Most every human being on earth with the proper alchemical and life work can achieve gnosis. However, please let it be known that we are not all cut from the same gnostic cloth. The facts are that each one of us has different history that is embedded deep within our DNA. Lost treasures about the past that are encoded into each individual that we inherit from our ancestors. Your gnosis comes from a combination of your DNA and knowledge of your soul with a connection to the source creator. However, it is the knowing that comes from within that is unique to each and every human being, or should I say DNA Haplogroup?

To seek the truth, you must first search within, and when you search within , you will find that each individual on earth will find a different path depending on their DNA, soul and karma. On this path that you search within,  you must also search without yourself because we live in a man-made allusion where every thing that appears to you as fact, may actually be false. Therefor, it is  imperative that you see clearly through the game we know as our lives via your intuition to locate the truth, lost facts and hidden mysteries that will help you on your path to gnosis. A journey that not only looks above as it does below, but also with a vision to the future. However, I believe that the main ability when it comes to gnosis is the process of the search within, in order to take the path back in time. A step backwards to discover those hidden mysteries that are encoded within your DNA and soul that are unique to your blood line which written records have been lost or destroyed over time.

Simply put, you are your ancestors and your ancestors are you.

If your ancestors did nothing more than live in a jungle for the last 2,000 years, than that simply means you are going to have 2,000 years of jungle living gnosis encoded in your DNA. You would not be able to tap your inner gnosis to become the greatest inventors of the 21st century or lead the French to freedom because it is simply not in your DNA to do so. The reason being is that their DNA and soul does not have the past coding, knowledge and inner gnosis inherited from their ancestors who would in turn pass it to them. This is what makes one great inventor or military leader.

Does this mean that if your ancestors lives in a jungle for the last 2,000 years and you just came to the U.S. on a boat that you will not become like Einstein or the Wright Brothers? YES, YES AND YES!  Just think of your parents like card dealers in Vegas and the game is fixed. There will be no self-proclaimed ascended masters or a $79 Dragon course that will save you because whatever  DNA cards they deal you, you are stuck with and have to play that family hand accordingly. Anyone who tells you any different is lying or has some course or seminar to sell you.

You are your DNA first, soul second and a product of your environment last.

This is why you will find that the prophets and high priests of the past were most always related kin who not only shared the same DNA, but they also often shared the same teachings, knowledge and science that they had only passed down to kin.They knew that blood matters.

This custom came down from the ancient Egyptian priesthood to every single priesthood thereafter, that was an off shoot by marriage or conquering of the former priesthood;  which over time would change their DNA. They would all share this special blood that has all these Biblical genealogies, creators, kings, military leaders and the most famous inventors the world has ever seen. I am sure quite a few (not all) of the world’s leaders share or are an off shoot of this ancient blood line.

The facts are that there are millions of authors writing about subjects they truly do not have esoteric understanding of because it is not in their DNA. Yet our book shelves and magazines are loaded with their writings because we live in a world where anyone can publish on whatever subject they wish under the star Sirius. A published book in this world for some reason means credibility. It says nothing about whether they have the proper DNA credentials to make a mediocre book a ground breaking one, where they are able to discover and uncover that which no one else has done before. It is only the greatest writers that have this inner gnosis that they are able to tap into their DNA to become great, while the person who does not have this gnosis will be nothing more than mediocre.

When I think about this military and inventor gnosis via DNA, I think of some of the most famous military leaders and world-changing inventors in recent history that I happen to be related to. These blood related kin would be no other than Adolph HitlerNapoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein and the Wright Brothers to name a few. The YDNA paternal Haplogroup that all these famous men belong to is E1B1 with the specific sub-clad E1b1b1 making us all related by sharing a common ancestor.

For example, Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*). This haplogroup has its highest concentration in Ethiopia and in the Near East (Jordan).

Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, is believed to belong to Y-DNA Haplogroup E1b1b1 (E-M35)

Albert Einstein belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1*-m35*, with a sample taken from a paternal descendants of Naphtali Hirsch Einstein

Famous English physician William Harvey, who was the first in the Western world to describe systemic circulation, belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1, more specifically to the subclade E1b1b1c1 (M34). Most ancient ancestor known was Humphrey Harvey (1459–1526, Kent, England).

The Wright Brothers of the United States belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1, subclade E1b1b1a2 (V13). They were supposedly descended from Robert Wright of Brook Hall, Essex, England.[citation needed] Look at Wright Dna Project

What did these specific men have that others did not? Was it because they had more brains or training than their fellow colleagues or competitors? Or maybe they had something special built within their DNA that gave them this inner knowing that the others simply did not have. A reservoir of creator, inventor and military DNA, that are most likely one of the most successful modern DNA blood lines in human history. Of course not all great leaders or inventors are limited to this specific blood line. There are certainly other Haplogroups that have Greatness built into them and some others, not so great. However, I do believe that certain modern Haplogroups contain specific ancestral traits that scientists can now segment groups as a “blood type trait” that will identify talents and quite possibly destiny such as this unique E1B1 blood line.

Maybe your own DNA or blood line holds special unique ancestral talents that you will be able to piece together in order to publish your findings on the internet like I have done. Should modern science ignore these DNA facts based on the fear of being labeled race biased or blood superiority Führer’s, or should we look at this as simple facts in order to make the future of man kind more predictably smarter?


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