Santos_BonacciThis post is part of a series to document some of these disagreements and battles that may go on in the truth or Gnostic movement, because people should see all sides and views of a story. Disagreements and people not liking one another is natural and part of life. It is perfectly healthy as long as it is not a deep hate that consumes us.

Jan Irving is famous for saying that everyone works for the CIA and for attacking people or various movements in the occult. I have witnessed this myself and I personally do not agree with Jan. In addition, him and I do not get along, but that is another story. This article is about a recent issue Santos Bonacci had with Jan Irving.

Here is a public statement from Santos on Facebook that I thought fit his personality.

Caleb I know Jan personally and have for 6 years, know this, he is FULL of shit and EVERYTHING he says is fallacy, period. He’s a first class moron. No one wants to debate with him cos they don’t wanna stoop to his level! Tom is 100% spot on. In time I will put the last nail to Jan’s coffin of buffoonery!! Give me some time, I’ll sort him out soon!!

I introduced the sine wave and Syncretism to Jan personally firstbefore any in 2010, 6 months before I made my first presentation for YouTube, I did many personal 2, 3, 4 hour Skype shows for him with all his promises of,, oh I’m gonna get you on my show the world needs to see this information and knowledge blah blah blah,,, the moron runs off to his boyfriend, Trivium buddy Gene Odening,,,, (another fool who has his hands on his privates while speaking) get this,,,,, ‘the worlds leading expert on the Trivium’ hehe, no such thing. Gene tells him,,,, ‘Santos needs to study the Trivium, stop going from subject to subject, read more, study more,,, etc. Jan sends me the critique and doesn’t Skype/ speak to me for 6 months.

In the mean time I post 3 or 4 vids on Syncretism, Jan sees them and and the attention they were getting from around the world and so he comes sucking up to me to try to get back in with me cos he knows that he’s gonna be made a fool of when the world finds out he was first and could have been very instrumental in bringing the great science to the world but the Trivium blinded him). And he thinks he’s an astrotheologer??? And he missed the train big time!!!!!!!! He’s a wanker, that’s what he is!!!

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