“This curious fragment was found four feet under the ground beneath a trash pile of broken early Indian pottery not far from thePhoenician Indians - Compass and square 2 Casa Grande ruins in Arizona. It is significant because of its striking to the Masonic compass and square. Indian baskets pottery, and blankets frequently bear ornamental designs of especial Masonic and philosophic interest.” – Manly P. Hall (The Secret Teachings of All Ages)

This Indian Masonic compass and square is made of sea shells and dated to over 1,800 years ago. The manufacture of the square and compass using sea shells would indicate they were a people of the sea, just like the Phoenicians, whom the Egyptians had known as the Sea Peoples.

It is well know that the Freemasons trace their craft back to the the chief mason working on Solomon’s Temple as Phoenician King, Hiram Abiff, son of a Tyrian widow. Hence, the Widow’s Son. He was the Chief architect sent to Solomon by the Phoenician King of Tyre.

In the book, Field Man: Life as a Desert Archaeologist, by Julian D. Hayden, it is said the Masons were furious when this alleged ancient Indian compass and square was taken out of an exhibit showcase. It doesn’t say by who, but that it was simply taken.

Phoenician Indians - Compass and square

The Casa Grande ruins in Arizona was home to the Hohokam Indians and a famous ancient structure known as the “Great House. It is the largest known structure that the Hohokam Indians of the Gila Valley built.

American genealogist, author and historian, Donald N. Yates, Ph.D. who is principal investigator, owner and founder of DNA Testing Systems and DNA Consultants says, “The name Ho-ho-kam is usually explained as meaning “Those Who Are Departed,” but such an etymology is more a gloss than a literal translation of its meaning and origin.

Like many words in the Hopi, Zuni, Pima and Azteco-Utan languages in general it is composed of South Semitic elements. In Egyptian, it literally means “Sea Peoples” or “Foreigners.” The historic Sea Peoples came from Asia Minor and once threatened to conquer the Egyptian empire.”(See Link to DNA Consultants)

Phoenician Indians - Casa Grande

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