The greatest realization one can come to in life, is when you realize who you can trust with your life,Faek friends who truly cares about you and who only used you. It’s not about who is real to your face it’s about who stays real behind your back!

I would like to discuss with you a recent odd phenomenon that is redefining the true meaning of a friend that has taken grip of the world’s citizens over the last 5 years. It deals with the approximately 1 billion people who really do not know each other sharing their lives with one another on the corporate billion dollar goliath of a website known as Facebook.

Even in the so-called truth movement that is filled with some very wise souls, we have many good people who are becoming foolishly trapped by this global Facebook friend lie based on delusional relationship fantasies.

FakeOFFIn fact over the last 5 years, Facebook is literally changing the complete definition of what a real friend had used to be considered. It is taken something that had always been held as sacred and honorable and turning it into a superficial sad online human game of who can acquire the most fake online friends, likes, and fans in which we all compete with one another like monkeys for each others attention.

Why did I unfriend 2,000 nice people and supporters who were not my true friends?

Unfortunately I was also caught up in this Facebook monkey see, monkey do behavior for the last three years. I too was on a sad quest to have as many people on my friend list as possible for the simple sake of thinking I could be their online friend and or that I was a popular person whom people truly loved my soul and would always have my back. Just like many other millions of mistaken people on Facebook, I was also completely delusional and creating a false reality with a circle of non-friends that was starting to imprison me.

This past week I decided to unfriend approximately 2,000 of these nice people from my personal Facebook account, and some of these people are very upset with me. I somewhat understand why they feel this way, but they also need to understand why I did and how I feel. It wasn’t about me thinking I’m better than them and or that they were evil people in any way, shape or form.

This decision was based on my own personal choice this past week to only have my closest friends, family and associates for my personal and private Facebook account. Most of the people who I have met through Gnostic Warrior can always contact me on my website or be part of the Gnostic Warrior Facebook community which is open to everyone.

The facts are that most of these 2,000 people I unfriended were very nice people who I have mainly met when I was in High School 25 year ago, through my business, and or over the course my work here on the Gnostic Warrior for the last few years. You see, many of these good people were technically not truly my friends, but either old friends in the past sense who I had known as a teenager that I haven’t really spoken to in 20-25 years or more, and or associates in business that I have met briefly who were never ever were my real friends.

Unfortunately, some of these people I have unfriended are now ganging up with each other and attacking me online. They are now saying that since I unfriended them that all of a sudden I’m a bad person and or downright evil.  A few of them have even went out of their way by sending me mean messages as if they were my best friends all my life and are going out of their sad ways to try to destroy me.

Please keep in mind that up until I unfriended 2,000 of these acquaintances from my personal Facebook account that for the most part, they all liked me and enjoyed my work. However, the moment I unfriended many of these people, their fangs and claws came out. They turned on me and now do they not like me at all and they think my work is crap.

This is the sad world we live in folk and there is nothing new under the sun.

What is the true meaning of a real friend?

In case you were not aware, the word friend is a noun that means “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection; a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard; and or a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter which is typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.” In a simple sense this is a person who personally known you and has your back when needed be.

This has ALWAYS been the definition of a true friend!

It we all truly think back over our lifetimes in an honest fashion, we will come to the realization that if we are lucky, we may be able to count a few friends on one hand that were truly close friends who had our backs no matter what. This reality has been common knowledge and a fact of life for thousands and thousands of years.

However now all of a sudden, the meaning of a true friend is being morphed into something fake and a lie. With the advent of Facebook and the 1 billion people who use it are changing what freind means which is as I stated above is a person who personally known you and has your back into a meaningless verb that means “to add (someone) to a list of contacts associated with a social networking website.”

Excuse me, but what the hell is going on folks? Why are we lying to ourselves and each other? So we can all feel good that we know x,xxx amount of people and have x,xxx people we really don’t know on our Facebook accounts that we lie to ourselves and call friends?

Personally, I feel that we all need to understand our current fake realities and someone here like me and maybe even you in this 1 billion crowd needs to make a stand for truth and what is righteous regardless of what others may think.

Anybody who has some common sense and an ounce of reason in their souls will start see the delusional lunacy of our current Facebook realities. People are becoming completely mind warped into believing that these carbon units that we call friends on Facebook are true friends when in reality if you look up the real definition of a friend in the dictionary we are anything but friends, and to say we are or to call me a good friend or someone else that you really do not know is simply a lie.

Why are we all living a lie now? Why are we calling these people friends today when just 5 years ago they would have been just met along your path whom you often forgot about by tomorrow? When did it become hip to live a lie with people you don’t know all doing nothing on Facebook as if you are living in artificial simulated reality based on a delusion?

The delusional lies of the truth movement led by liars who profit from your ignorance

What I have learned in the truth movement over the last 7 years is that there is a whole lot of lies, liars, and self-proclaimed saviors who are really just smart businessmen who are cashing in on their ignorant audience by selling them snake oil dressed up as truth and friendship. Many of these people who have their own podcasts, books and media companies with 5,000 people friend list they truly don’t care about but are there to market their work and sell some books etc to.

Please don’t kid yourself and think they really like you and have your back. In fact, 99.9% of them never comment or like your own posts because they are simply too busy making things to sell to their 5,000 friend list.

If you are one of their 2,000-5,000 fans and you really think they are your friends and or have your back, you are being completely delusional and irrational.

Why do I live by truth and refuse to live a lie to get along with the get along?

My motto has always been to live by truth to the best of my abilities without putting my family or self at risk of harm. Sometimes I make mistakes along the way and even at times I have inadvertently lied to myself not knowing I was deceiving my very own soul. When I realize I have made a mistake or have lived by a lie, I do my best to correct and change that behavior.

That is all I have done here by lying to myself over the last few years about what the meanings of a true friend or family really was. Since this is my life, my path and my mistake, I get to correct myself and sometimes these corrections involve others who I mean no ill will or harms as in this case.

Again, this is nothing personal to them, but its is personal for me. I personally choose to live by truth, honesty and true loyalty. If your choice is to adopt the new superficial 5-year-old definition of a friend like that is found on Facebook, than that is your choice and please do not impose your will or choices on me.

I will leave you be and you leave me be. We are all adults here who are free to make “some of our own choices.”

Being fake in life is going to attract you fake reactions, fake crap, and fake friends. Those fake friends whose dark souls judge you and do not like you were never ever really friends in the first place. The very same people who show you “that every time you trust somebody, they show us why we shouldn’t.

We should all just be real with ourselves and others and things will be fine.

I refuse to be fake. How about you?

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