It has been reported through various sources that Sam “Santos” Bonacci has been taken back in custody on August 4. He was Santos Bonacci arrestedon the run since October 2014 from Queensland police after he was originally arrested for various traffic infringements in January.

Here are some of the most recent statements by his friends online:

Max Igan: I am a friend of Santos Bonacci and wanted you to know (so you can yell from the highest mountain) that he is in custody in a Queensland Jail and being detained against his will.

We need your help, I was the last to see him in the back of a police car at 110am (at my property) being driven off, I don’t know where he is and the Queensland Police & Maroochydore Watch house, Sunshine Coast QLD Australia, do not know who I am talking about. Please please please help him. In light and love

Ruth Ramos de Smith had stated on Facebook: “I can now confirm that Santos has been taken by Queensland police. I spoke with Hiromi Bonacci (Santos wife) and according to her, about 20 police came on Tuesday morning with guns and took him against his will.

At the moment, no one can confirm if Santos is at Queensland police station or if he has been taken back to Melbourne.” We currently have no lawful reason for the arrest of Mr. Bonacci and unless we are provided an adequate reason there should be no reason for his continued detainment.

If we allow this detainment to happen to Mr. Bonnaci unlawfully than what do the rest of us do when this same injustice is applied to us? He was detained on Tuesday, August 4th 2015.”

There is currently a petition on for the support human rights by speaking out against the unlawful detainment of Santos Bonacci.

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