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Hello, and welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Podcast broadcasting from in San Diego, California, to around the world. I’m your host Moe, and today on the show, I have the honor of interviewing author, 32nd-degree FreeMason, and an expert on the Bavarian Illuminati, Josef Wages.

Joe is the author of The Secret School Of Wisdom – The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati. He is also one of the 1st people in the world to travel to Germany to peer into The Secret archives of Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati, And what he found is genuinely fascinating and a tale of Great Masonic work. It was great learning about Joe’s journey into the mysterious secrets of this German sect of the Illuminati, and you’ll enjoy this illuminating Podcast. But before we get into the show, I have a word from our sponsors.

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The Gnostic Warrior Podcast
The Gnostic Warrior Podcast
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Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Podcast with Moe Bedard where we discuss philosophy, spirituality, and the ideas that help shape our world with some of the top thinkers, philosophers, and authors. Leading you from the darkness into the light.

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