This is part 1 in a series of articles I plan to create on health for the Gnostic Warrior. I’m documenting this for people out Fastingthere who may be interested in fasting themselves, but have been reluctant like me to get started in taking the fasting plunge. Maybe my journey to better health can help motivate some of you to start your own fasting path.

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, Socrates, and Plato all  recommended fasting to improve health. In the Bible, it is written that both Moses and Jesus Christ fasted 40 days for spiritual renewal. The  the 4th century Greek mathematician, Pythagoras had required all new initiates into his secret society of the Pythagoreans to fast for a period of 40 days, and if you couldn’t fast for that period of time, you were considered impure and unfit to be initiated into his secret mystery school. The 16th century famous Swiss physician Paracelsus said, “Fasting is the greatest remedy”, and called it the” physician within.” Gandhi had fasted for 21 days, which was used as weapon by Gandhi as part of his philosophy to promote peace amongst nations and religions.

After reading all these great things on fasting, I thought it was time to partake in my own fasting journey. For the first time in my life, I’m beginning a two-day cleanse and 24 hour complete distilled water fast that lasts for a total of three days. My goal is to help begin the process of detoxifying my 42-year-old body in baby steps, as opposed to going straight out in the desert for 40 days of fasting like Jesus had done. I’m no Jesus, and with that said, my first fast will technically only be for 24 hours, which in future fasts, I hope to get to 3 days, and eventually to 10 days.

MY FIRST DAY (12/12/2013):

The first two days of this diet/cleanse, you eat specific cleansing herbs, fruits and vegetables only; absolutely no sugars, coffees, salts, meats etc. Then on the third day, you do a complete 24 hour distilled water only fast with no foods, juices etc. on this last day of the cleanse.

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you heath experts out there who fast regularly, but for a person such as myself who has never done a fast before, and one who has lived in my flesh for much of my 42 years of life, this is somewhat of a big deal. More often than not, people such as myself can barely fathom not eating one meal, let alone not eating for a whole day or more. So my health theory in order to make this a success since I’m a total newbie, is to take it easy and slowly and by beginning this fast with 1 day, then a 3 day, and eventually a 10 day fast as I see fit in 2014 and beyond.

What I have found a bit tough on the first day of this cleanse, which was yesterday, was the constant hunger pains throughout the day. My stomach was used to having way more food than is allowed on this diet and it let me know it wasn’t happy all day long yesterday. I also felt pretty weak yesterday, but today I feel much better and the hunger pains are not as bad.

You see, before the cleanse I was a pretty big eater, who would often have 2 cups of coffee, a banana, and organic rice cereal by 7 am, and by 9am, my wife was serving me some type of 4 egg breakfast with fruit, veggies, toast and a large cup of orange juice. Before this cleanse by 9am daily, I was already consuming a 1,000 calories and with this diet, I’m consuming maybe 200-300 until about noon. Hence, this is why I have these pains.


I have many reasons for doing this. The main reason I’m doing this, is to clean my body of the toxins, drugs and ill affects I have caused or those from the environment over the last four decades. I feel that it is better late than never to start on this process that I plan to make part of the rest of my life’s path. A path that I hope to be as toxin, worm and parasite free as humanly possible in this inhumane world.

Also, our bodies are like machines. My constant eating habits had made my machine used to having fuel every couple of hours, which trains my body to eat and require this food most all of the day. When I do not have food at these times, I get very hungry, grumpy and edgy. This bad eating habit is something I feel that is not good for me, my family or my food budget. I would like to eat just 3 meals a day and feel good with that amount. In order to do this, I will have to train my body to require less food by simply eating less often.

With these two simple goals, I should be able to effectively clean my body and mind of all the toxins and worms, and also manage my flesh better than having it manage me.

In my next article, I will detail the food I’m eating during this 48 hour detox/cleanse diet I’m on right now.

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