(By Brother Pat Beaumier) – It’s not too hard to measure an “anatomical” structure and identify areas where a ratio of 0.618 Divine Ratio (Phi) and lung functionexists. Such ratios also exist as “measures of function”.

It generally takes longer to exhale than it does to inhale. This is something that multiple researchers have identified as a value that approaches 1.618. But there is more:

When we subconsciously breathe the volume of air that enters and leaves our lungs is the tidal volume, (aka) Vt. The attached diagram shows approximate values for all the measurable lung volumes, including the Inspiratory Capacity (IC) and the Total Lung Capacity (TLC).

At the end of a normal exhalation, if one were to maximally inhale then a volume of 3500ml enters the lungs. This is the Inspiratory Capacity. The total lung capacity for this diagram is 5700ml.

While the numbers remain estimates the ratios are quite revealing. The TLC/IC is 5700/3500 = 1.62, a value that clearly approaches Phi of 1.618.

Think about that next time you take a big breath in.

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