Alchemy is all about the chemical elements of the as above planets and how they correspond to the chemical elements on the so below within man. As within, so without. We are made of the chemical elements of the universe. Human star dust in the wind.

To understand these alchemical laws of nature, is to understand how your body and mind react under various planetary influences.

This is in image to help you do just that, of the four elements and the corresponding humours known as “Septem planetae: Temperaments and Elements, by Gerard de Jode  1581 ( Photo Warburg Institute)

The four elements are symbolized by animals and the four humours by goddesses: (clockwise from top left) Diana/Artemis – Phlegm, corresponding to Water – Dolphin; Venus/Aphrodite – Blood corresponding to Air – Chameleon; Minerva/Athene – Yellow Bile corresponding to Fire – Salamander; [?]Ceres/Demeter – Black Bile corresponding to Earth – Mole. Septem Planetae, engraved title page by Gerard de Jode (after Maarten de Vos), 1581.w

Symbols - Four elements Septem planetae Temperaments and Elements, by Gerard de Jode  1581

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