A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li...

A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-like units (nucleotides) in the center carries information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What we all need to understand is that each one of us is beautifully unique in our own specific ways. Yes, many of us have the same basic desires to live or be happy as human beings, but we are also 100% individually different in regards to our missions here on earth. This is where it is crucial that we go beyond the simple fact that we are all created equal by God.

Each one of us is at a completely different stage in our soul and karmic developments making each one of us special in our own God given ways. It is the creator who decides your Karmic fate based on your soul development, but it is your DNA and RNA that is the deciding factor in tapping your inner gnosis in understanding your past, your current mission in this life and your future destiny.

A multidimensional world that takes you as above, so below and also as within, so without.

Please keep in mind that I come from a school of knowledge that understands that your skin color does not 100% determine your actual race. This can only proven through an actual DNA test because the facts are that many of humans whether we realize it or not are of a mixed race. Some of us just more mixed and or some of us are less mixed than others. It is your mother and father who determine these DNA cards. Is is your soul’s past and current lives that determine your Karmic fate.

With that said, we Esoterics and Gnostics need to simply understand that our blood matters. This is where we access that intuitive sixth sense that our souls then can tap into to become the Gnostics that we are. Each one of us can know thyself with the proper work. We also all  need to respect the fact that each one of us who are here incarnated now on earth are at a different stage in our  soul development with different pasts, missions and DNA that has predetermined codes embedded deep within our blood. To lump all the beautiful creations into one Gnostic pot is not really Gnostic teaching, but false shepherding that needs to have an end put to it if we are ever to advance, unite or realize our full potentials. We are all unique creations that are truly here to all play our own unique tunes.

Why does writing or talking about blood, DNA or race provoke attacks and fear in the public?

It is a known fact that in the world of publishing, writing about race, blood and DNA is one of the most taboo subjects that any author can choose to write on. Often a simple article on this controversial written on this subject based on facts will often provoke many adversaries to relinquish character and professional attacks on the author who are often falsely categorized as racists or even that forbidden four letter word, NAZI. These character attacks are either done by profane people who are brain washed into racial ignorance or by paid disinformation shills looking to derail facts with attacks on the author of the article or book.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that there is a huge concentrated effort to hide and or derail these scientific facts from the public. With that said, let them attack all they want and keep pulling the wool over the unthinking sheep’s eyes because we all know in DNA and blood land that your ability to fool others while not being Able to fool people like me lies within our DNA. Hence, to truly fool us wise serpents who garnish our intelligence and ability to reason from our DNA, you would need perform a a lobotomy and or blood transfusion on us to be able to do to us goats that which you do to the sheep.

What is so important about our DNA?

Simply put, your DNA holds your future, your past and the lost keys to your ancestor’s ancient history. Your soul then incarnates into this world of “matter” to accesses this DNA computer for their new life experience in order to Karmically evolve. Each one of us is at a different stage in this development.

In more complex terms. you are a mortal shell is made of atoms that are defined in the scientific world as DNA that we are coming to find out is actually akin to a computer hard drive that your soul plugs into when it incarnates in to the world. It is in this where much of our memories are stored that are accessed by the brain and intuition in order to help the soul evolve while it is encased in mortal matter. The facts are in the science of DNA, you are your ancestors and they are you. Well, to be honest, scientists do not actually say that “yet,” but the facts are that recent science is proving that our DNA is much like an ancient permanent computer that remembers. This can easily be seen with many recent scientific tests being done with DNA and on various animals or even fish.

Did you know that scientists are making computers out of DNA enzymes?“Israeli scientists have devised a computer that can perform 330 trillion operations per second, more than 100,000 times the speed of the fastest PC. The secret: It runs on DNA.”

Or that Researchers have built the most complex biochemical circuit ever created from scratch, made with DNA-based devices in a test tube? “In many ways, life is like a computer. An organism’s genome is the software that tells the cellular and molecular machinery—the hardware—what to do. But instead of electronic circuitry, life relies on biochemical circuitry—complex networks of reactions and pathways that enable organisms to function. Now, researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have built the most complex biochemical circuit ever created from scratch, made with DNA-based devices in a test tube that are analogous to the electronic transistors on a computer chip. “

How about the fact that they are taking fish like the Salmon and using its scales/DNA to make a computer storage device?

“Scientists from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have created a “write-once-read-many-times” (WORM) memory device, that combines electrodes, silver nanoparticles, and salmon DNA. While the current device is simply a proof-of-concept model, the researchers have stated that DNA could turn out to be a less expensive alternative to traditional inorganic materials such as silicon.

The device is made up of a thin film of salmon DNA that has been impregnated with silver atoms, then sandwiched between two electrodes. When UV light is shone onto the system, the atoms cluster together into nanoparticles.”

It is no scientific secret that our physical appearance and many of our traits are determined by the combination of DNA from both our father and mother. Recent research has also proven that many genetic disorders and specific diseases that we human may suffer from are actually inherited from our ancestors. Therefor, in this year 2012, we can say without a scientific doubt that the way we look, act, feel, live and even how we naturally die can be mostly attributed to the blood that runs through our veins. Everything from your physical traits or abilities such as a large head, small ears, wide nose and athletic skills comes mainly from our DNA. As does your intellectual abilities like your IQ, musical talents, and ability to reason and even your emotional and physiological make up is determined by DNA.

In an article titled “The Case for Eugenics” by Marian Van Court puts this science in a simple nut shell;

The eleventh edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica defines eugenics as “the organic betterment of the race through wise application of the laws of heredity.” Most people draw a blank when they hear the word, or it conjures up images of swastikas and jack-booted Nazis. But eugenics has had a long history, extending back to ancient Rome and beyond.

Scientists have found that identical twins separated at birth and raised apart are almost identical in IQ, despite the fact that they had totally different environments. Remarkably, twins reared apart are as similar as identical twins reared together by the time they’re adults. They also resemble one another strikingly in their mannerisms, the way they laugh, their likes and dislikes, phobias, temperament, sexual preference, educational achievement, income, conscientiousness, musical ability, sense of humor, whether they’re criminals or law-abiding, and pretty much everything else that’s ever been tested, even traits as peculiar as which vegetables they refuse to eat (Bouchard, 1993). The extent of their similarity amazes even the researchers and the twins themselves.

With that said, anyone who claims blood don’t matter or we are all one and the same is either a fool who is terribly uneducated or a propaganda specialist looking to pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes.


There is a great scientific chance that if your ancestors did not do much of anything other than hunt and gather for the last few thousand years, then you are probably a fantastic hunter and farmer who enjoys the outdoors and your would probably do terrible at running a Kingdom as a King or Knight. I AM sorry, but some Joe the Plumber’s are a plumber for a reason and the reason is within their pipes.

It is important that we all understand that each of us is unique in this aspect. We have to respect this fact as a God given reality that if we are to advance humanity, we all need to play our own tunes with the golden threads we are born onto.

While we are all one peoples who are interconnected in the Cosmos of the infinite consciousness we know as God who is the omnipresent,but we also need to come to grips with that facts that we humans are also individually unique. To lump all creation as one or to make humanity play a specific single tune based on a one world of love and unity will be impossible until we have enough souls playing the rite tune.

This music comes from within for each of us has to individually access our own Gnosis that is embedded in our DNA to truly say we can be interconnected as one. If we musicians who are the whole of humanity are playing the wrong internal DNA tune based being lost souls, on scientific disinformation or a trapped soul in bondage, then the world wide musical tune will also be that of confusion, fear and divisiveness.

Please keep in mind when I make the claim the problem is within our DNA, that does not mean I think I, you or the rest of humanity needs a DNA change, but that we Brothers and or Esoterics looking for ways to help influence the Exoteric that we need to understand that until we fix within, we will not fix without. Unfortunately, I honestly feel many, many humans are scientifically incapable to fully know the non-material side of ourselves no matter how much we infuse or mix their blood. This is only causing a a more confusing Esoteric affect on the souls that is reaping madness and confusion on the Exoteric.

As Above, So Below is fixed by nature’s and God’s law. As Within, So Without has been damaged by man’s laws and until we fix them, all this talk of a one world, one love and one humanity may be a plan for failure. A plan that is not based on Nature’s Laws, but Man’s Laws when it comes to DNA and as as we all know, nature wins every time. What we humans collectively feel inside can be seen on the human landscape in just about every country in the world. It is chaos, hate and a feeling of despair that permeates that air and this Without feeling is actually coming from within. Until we fix this disease of soul ignorance and seriously explore DNA science, we will simply be on a course for a one world, one love and one blood failure of epic proportions.

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