This past week a huge con-spirit-cy his the inter-Nets surrounding the Goddess of Death known as Kali and an environmental Goddess Kali empire statementcompany had hit the state of New York.

The reason was over a massive image of Kali (image to right and video below) that was projected on the Empire State Building by an environmentalist group that has many conspiracy theorists and Christians up in alarm claiming it was some type of satanic ceremony, government conspiracy or Illuminati ritual.

The stunt was created by film maker, and Academy Award® winning, Racing Extinction director Louie Psihoyos and world-renowned visual artist Travis Threlkel (Chief Creative Officer) who both work with San Francisco based Obscura Digital on a campaign called Projecting Change to draw attention to endangered animals.

The explanation by the firm on why the firm chose the Goddess of Death is as follows: “Artist Andrew Jones wanted to depict Mother Earth in her “fiercest form” in order to draw attention to sustainable development and climate change – so he chose Kali.”

First of all let me explain that  Kali is NOT the Mother Goddess of Earth.

As I had written in my previous article, the Meaning of Kali, this Goddess represents the Terrible Hindu War Goddess (or Devi) of time, crime, death, destruction and doomesday who demands bloody sacrifice of both animals and humans. She represents the planet of emotions, death and destruction known as Venus.

The date that was chosen for this is exactly 5 weeks fore the 29th of Elul, which is the day that the stock market crashed in 2001 and 2008. Terry Bennett was shown that our economy would be brought down because of the abortion culture in our nation. One portrayal of the goddess Kali shows her with earrings made of dead children

For example, the InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson seems to get this occult fact had reported, “Bizarre images of what some said represented “Satan” appeared on the Empire State Building in New York, causing Christians to freak out about a ‘demonic ceremony.’ Joseph was saying conspiracy theorists may be right based on the fact that Kali, “the Hindu Goddess of death and destruction – who has since been culturally appropriated by new agers as a kind of Mother Earth figure.”

I agree with Paul Joseph Watson. This Goddess has always represented death and destruction. But many New Agers and some ignorant people who obviously have not done their own research or are total shills claim she is representative of Mother Earth.

The Christian website had proclaimed, “The Government Of New York Just Placed A Giant Image Of Satan On The Empire State Building To Convince People To Worship The Devil (The End Times Are Coming).”

Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin of the Messianic Temple Beth El in Brooklyn, New York, USA had said this: “My heart is very heavy for NYC. I am in prayer for 5-6 hours each day. Last week my associate and I were led to go to Manhattan to intercede. We spent half a day praying for all New York. Ruach HaKodesh spoke about His verdict for NYC: JUDGMENT.

Please pray for my congregation and my leadership. We are commanded by Elohim of Yisrael to set up a “white hospital” for the survivors of the calamity. We are  looking for a new building for our ministry. Please support us in prayer and financially. The task is enormous. The time is short. The message is urgent.”

The question we all need to ask now is “Why would an environmental film company choose this Goddess of Death as part of their artwork?”

I would have to say it is either;

A. Done through total ignorance or

B. An Illuminati ritual.

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