By Manly P – Hall – The custom of depicting God either as male or female is the outgrowth of man’s oldest MADONNA AND CHILDform of worship: phallicism.

Masculine and feminine properties are presumed to be positive and negative respectively.

Hence God, being an active or positive agent, was conceived to be masculine; nature, being a passive or negative body, was regarded as feminine in that it received into itself and nurtured to maturity the germinal essences of Divine Life.

The proponents of a masculine God declare that in the beginning was activity, the positive cause of existence.

On the other hand, the proponents of the pre-eminence of the feminine principle declare that activity first issued from a universal matrix; consequently that which comes forth from the matrix is subordinate to its own origin.

To a certain degree the Madonna expresses this concept, for the man child is creation born out of the womb of SPACE – the Holy Mother of Ages.

Manly P. Hall / Lectures on Ancient Philosophy

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