This is part 3, in my series of articles on the 3 Day Cleanse and Fast that I had just completed. This detoxifying diet is partially my own creation, because it was my idea to start with a 48 hours fruit and vegetable cleanse only, and then to finish it off with a 24 hour distilled water fast. The reason I chose to cleanse for 48 hours with fruits and vegetables, was because I had never done this before in my 42 years of fleshly life. Therefor, I wanted to slowly ease into a 24 hour water fast, then later I will do a 3 day and 10 day water fast, which I will also document here on


Detox Diets

In my last article titled; Fasting Journal: The Food List of the 3 Day Cleanse and Fast, I had given you my food list of what I was eating on both day 1 and 2 of this 48 hour cleanse phase of the diet. To be honest, my second day was much easier than my first day of the cleanse. On my first day, I had extreme hunger pains like a Grizzly Bear was growling from my stomach about every few minutes. You actually get used to this a bit and can offset it with distilled water, but they never really go completely away.

The hunger pains on my second day were less severe than my first day because my body was slowly adapting to the restriction of calories. Since this was only a 72 hours cleanse and fast, there is no way I could get used to the restrictions or find a true mental groove to get into. The one thing that kept me going and helped me make it to the end, was the fact that after 72 hours I got to eat again. I think this fact made it more difficult, than if I was to do this for 7 days or 10 days.

In any event, day 2 was easier than day 1. It was uneventful and I felt pretty darn good, except for the growling in my stomach, which as I mentioned above, was a lot less than the first day. But let me please tell you, the third day where I had went on the distilled only water fast, was a horrible experience.

Please stay tuned for that painful detoxifying article.

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