“You can get more with a gun and a polite request than just with a gun.” – Michael Aquino

Former high ranking U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and self-professed Satanist, the late Michael Aquino, argued in his book, “MindWar” that mass mind control was a much more humane alternative to physical war. Violating, infiltrating, and thus controlling someone’s or an enemy’s consciousness was a science that he not only sought to know and understand but was also paid well by the U.S. Government to do so.

Aquino was Head of Psychological Operations (PsyOp) for the U.S. Army (Ret.) and a well-known High Priest in the Church of Satan with Anton LaVey back in its heyday during the 1960s. He went on to form the Temple of Set. His books have been published in many languages and have been cited all around the world.

This guy was the real Satanic deal if there ever was one.

In my opinion, Aquino makes Crowley’s black magical escapades look quite tame when it comes to the scope and science behind the methods he shares.  Meaning that Crowley’s sexual tricks are mainly for Satanic beginners and intermediates while Aquino’s scientific-based Satanism was for the military to control and mold minds in order to win the MindWar.

This is not some Top Secret information that I’m sharing with you.

He openly had written about his beliefs, studies, and specialties in many papers, books like MindWar, and “some of those Top Secret documents” that do not show any of his alleged Satanic pedophilia involvement at the Presidio Army Base have been declassified.

The premise of Aquino’s mind control ideas was simple.

Take the Ancient Philosophy of Plato’s Theories of Forms, which we live in an orderly universe created by forms, predominantly the Form of the Good, which he describes as “the brightest region of Being” and turn it on its head. In the world of symbology, it would be akin to taking the Ancient Pentagram and inverting it into the Satanic pentagram and that is exactly what is symbolized here. Hidden in plain sight from those who cannot see.

With Plato, the Form of the Good is the cause of all things, and when it is seen it leads a person to act wisely, and with Aquino, you would use the form of bad or what is not good and illogical as the cause of all things so people become ignorant.

In Plato’s theory, humans form a bridge between God, good, and the material world. In the Republic, the ideal community is “a city which would be established in accordance with nature.”

Aquino’s theory, I argue, inverted patterns and techniques to form instead of a bridge between what the Greeks would have called the Abyss and Christain the Devil and the material world. A bridge between the devil or the force of the earth to allow evil to dominate the human conscious so they become Beast-like automatons. To be herded and led like sheep. Hence, the whole mind control point.

Aquino discusses the science behind mind control techniques by reaching into the mind of enemy combatants using magnetization with Electrical Magnetic Field (EMF) and Alpha Brain Wave (B.W.) conditioning. What has been described as “Acoustic Psycho-Correction” technology that has the ability to “control minds and alter the behavior of civilians and soldiers” and which also “involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions,” aimed at altering the “behavior on willing and unwilling subjects.”

In one of the last video interviews before his death, Aquino speaks with podcaster Sean Stone about this lower and higher consciousness and what is called the “Architecture of Thought.” Something he claims that most people know absolutely nothing about this but that was something that he went into depth as part of PsyOp research that led to the book, MindWar. He confidently says that you will have not heard of this from anyone else (but me of course 😉 ).

Aquino tells Sean that the part of your mind that drawls logical conclusions and reasons and that discusses things with other people is conscious thinking being algorithmic representing 5% of your consciousness. While the other 95% is your subconscious which is governed by pattern recognition which overlays reality that you perceive as truth. He says that we refer to this subconscious without even thinking to validate if our thoughts are true or not and are governed by patterns.

These he says are mechanical. Aquino goes on, “And these perceptions that you are not aware of.”

“For example, we are all familiar with the brain frequencies the alpha, the beta the delta, the pheta, Well, alpha, he says, puts you in a pleasant mood, theta puts you in a creative mood, and beta puts you in a somewhat nervous, confrontational mood. So if you would like people in a room in a good mood, you first sweep it to make sure there is no beta and then cover the room with alpha,” Aquino said.

I detail this science in my articles, Control the Magnet, Control the Mind, and Human Magnetoreception: The Science of ORDO AB CHAO,

Here is the full video of Aquin’s last interview before he died and this mind control science I speak of starts at about the 15-minute mark.

This mind control technique would also use black magic ie lies, propaganda, false symbology, optical illusions, etc to mesmerize and thus control someone or an entires population’s mind without them being aware of and or doing immediate damage to avoid detection.

As Aquino once had written, “coercive measures if they are to work effectively must remain undetected.”

A form of dark mental jiu-jitsu to bend the hardened hearts and turn upside down minds of the public who only have a cursory understanding of reasoning and logic and the cultural and linguistic nuances needed to neutralize a real mind control threat effectively. To Aquino and the U.S. Military, the ignorant and malleable American population was the perfect testing ground for his MindWar ideologies.

A people he could easily mold. His new mind control laboratory.

Aquino had written;

“For millennia, violent warfare has been the scourge of humanity, and all attempts to end it through negotiated or imposed peace have brought only temporary respite. On the premise that war is endemic to the human disposition, MindWar proposes to eliminate its killing and destruction by replacing it with a far more powerful kind of war – one which focuses on the human mind both individually and collectively.

The persons and property of people are removed as targets, replaced by the divisive situations and problems originating in their consciousness. These are then controlled, adjusted, and reformed to produce a harmonious and cooperative total environment.”

Aquino claims that this is not to be done theoretically but in a “laboratory” implementation through the structural redesign of the U.S. Army’s three “Special Operations” branches: Psychological Operations, Special Forces, and Civil Affairs. In the book, he outlines a global MindWar campaign with the international crisis resolution procedures of the United States modified to facilitate it. In the book, he also cites the use of magnets on the human brain to control thought, which has now become a reality.

For these reasons, I list and his own words and his affiliation with Satanism and accusations of pedophilia, Aquino remains one of the most controversial figures in U.S. history. A type of Satanic arch-villain from the Abys who openly paraded around like he was the Devil’s son incarnate and was damn proud of it.

But for the U.S. Military, he was an asset to be protected at all costs.

After all, their business is based on warfare and global domination in which deception plays a massive role, so this type of PsyOp information to win wars both domestically and abroad was pure gold. As a result, Aquino’s MindWar seems to have become an openly known Field Manual (F.M.) for how we now run our country.

The book was an expanded version of a paper he co-authored for the U.S. Army called “From PSYOP to MindWar“, which bore a “Top Secret” notation and was circulated to the U.S. “Psyop Community and the U.S. Army War College, “amongst other actors.

Aquino stated that it was “originally intended for the eyes of government policymakers alone, and is unclassified only because a level high enough to embrace it has never been anticipated or even conceptualized. What it is capable of setting in motion is simply beyond all previous human interactive experience.”

But as Michael Aquino warns his readers and I’m sure the governments who will employ such mind control techniques that this type of black magic can not only be devised to save humanity but supersede it altogether. This is where the danger lies.

Aquino writes;

“For the first time in practical history, the actual machinery of human thought is accessed by the methodical application of science, psychology, and esoteric arts of antiquity. MindWar assumes, as did the ancients, that the ultimate aspiration of mankind is to the Good.

But, like the Manhattan Project which rashly opened an earlier genie’s bottle, MindWar could be misused with even more ominous consequences. Devised to save humanity, it could also supersede it. Hence this genie must be examined and evaluated while its bottle is still sealed.”

Interestingly, inventors of such techniques also issue a dire warning to the investors in their ideas. It is akin to inventing the nuclear bomb and stupidly thinking no one will test it out for atomic shits and giggles. Hell, we Americans have been known to test these devilish inventions until they take us to hell.

To address Aquino’s point in regards to America’s Manhattan Project. On July 16, 1945, about 120 miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a nuclear bomb was dropped at 5:29:45 a.m. resulting in a blast with a massive mushroom cloud 40,000 feet high that was visible for 200 miles and blew out windows in civilian homes up to 100 miles away.

A mind control cover-up story was released to the American public, claiming that a large ammunition dump had exploded in the desert.

The authorities controlling the Manhattan Project did not just test one nuclear bomb, dozens were tested all around the country. As a result, some scientists say that to this day, people in these areas where the bombs were dropped suffer from abnormally high amounts of diseases like cancer.

A MindWar in the form of real bombs striking utter fear and agonizing death to our enemies both domestically and abroad, including the two that were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing or maiming over 200,000 people. Japan would surrender shortly after that, bringing an end to World War II, but a new era to a global arms race bringing the world to almost bitter destruction.


Be VERY careful when reading Aquino’s MindWar because it may be a PsyOp within a PsyOp.

After all, these are what some might call the hellish military ingredients for scientific black magic, psychotronic warfare, mind control, and world domination. No mind control soup for you! Quite the contrary…

Regarding the American people and most people who may read this book, Aquino presents both occult and scientific information that will be simply too difficult for 99.9999% of the people who read it to understand. Hence, why it has been unclassified by the U.S. military and is openly available for anyone to purchase online.

MindWar is a military Field Manual (F.M.) on how to conduct modern psychological and spiritual warfare on those peoole who deserve to have their minds controlled. How sinister it may all seem, I argue (hope) that to one day have heaven on earth, you have to create a type of temporary hell so the demons and angels can appropriately be magnetized to their true destinies to be tracked, weighed, and judged.

Let me finish by adding that it is no big secret that the U.S. Department of Defense has a long history of human experimentation without the consent of the incredibly Ignorant American people. But, with the advent of The National Security Act, and the Patriot Act, people like Aquino and their ideas are not only protected, they are immortalized.

But the battle goes on, my sovereign thinking Brothers and Sisters around the Globe and I have one final proclamation.

“Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life.” – Proverbs 4:23

To lose sovereignty over our minds is to lose the ability to control our lives, nation, and the world. When we lose reason and the capacity to remember past mistakes, we will repeat them in the future.

When we lose “our ability to control one’s mental functions,” we give our attention, memory, and God-given rights to rational thought and decision-making to an outside authority. (Metzinger, 2013)

Human dignity requires mental autonomy, which has been defined as, “the presumption that one is a person whose actions, thoughts and concerns are worthy of intrinsic respect because they have been chosen, organized and guided” (Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2002, p. 121, italics added).

Democracies are only possible if citizens are mentally autonomous. (Johnson and Cureton, 2019). The ability to think freely is so essential to our identity that to violate it is to deprive us “of personhood altogether” (Halliburton, 2009, p. 868).

But that is the whole point of all these MindWars. Isn’t it?

With that said, there is hope for those of us citizen mental combatants lucky enough to have survived this far in the MindWar. 

Either through natural law, mental might, and or the grace of God, like Moses, we have remained a formidable foe to the state black magicians. Like the miracle Israelite baby floating down the Nile into the Pharoah’s arms, we have made it through the psychological warfare, propaganda, and mental muck constantly directed at us by the court magicians.

Spiritually tattered but still thinking, breathing, and with the resemblance of an original thought, we remain somewhat free as they still try to tighten the magnetic noose around our necks, and the water in the pot continues to become hotter.

Some people say that the COVID vaccine contains graphene. A substance that is found in magnets and for some odd reason, a few so-called conspiracy theorists say that it is put in there to magnetize us in order to mind control the world.

Well, hell, I never said winning the MindWar would be easy!

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