, ascension (rising to the higher mind) is not even a consideration of intellectuals for they are not aware of it, they deny their own divinity. Their lot will be as they deserve. “Let the dead bury the dead”. The dead are the ones stuck in the lower mind.

And a little disclaimer here: Jan’s Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD and his Astrotheolgy book are very good works, they are from his Pre Trivium days, I bought 40 DVDs and 20 of his books 4 or 5 years ago and distributed them amongst my family and friends much to their delight and much to mine. They are spot on, and I have recommended them in all of my radio work and many presentations despite knowing that behind my back Jan HAS been telling some vicious lies about me regularly and often, cos people come back to me with his shit, he has a big mouth, and he does this to others too, like Jordan Maxwell, and many others, I have heard him diss everyone. I have been very patient with him as it will be made known in time.

I introduced him to the work of Shlomo Sand whom he interviewed then dissed, I got also introduced him to the work of Eustace Mullins whom he interviewed two weeks before he died then dissed him too.

I also bought his John Allegro Sacred Mushroom special and the Holy Mushroom book, all fine works. The reason they are so good is that Jan must have been a good student of the Trivium when he was young. The 7 liberal arts as I have always taught in my presentations are the path to Divinity for sure, and necessary for all spiritual/ mental development, but the Trivium serves the left brain and the Quadrivium serves the right, obviously, when you consider Music for eg. In Theology and Philosophy the main theme is to have your education first at youth with the theory and then to advance into practice from the left to the right, those who did not make this transition from the left to the right are called sinners cos they are stuck in the SINister left brain, and are not able to balance the reason and logic and intellect from the left to advance into the right hemisphere of Intuition and Knowing, from the Human ‘lower’ brain to the Divine ‘higher’ brain, for Intuition/ Right is connected to source, ‘God’, YOU, simultaneous and non linear, whereas Thinking/ Left, is disconnected from source, sequential and linear, Man, Intellectual.

You see, you could liken the Trivium with Theory, and the Quadrivium with Practice. Some of the best musicians of history knew nothing of music theory….. just practice!!! (Tell that Jimmy Hendrix to get off the stage cos he didn’t learn his theory!). Those who would wish that adults should get stuck in theory/ trivium make a grave mistake and are on the ‘path to destruction’. These are called in scripture, Hypocrites. Matt 23:4 “They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger”.

Why hypocrites? Cos they claim to be teachers, seers, leaders etc and yet they are blind, still in the lower disconnected from source brain.

Jesus said to them, ‘If you were blind, you would have no sin; but since you say, ‘We see,’ your sin remains.'”

They seduce weak minded people with their ‘reasoning’ and ‘intellectual debates’ keeping them detached from their knowing, and hence the lower vibrating carnal mind.

I was called a pseudo intellectual by above John Kacarab, meaning I don’t know what I’m talking about!

Well let’s see, a pretender knows not, a contender knows!

Me? Well, I’m WELL versed in Music, Astronomy, Number, Geometry, the Quadrivium, so that’s taken care of!!! Also Astrology, the mother of all sciences (I can hear the trivium types laughing in the background cos they believe it’s a pseudo science) I speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Calabrian dialect, read and write Greek including ancient Koine Biblical Greek, read and write Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana Japanese, read and write Arabic. Astrotheology, Bio Chemistry, Sacred Geometry, Law, Philology, Etymology, Philosophy etc

And surely I will go down in history as a Syncretist! A Syncretist???? Hehe, now I’ve totally lost them.

I won’t go on too much about Syncretism with this mob for they cannot grasp or fathom the significance of this great and sacred ancient science, for the dead are unaware of unity, division and separation is the disease of their minds! For they are separated from the higher minds, hence dangerous.

And with all the entheogens that Jan has taken and Cannabis the sacred mother Mary, which is for the purpose of enlightenment he fell in the trap of the Sadducees and Lawyers….. Theory.

To be continued.

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