What I would like to share with you today is our current fake social realities with the advent of the moe-quotemulti-billion dollar company Facebook and the invention of the 5,000 people list of so-called friends.

For the past couple days I have unfriended over 2,000 people who included associates, very nice people, fake friends, judgemental soulless family, imposters and so-called Brothers. The truth of the matter if we want to be honest with ourselves is that almost all these people were NEVER really my friends and or Brothers at all.

The people who I unfriended on Facebook include people in the so-called truth movement such as Leo Zagami, Marty Leeds, David Whitehead, Sevan Bomar and Vinny Eastwood to name a few. What everyone needs to understand is that I wish them NO ill will and I actually still like “some of them” as people for the most part. But with that said, they were never ever truly my friends, brothers and they never, ever had my back so why should I have their backs and or be their online fake buddies?

I refuse to live a lie or call people friends or Brothers when they simply are not. I think to do so would just prolong the lie that we live in. It would only perpetuate the human bullshit that all us slaves are stewing in daily.

With that said, I have unfriended everyone who I have determined are really just associates and or someone I have met along my path. They are not true family, friends or Brothers who sincerely have me and my family’s back. I actually ignorantly thought I could create such a life and network with some good souls who truly want loyal friends and brotherhood. But I have found out that after 7 years of work that this wish is akin to trying to find a pot of gold under the rainbow or the world’s smallest needle in a haystack.

Please understand that I don’t think they are all bad people and I definitely wish them no ill will whatsoever. All I want to do is live by truth and real love. Not by half-truths and fake love. It is really that simple and there is no need to make it anymore complicated than it is because it’s not.

I’m basically cutting soul ties with these people who many of them are nice souls so that I can focus on my own circumpunct of a soul with my own many faults I need to fix and the Great Work, true friends, and family in my “immortal soul group.” It is not anything personal against them, but personal for me in the sense that I would like to cultivate better relationships with my true friends, brothers, sisters and associates.

The reality of life is that each one of us is mostly alone as we embark on our journeys to discover who we truly are and as we walk along the path of self discovery. Yes, we have some family and friends that we meet along the way, but in the end it is a solo journey of the soul on its way to self understanding and hopefully evolution of your spiritual nature. In the beginning, we are born into this world alone and in the end, we die alone.

There is no need to live a lie with thousands of people who are truly not your Brothers, family, and friends and to also die alone with 5,000 strangers who truly do not know and or care about you.

I choose to live by truth, light and love. I choose to die this way as well. In order to accomplish this, I must sever the obstacles on my path that are prohibiting me from my Great Work.

How about you?

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