There is a worm found miles under the Earth that is now known by scientists as the deepest-living animal ever found. In fact, this worm may be the devil-wormdefacto king worm of the earth. It is called by scientists, the “devil worm.” A worm like no other animal, that can withstand the highest heat temperatures and crushing pressure inside the earth.

The devil worm was discovered back in 2011.  It was detected in and recovered from deep rock fractures and water in several gold mines in South Africa 0.9 km (0.56 mi), 1.3 km (0.81 mi), and 3.6 km (2.2 mi) under the surface of the Earth. Scientists had interestingly named the worm after a demon named Mephistopheles of the Faustian legend,  and called this worm, “Halicephalobus mephisto.” A name meaning, “he who loves not the light.”

The devil worms are related to earth worms who are part of the Detritivore family. They are also known as detritophages, detritus feeders, detritus eaters, or saprophages, which are heterotrophs that obtain nutrients by consuming detritus (decomposing plant and animal parts as well as feces). (Wikipedia) They play the “MAIN ROLE” on earth in the decomposition of all pant and animal life. For example, they are the end consumers of we human consumers . After we die, the only thing left of us after we are eaten, are the worms who had also fed on us when we were alive. The worm eats our rotting flesh and through its feces, our immortal energy known as phosphorus, which is the Alpha and Omega of nature is then deposited again into rich soil, sand and rocks as energy. Hence, they play one of the, if not the most important roles as recyclers in ecosystem energy flow and biogeochemical cycles.(Wikipedia)

These devil worms named after demons, may have also appeared thousands of years ago in ancient literature such as in both bibles of the Old and New Testaments. Many parables relate man to a worm, and even suggest angels come from worms. Stories that we can find such as in the Gospel  of John which is interpreted by Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.); For if the Lord Himself says, “But I am a worm and no man,” ‘ who will hesitate to say what is written also in Job, “How much more is man rottenness, and the son of man a worm ? “First he said, ” Man is rottenness;” and afterwards, “The son of man a worm:” because a worm springs from rottenness, therefore “man is rottenness,” and “the son of man a worm.”

Did the Saints and Fathers of the Church know about these devil worms? Was St. John implying that worms are the products of man, or the offspring, the son of man a worm? Our immortal minds contained in the body of a worm, that may be akin to the devil worm who resides inside the fires of the earth to only rise again like a phoenix?

These devilish questions are now appearing to not seem so out of this world, or should I say, inside of this world?

Devil worm 1Here is a Princeton University press release about the devil worm;

Professor Gaetan Borgonie, University of Ghent, Professor Esta van Heerden, University of Free State, and Professor Tullis Onstott, the Geomicrobiology Group, lead the team that discovered the 0.5-millimeter-long Halicephalobus mephisto or “devil worm” living deep in the Earth’s surface. This new species of nematode was found living at depths of 0.9 miles (1.3 kilometers) in the Beatrix Au mine, in the Free State Province of South Africa where they were conducting their research. Prior to their discovery, scientists believed only single-cell microbes, not multicellular organisms could live that far down.

National Geographic had written a news story on the devil worm;

What’s more, the team found evidence the worms have been there for thousands of years. Isotope dating of the water housing the worm placed it to between 3,000 and 12,000 years ago—indicating the animals had evolved to survive the crushing pressure and high heat of the depths.

“This discovery may not surprise passionate nematologists like Gaetan, but it’s certainly shocking to me,” Onstott said.

“The boundary of multicellular life has been extended significantly into our planet.”

Worm Inspires Search for Extreme Life

Onstott hopes the new devil worm will inspire others to search for complex life in the most extreme places—both on Earth and elsewhere.

(Read “Searching for New Earths” in National Geographic magazine.)

“People usually think only bacteria could exist below the surface of a planet like Mars. This discovery says, Hold up there!” Onstott said.

“We can’t negate the thought of looking for little green worms as opposed to little green microbes.”

Worms kinds in humansI have written some very controversial articles about worms many times here on the Gnostic Warrior. These previous articles had focused on the worms that we humans have both on and inside our flesh. My research into this worm matter has proven to me that these worms may do more than just live on our flesh and blood. They may in fact be one of the root causes for many of the diseases that plague humankind, and that they may actually have a type of human or demonic mind of their own. Hence, the devil worm may in fact be a link between the death of man, in which he rots into the ground, and reborn life. His reborn nature may be inside the worm who carries this life blood in the form of energy to its next human destination. This cycle is then rinsed and repeated by the same immortal worm patterns, to only return into the depths of the earth where scientists are now rediscovering the devilish worm truths that may have been known to the ancients for thousands of years.

For if the Lord Himself says, “But I am a worm and no man.”

This all reminds me of the movie,” Clash of the Titans” that was based on the Greek myth of Perseus and that involves a huge worm like sea creature called “the Kracken.” In the movie, the King of the Gods Zeus reluctantly unleashes this sea beast onto his kingdom of human mortals on earth in order to make them suffer for their sins. The close up image to the above right of the devil worm looks just like the Kraken. Quite possibly The Powers That Be (TPTB) have followed the script from the movie by giving us our own devil worm reality show in which they have also proclaimed, “Release the Kraken.”


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