Researchers in the United States have developed a new method called Magneto for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviors by using genetic engineering to create a magnetized protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

The researchers accomplished this incredible mind-controlling feat by inserting the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus and then live animals whose behavior is then triggered by magnetic fields or radio waves.

These viruses, coupled with Magento, allow electrical current to flow through the cell membrane, evoking nervous impulses that travel into the spinal cord and then up to the brain.

Researchers first experimented by injecting the Magneto virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex. Then, they dissected the brains showing that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses.

Next step – controlling live animals.

The researchers then used magneto and a live virus to manipulate neuronal activity in zebrafish larvae, targeting neurons in the trunk and tail that normally “control an escape response.”

Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez of Harvard University, who uses optogenetics to manipulate memories in the brains of mice, says the study is “badass”.

“Previous attempts [using magnets to control neuronal activity] needed multiple components for the system to work – injecting magnetic particles, injecting a virus that expresses a heat-sensitive channel, [or] head-fixing the animal so that a coil could induce changes in magnetism,” he explains. “The problem with having a multi-component system is that there’s so much room for each individual piece to break down.”

“This system is a single, elegant virus that can be injected anywhere in the brain, which makes it technically easier and less likely for moving bells and whistles to break down,” he adds, “and their behavioral equipment was cleverly designed to contain magnets where appropriate so that the animals could be freely moving around.”

“Anything that the animal with Magneto feels and does and perhaps thinks can be remote-controlled by magnetic fields,” said clinical neurologist and scientist-physician Wolfgang Liedtke at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, who did not take part in this research.

The Guardian reported:

“The new technique, developed in Ali Güler’s lab at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and described in an advance online publication in the journal Nature Neuroscience, is not only non-invasive, but can also activate neurons rapidly and reversibly.

Several earlier studies have shown that nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so that they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields, by attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles. These methods represent an important advance – they have, for example, already been used to regulate blood glucose levels in mice – but involve multiple components which have to be introduced separately.”

Some people such as the editor at Technocracy news argue that this is dystopian news and the next step is humans.

This is potentially the most dangerous and dystopian development in genetic modification in history. “The researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus”. The DNA behavior is then triggered by magnetic fields or radio waves. ⁃ TN Editor

This science reminds me of the comic book hero called Magento, who could generate and manipulate magnetic fields. His powers allow him to control minds, metal, levitate, create force fields, use telepathic mind control, and generate electromagnetic pulses, among other abilities.

Maybe, the late comic book artist Jack Kirby, and his sidekick, Stan Lee were modern-day prophets telling of their visions in the characters they created. Secret biological scientists who were adepts in the deep workings of the body, brain, and the latest research on mind control techniques. That is a possibility.

There is also the probability that the Deep State magicians who already knew of this ancient science were the real puppet masters writing the Holywood scripts.

One hell of a mind control script that we would all be actors and living through to this very day.

I do not know but for some odd reason, I’m strongly magnetized to the latter idea. How about you?

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