EchidnaThese are the secrets that we keep. The monsters of the deep, and their mother, Echidna. She is a drakaina (feminine form of drakon), a fearful female bloodthirsty dragon with the face and torso of a beautiful woman who has dark black eyes, and the hideous body of a coiling serpent.

Homer calls her home in a cave, “Arima, couch of Typhoeus.” Typhoeus being another name for Echidna’s consort, the Father of All Monsters, Typhon. A name that means to smoke.

Hesiod describes her as:

“The divine Echidna, stubborn-hearted: half a fair-cheeked nymph of glancing eyes, and half a monstrous serpent terrible and great, spotted, ravenous, beneath the coverts of the holy earth. And there is her cave beneath, under a hollow rock, afar from deathless gods and mortal men, where the gods appointed her a glorious habitation wherein to dwell: and under earth she hath Einarima in her keeping—dread Echidna, a nymph deathless and ageless for evermore.”

Echidna 2According to Hyginus, “Gorgon”, the mother of Medusa, was the daughter of Echidna. Hesiod had said that Echidna gave birth to almost all the creatures of Greek mythology such as the three headed dog Cerberus, Orthrus; the Chimera, the Nemean lion, the Sphinx and the Hydra. According to Hyginus, he attributed the children of Echidna to many monsters such as the Cretan bull, the Caucasian eagle, the Crommyonian sow, the Colchian dragon, the HarpiesScylla and Charybdis.

The Queen Drakaina of chaos who rules through the blood and minds over all parasitical creatures such as man, that causes all the corruptions of the earth, anger, hate, war, rot, slime, fetid waters, illness, disease and death. This is why Echidna had given birth to various monster serpents like Gorgon, and why she was also often equated with vicious serpents such as Python (the rotting one), a dragon born of the fetid slime left behind by the great Deluge.

Hesiod had written about the female dragon Echidna in his Theogony;

“Then Ceto bore another invincible monster,
in no way like mortal men or the deathless gods;
yes, in a hollow cave she bore Echidna, divine
and iron-hearted, half fair-cheeked and bright-eyed nymph
and half huge and monstrous snake inside the holy earth,
a snake that strikes swiftly and feeds on living flesh.
Her lair is a cave under a hollow rock,
far from immortal gods and mortal men;
the gods decreed for her a glorious dwelling there.”

Echidna is the mother of all human Chimeras who are said to be monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creatures composed of the parts of more than one animal.

She is the ruler of zombies and vampires whom some mistake as humans. These are those who Blood alchemyfeed upon human flesh, blood and suck the energy from all living things for their own selfish desires. Maybe you know of some of these people whose DNA is controlled by the Queen Drakaina.

I like to spell her name this way, “Ech-I-DNA.”

The Queen Drakina of animal parasites who controls billions of human and animal souls by a high-level DNA programming language that we can call Python. The most experienced human programmer in the history of the world who rules any serpentine programming language, whatever race, culture or land it may be. A computer biological science of humans in which their DNA is subjegated and reprogrammed by the Mother of All Monsters in order to carry out her will.

A general-purpose, object-oriented interpreted serpentine language of the drakina of DNA that can be used for countless standalone projects or scripting of the human mind.

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