I have great news for the friends and fans of Santos Bonacci. The family of Santos has informed me that he was just released Santos Bonacci out of jailfrom jail.

The photo to the right was taken just after he had just exited an Australian jail. As you can see from the image, Santos, along with his family and friends are very happy that he is currently a free man.

Santos was taken into police custody this past week, for what legal authorities claim are unpaid fines. I have not got the chance to speak with him yet, but I do know he more than likely still plans to fight this case. The most important thing is that Santos is now free from custody. He can now properly build a defense in order to fight these fines and charges against him.

The Australian Herald reported on the Santos Bonacci case. Please notice how they capitalize the word, ‘MAN;’

A MAN with almost 500 Sheriff’s warrants for toll road fees, Santos faces 916 days in jail if he refuses to pay the $132,000 fine.

Santos Bonacci, from Berwick, was bailed from Dandenong Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday morning on 483 charges for unpaid EastLink and CityLink fees, as well as speeding fines, going back to early 2010.

The unemployed 51-year-old spent nine days in custody after twice refusing to apply for bail following his arrest earlier this month.

Barrister Peter Pickering, acting for the Sheriff’s Office described Mr Bonacci as being “uncooperative” with police and the court.

Santos Bonacci out of jail 2“At the time of the apprehension of Mr Bonacci he was quite uncooperative. He said the police and court had no right to arrest him,” Mr Pickering told the court.

But Mr Bonacci claimed the police were acting fraudulently and that he had been put under duress.

“I do not wish to be a party to fraud, sir,” Mr Bonaccio told Magistrate Steven Raleigh.

He added that he sought a “peaceful remedy” to the situation.

Mr Bonacci was granted bail and must report to Narre Warren police station once a week.

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