Over the last couple years, semi-infamous astrotheologist and wanna be sovereign, Santos Bonacci has been verbally attacking anyonesantos bonacci 3 and everyone who does not agree with his unprovable esoteric teachings and half baked vegetarian theories.

From the Pope and the Vatican, to round earthers and now, to every last woman, child, and man on earth who is a meat eater.

Bonacci says, I mean rants yet again in the message below that if you eat meat, “You will NOT ascend at all and in fact, he wants you to “KILL yourselves motherfuckers.”

Oh Yeah Santos? Where is it you vegetarians are going to ascend?

A big fat orange planet in the sky made of tofu? Some vegetarian planet deep in space that when the moment you die, a beam of banana light is going to take you back home to banana land?

Excuse me, but Bonnaci sounds exactly like some religious extremist who says that if you do not worship my God and are member of my religion, you are going straight to hell or deserve to get you head cut off because you are an infidel.

In my opinion, anyone like Santos who cannot control themselves and has to resort to childlike name calling while using extreme profanity, and telling people they are going to die horrible deaths for eating a hamburger and to just go kill themselves, is at best, immature and border line crazy.

He obviously has a Messiah complex and an ego that is seriously over inflated.

True good souls and genuine esoteric teachers of Truth and Light understand the Age old law that you simply do not attack other souls and wish them death regardless if they do not agree with you or you them for each of us in on our own path. We are to love everyone regardless of what they eat or the path they take.

This is elementary grade esoteric and Gnostic teachings 101, of chapter 1 in the first paragraph. Not only are we to do no harm, we are to wish no harm and not use our thoughts and words to attack other souls. In fact, anyone who does is performing black magick and is not a true Brother of the Light.

Here is Bonacci’s latest rant which he states is his “Final post to all meat eaters!!!”

Santos rants on Facebook, “You will NOT ascend at all, if you eat the carcasses of souls… PERIOD! Case closed. Don’t be deluded, you will return in cycles of necessity until you learn to respect life and not take it! And as for all the ego tripping morons with their arguments that plants suffer more than animals when eaten and such, you are fucking deluded morons and the trauma of eating snuffed sentient beings is twisting your minds to believe all sorts of shit that you so wish to believe in.

You are like church goers…. ‘I was born Catholic and I will die Catholic’.

1/ Plants do not have souls fuckwits!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/ They do not have blood fuckwits!!!!!!!!!!!
3/ They do not have Brains fuckwits!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/ They do not have free will fuckwits!!!!!!!!!
5/ They do not have faces fuckwits!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/ Humans are vegetarian fuckwits!!!!!!

You need to study your syncretism to learn that but of course you know nothing about syncretism do you cos your too stupid.
If you defend the murder of animals then die like a fucking animal and get the fuck off this page cos I despise you, you vile thugs!!! KILL yourselves motherfuckers and leave the animals to live and fulfill their own evolution.

I hope you get the same as you behave and one day you will be torn to pieces by a lion or some savage beast which you fully deserve killers. Do not defend your sick lust for blood on this page and go and get fucked! And die please cos you are shameful murderers!! Disgrace to you for your unconscious attitude and time for wakey wakey!!

We will not have any peace or freedom from suffering on this planet until we stop inflicting it! YOU are the cause for us still being on planet dumb… don’t look at the elites and the controllers…. look at yourselves killers…. lustful dunce murderers, fucking morons.

And don’t bother to write smart ass replies cos I will block you, delete you, delete your dunce comments and curse you cos you deserve it killers, fucking murderers!!! Kill yourselves please and leave the animals to live and enjoy their own live and free will!


Santos Bonacci

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