The Devil’s Tritone: How it induces hypnosis in listeners to control their minds

The Devil’s Tritone: How it induces hypnosis in listeners to control their minds

The Devil’s Chord, the devil’s interval, the tritone, the triad, and the diminished or flatted fifth are a combination of musical notes that are designed to create a chilling or discordant sound that makes for a foreboding atmosphere.

After all, music is hypnotic and activates specific neuro cortical structures in the brain inducing whatever emotion the musician desires in their listeners.

Illustration: Pedro Lourenco

This is why the interval has been used for centuries as a way to scare people or subvert religious music. In medieval times, it was associated with the Devil and referred to as Diabolus in musica (the Devil in music) – so much so that some composers have tried to banish it entirely from their compositions.

It has been said that in the Middle Ages people were forbidden from using flattened fifths because of the evil tone it creates and brings demonic forces.

The devil’s tunes were the antithesis of godliness. It has been called the Devil’s Interval since at least the 16th century.

Over time, the sound has wound up in classical music, jazz, rock, heavy metal, rap, and even Broadway musicals in some of the most popular songs of the 20th and 21st centuries.


It is used to create tension, discord, or suspense in music and more importantly, it has also been connected with inducing a ‘hypnotic state’ in the listener.

The use of music and sound for inducing ‘hypnotic’ and ‘subconscious’ states and capacities etc. is used to artificially produce a build up of emotions, energy and tension within the listener. Meaning, it is the musician controlling the energies and we can say the minds of their listeners with hypnosis via certain musical tones rather than the listener themselves.

Musicians can be compared to the flute playing snake charmers of people.

They have the ability to charm women to become raving lunatics who will do anything to see or get a piece of their favorite musician and command men and women to act like their porn stars and gangsters. This is why corporations use music in advertising and why they employ musicians to sell worthless consumer items to the masses.

They are magicians who through their music control their “raving mind controlled fans.”

The Devi’s tri-tone invokes an automatic and mostly un-noticed tension and energy in a being who in turn may themselves invoke this same kind of tension in themselves through various means. If the listener is unaware or unconscious of what is happening, they may misdirect and misuse this energy towards their own self destruction and that of their family or the community and nation to which they belong.

You can clearly see this in the punk rock and rap music scenes whose adherents regularly destroy themselves through their destructive and violent lifestyles.

The lyrics and music have now been programed into their minds to the point that their thoughts, words and actions play like a schizophrenic tape recorder of their favorite playlist. In a sense, their minds and spirits have been purposely inverted by music which is manipulating their unconscious thus increasing ‘egoism and selfishness’.

Musical tones that have the potential to be used for both suggestions for inducing a sleep like trance state to mind control people as well as for awakening conscious development.

The Devil’s Tritone is meant to do the former by inducing an artificial tension and friction that builds up of negative emotions in the listener that can lead to destructive behaviors if not able to be expressed in a positive way.

Scientists have found that emotions induced by music activate similar frontal brain regions compared to emotions elicited by other stimuli. Fearful and sad music is associated with increases in right frontal EEG activity and joyful and happy musical segments were associated with increases in left frontal EEG activity and the more intense the music, the more frontal brain activity.

It is interesting to note that when unpleasant music is played, the posterior cingulate cortex activates, which indicates a sense of conflict or emotional pain in the listener which is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain. Anyone who has listened to heavy metal, punk rock and even gangster rap understands that it invokes certain emotions and energies.

This is why since the days of Anceint Greece, emotion has been linked with tonality. For thousands of years music has been viewed as being both potentially creative and destructive to the listener.

A powerful creative force that can implant thoughts and ideas into people’s minds unbeknownst to the ignorant listener who is unaware of this knowledge and science.


The tritone is made up of two tones that are six half-steps apart. It consists of two notes that are three whole steps apart, such as “C” to “F#.”

For example, if you take any note on a piano or guitar and play it along with its fifth (a half-step above) or seventh (a half-step below), you’ll hear a tritone.

In classical music theory, it’s called an augmented fourth (two whole steps plus a half step), a diminished or flattened fifth (a half step more than a whole step).

In music theory, consonance refers to sounds that fit together well. A major third — the distance between two notes on a piano keyboard — feels pleasant because it’s in harmony with nature: The sounds we make when we hum or sing are based on harmonics that have a frequency ratio of 2-to-3 (for example, A to C).

Consonance also has to do with how stable or unstable a sound is — whether it feels permanent or fleeting. This is why minor keys often seem sadder than major ones; they’re less stable because there isn’t enough consonance to create a sense of resolution after each chord change.


The tritone is often heard in classical music when composers want to create tension or foreshadow danger — like in the Dies Irae section of Mozart’s Requiem Mass to symbolize the descent into hell or Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” from Die Walküre.

In 1666, German composer Heinrich Schutz wrote Cantata No. 12 “O süßes Jesulein” (O Sweet Little Jesus), which includes a passage using a tritone called “the Devil’s interval.” The piece caused such a stir that the Catholic Church banned it from being played during mass services.

Beethoven’s 1805 opera Fidelio is flush with triads, as is Richard Wagner’s 1848 composition “Gotterdammerung.” French composer Claude Debussy loved using tritones in his music and used them heavily in his opera Pelléas et Mélisande (1902).

The English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams used them extensively in his symphonies and concertos. Modern composers like Hans Zimmer have also used them extensively in film scores like Inception (2010) and Interstellar (2014).

In jazz terminology, it’s often called an “outside” chord. That’s because it tends to sound dissonant against other chords in a tune — especially when played by a saxophone player who has been improvising too long without knowing where he is going to end up .

It was used often — especially Miles Davis and John Coltrane who used it frequently in their recordings together.

For example, Miles Davis’ use of the tritone in “So What” from Kind of Blue is considered one of his most important contributions to modern music.

The blues were regarded as the Devil’s music. Talented people like guitarist Robert Johnson were considered to be influenced by dark forces like the faustian myth that the musician disappeared to Highways 49 and 61 in Mississippi, where he met the Devil and exchanged his guitar for the bluesman’s soul.

The godfathers of metal, Black Sabbath built their music careers using the Devil’s chord. The primary riff used in “Black Sabbath” from the band’s 1970 self-titled first album, which is based on (and begins with) the tritone interval, can be credited to guitarist Tony Iommi.

“He came to rehearsal one day,” Ozzy Osbourne remembered of Iommi’s innovation in 2001, “and said, ‘Isn’t it funny how people pay money to watch horror films; why don’t we start playing scary music?’ And then he came up with that ‘Black Sabbath’ riff, which was the scariest riff I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Iomni developed Sabbath’s sound after listening to a piece of classical music he and bassist Geezer Butler enjoyed by Gustav Holst called “Mars, The Bringer of War” from the suite The Planets (written in 1914).

Iommi began experimenting with the sound on guitar by slowing it down to a crawl, and he liked the unsettling feeling it created. Then he added a trill to the flatted fifth, repeatedly wavering from Db to D and added vibrato to the other notes playing at different speeds and with varying chord combinations to emphasize the tension of the music.

According to Loudwire:

“I was particularly interested in The Planets and ‘Mars’ by Gustav Holst. There’s a sort of tritone in that and I was always playing that on bass funnily enough before we even started writing songs and I think subconsciously it may have influenced Tony,” Butler recalled.

Iommi recalled, “Just one day we were in the rehearsal room and I started playing, as I did, ideas and this riff came out and I thought, ‘God!’ I really liked it and the other guys said, ‘Ah, that’s really good. We really like that.”‘So, I put more to it and that was it, it became ‘Black Sabbath.'”

“We built it up, but that was immediate — once we’d done that song, that was the direction and we knew where we were going then from that first riff. It just gave us a certain feeling,” the guitarist continued.

The feeling that was instilled in him when he first played that riff is quite vivid as Iommi looked back, “I remember when I first played that riff, all the hairs stood up on my arm and I knew that was it. ‘That’s it, this is where we’re at, this is what we’re doing.’ It was just like being told, ‘This is what you’re doing and this is where you’re going.'”

Iommi used the Devil’s tritone in many Sabbath songs, and when the band became successful, the tritone became a staple of the heavy metal genre.

Countless bands such as Judas Priest, Metallica, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, and Slipknot have all used this technique to their music.

Slayer even named their 1998 album Diabolus in Musica in homage to the technique.

Dave Mustaine, founder and frontman for the metal band, Megadeth, was featured on ABC News’ Nightline for an episode called “Battle With The Devil,” which detailed the occult, and belief in the devil.

Mustaine, who is a Christian, now, shows the ABC host the chord progression of the Devil’s Tritone and says; “The devil’s tritone is made up of these three notes, and this note right here drops down one, so it goes…

So listen to the difference. It just sounds evil, doesn’t it.’

‘It sounds darker.’

Which is why the progression is used so frequently in death metal.”

Mustaine says he is a Christian now, but wasn’t always.

The opening bars of the Beatles song “A Hard Day’s Night” feature a tritone progression: C# – F# – Bb – D

Today, we have examples like Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” and Trent Reznor’s “Something I Can Never Have.”

This sequence is basically a dissonance, that is, an apparently “unstable” sound that needs to be resolved into a more “stable” consonance.

What songs use the devil’s interval?

Miles Davis, “Walkin'”

Jimi Hendrix — “Purple Haze”

David Bowie — “Station to Station”

Black Sabbath — “Black Sabbath”

Metallica — “Enter Sandman”

Slayer — “Bitter Peace”

Pearl Jam “Even Flow”

Danny Elfman — “Theme from The Simpsons“

Busta Rhymes — “Woo-Ha!! Got You All In Check”

Marilyn Manson — “The Beautiful People”

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds — “The Carny”


Tramo, M. J. (2001). “BIOLOGY AND MUSIC: Enhanced: Music of the Hemispheres”. Science. 291 (5501): 54–6. doi:10.1126/science.10.1126/science.1056899PMID 11192009S2CID 132754452.

Illustration: Pedro Lourenco

The West Memphis 3: A story of black magick, blood, and violence

The West Memphis 3: A story of black magick, blood, and violence

In 1993, three innocent young kids were found raped, naked, and murdered in the mud of local woodland at Robin Hood Hills in West Memphis, Arkansas.

They were all American boys – 8-year-old Michael Moore, Steven Branch, and Christopher Byers. All proud members of the Boy Scouts with the world ahead of them but their lives were cut short in the most horrible way that anyone could ever imagine.

After getting together to go play and have fun in the local woods, the boys were instead abducted, tied up, beaten, raped, tortured, and then killed in what can be described as a “Satanic ritual sacrifice.”

According to the Encycopledia of Arkansas:

“The state of the boys’ bodies quickly inspired rumors that a satanic cult was responsible. The crime scene’s location in the woods, the nudity, the positioning of the boys’ bodies, and especially the castration caused concern about Satanism amongst the locals, and amongst the police as well.

Within days of the murders, Gary Gitchell, the chief inspector, informed the public that the police were considering a number of possible explanations for the murders, one of which was cult activity.

Throughout the investigation, the cult theory overshadowed more traditional theories, such as the speculation that the murders were committed by someone who knew the boys.”

At the time of the killings, a local teenager from a nearby trailer park named Damien Echols quickly became a prime suspect. The main reason why police zeroed in on Echols was his criminal record, extensive mental health history, and his interest in the occult.

You see, Echols was a felon and his probation officer who knew his dark history had alerted homicide detectives about his tendency for violence, and his involvement in Satanism, black magick, and the fact that he had threatened to murder people in the past – including his own step mother.

Echols was not your average heavy metal tshirt wearing teenager.

He was a Satanist who was a convicted criminal who had a long history of dark occult and blood ritualistic behavior.

According to police and mental health records, Damien Echols had made a pact with his girlfriend to sacrifice their first born baby in a death ritual and that he liked to drink human blood as well.

When he was arrested, police investigators discovered a plethora of evidence of Echols occult and Satanic activities with various writings, drawings, and his own and other people’s damning statements.

For example, Echols had a ringed binder in his possession at his home that he made called the “Book of Shadows” with Satanic drawings such as these:

As I mentioned, there has been a lot written about the case from both perspectives so I won’t go into too much detail here other than summarizing the key points that I believe are the most important to prove that Damien Echols was and is a Satanist on the fringe.

It is important to note that one of the main suspects, Jessie Misskelley had confessed not once, not twice, but several times to law enforcement and he even placed his right hand on the bible admitting the killings. Later he would also confess to his lawyer. Hell, even his own father and family believed he was guilty.

The police then investigated into his background and what he was doing on the night of the murders. An eyewitness had seen Echols with another person in the very same neighborhood the boys were found dead covered in mud.

Damien along with two of his friends, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley, were then questioned and arrested for the crimes and they would forever be known in Cult murder lore as “The West Memphis Three (3).”

Misskelley had quickly confessed to detectives about his involvement giving them intimate details of the crime scene such as being hogtied and having chased down one of the boys who almost got away, and he also implicated Baldwin and Echols as his accomplices.

He had told investigators;

“Then they tied them up, tied their hands up,” parts of which were tape recorded. After describing sodomizing and other violence, he went on: “And I saw it and turned around and looked, and then I took off running. I went home, then they called me and asked me, ‘How come I didn’t stay? I told them, I just couldn’t.’”

Misskelley later recanted, and defense lawyers said the then-17-year-old got several parts of the story wrong.

But that was not the only evidence and there were also other statements made to police that prove that The West Memphis 3 were violent teens who also practiced Satanic rituals.

For example, one of Jessee Miskelleys’ friends, Dennis Carter was interviewed by Lt. D. Hester at the request of Dennis Carter 6/9/93 completed @ 2:45 – 4:15 p.m.

According to the police report, Carter told police that he has known and been friends with Misskelley all of his life.

The last time he saw Jesse was the day before he was arrested. He claimed that he did not know Damien or Jason. However, he knew who they were but was not friends with either of them.

One of their mutual friends, Rick told Dennis about some Devil worshipers that would meet in a place called Stone Henge in the woods where they would cut a dog’s head off and would eat the meat from the leg. Rick said that Damien was the leader.

Dennis told investigators that about 6 months prior, Jesse told him that Damien was a Devil worshiper and that he ate the right leg of dogs and said that this happened in the woods located behind Elite lamp.

He also said to the police that Jesse liked to fight and a lot of times he would even start it. About 2 months prior to the crimes, Jesse was fighting a boy named Eric in Lakeshore when this girl named Tiffany (13) Eric’s girlfriend — went over to try and stop him — states Jesse turned around and hit her as hard as he could in the ear with his fist. Dennis stated that Jesse had to go to Juvenile Court over that.

Dennis said there was a little girl in the mobile home park who was 5 or 6 yrs old who was throwing rocks — one accidentally hit Jesse — Jesse chased the little girl and threw a rock and hit her in the head. The little girl was crying and Jesse was laughing.

He also stated to police that Jesse drank a lot and smoked pot when he could get it — thinks the guys name is Josh 17 yrs old and lives in Highland Trailer Park. States that he also saw Jesse sniffing gas about 20 times. Also saw Jesse take mini thins — bought them at Delta in Marion — got high from those.”

Damien Echols would fail a polygraph test and his alibis would be ripped to shreds. He even admitted on the stand that his timeline kept changing to try to fit the facts.

We know that after a short trial, the jury convicted the three teenagers of the crimes in 1994 based on the evidence put forth by the prosecution with the most damning being the actual confessions from two of the killers.

In upholding Echols’ conviction in 1996, the state Supreme Court noted that two people testified Echols bragged about the killings, an eyewitness put Echols at the scene, fibers similar to the boys’ clothing were found in Echols’ home, a knife was found in a pond behind Baldwin’s home, Echols’ interest in the occult and his telling police that he understood the boys had been mutilated before officers had released such details.

Since the deaths of the three boys, there have been countless articles, books, and even Hollywood films detailing some of the facts about the case and legal battles. What I have found in my own research is that there are two different camps of people who have taken opposite sides on this matter.

One camp still adamantly believes that Damien Echols and his accomplices are guilty and the other camp believes that they were innocent teens who were wrongly convicted simply because they loved heavy metal and wore Metallica t-shirts.

The camp who believes he is guilty is still very active online. Many people have started personal websites, wrote books, and have active Facebook Groups where they are still covering this case and keeping a watchful eye on who Echols who they feel is a serious threat to society.

The other camp who professes his innocence rely on the simple defense asserting that the killings were part of a Satanic Panic by over zealous Christians and Prosecuters, inspired many authors and film makers to document the case, and led to a movement of powerful people and Hollywood stars who believed that the Memphis 3 had been wrongly convicted.

These people with the help of Hollywood star power and millions of dollars would end up helping the three convicts released from prison. Their supporters would include, “Lord of the Rings” director, Peter Jackson, who donated millions of dollars and “actors” like Johnny Depp, Natlie Maines of the “Dixie Chicks,” and Eddie Vedder of “Pearl Jam.”

It has been estimated that they contributed approximately $20 million to help defend the convicted child killers by dragging out the appeals process, which eventually would secure their release from prison in 2011.

One of the main reasons I feel compelled to report on this case is because Damien Echols is now openly claiming to be a Satanist who used black magick and what he had coined as ‘High Magick” to get off Death Row for the murders of 3 innocent boys.

Also, the fact that the West Memphis Three had received millions of dollars for their defense fund from a bunch of celebrities and got a lot of media attention from Hollywood.

All because some people had characterized their prosecution as the result of a Satanic Panic and overzealous law enforcement who busted three local teens just because they were into heavy metal and wore Metallica t-shirts.

On August 19, 2011, after serving 18 years of Death Row, the convicted child killers – Echols and his co-defendants in the case, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr., entered Alford pleas. An Alford plea is a no contest plea where the accused claims their innocence, but pleads guilty anyway to get a deal offered by prosecutors instead of risking a trial.

During the hearings, after years of investigation and millions of dollars spent by the Memphis 3, the defense attorneys, nor the defendants did not present any exonerating evidence to prove their innocence during the Alford Plea hearings.

Despite there being no evidence proving their innocence, the three men admitted their guilt in the crimes, Arkansas Judge David Laser accepted the pleas and released the men for time served with 10-year suspended sentences.

But the facts are that there is more to the story than Hollywood and the West Memphis 3 would like you to falsely believe. This story of child rape, torture, and murder and celebrities raising millions to release three convicted criminals is a perfect example of why I believe that the U.S. has devolved from our original ethos of Brothery Love and justice and liberty for all into the “Satanic State of America.”

In researching the case, I discovered that this outcast rage would be the main marketing calling card for West Memphis Three and their 3 Hollywood made movies which would convince many people around the world that they were just different – outcasts like you and me.

In fact, this is how they continue to convince people that they are innocent through these films and the many articles written by lazy journalists who consume Echol’s narrative hook, line, and sinker just because they saw the movie or read some article.

What people need to understand about this case are the facts that the people who backed up Damien Echols and the producers who made the films failed to include many facts, details and evidence that would have revealed a much different side of the case than they wanted to portray to their audience.

An audience they knew most likely would not do their own research so they included only the facts they wanted to put in the film to control the narrative in order to gain support and money for Echols’ cause.

And you know what?

Almost every person I have researched who believes the West Memphis Three are innocent based their beliefs mainly from watching the Damien Echols directed movies. Including one of his biggest supporters and who he calls his Brother, Johnny Depp.

They even have matching secret demon and talisman tattoos on their chests to signify their occult bonds.

Marilyn Manson calls them “The West Hollywood Three” which is a pun on the name West Memphis Three. A name that was given to Echols and his two convicted child pals in the rape and torture of 3 boys in Memphis, Tennessee.

USA Today reports on Depp’s statements about the matching tattoos;

“The man Johnny Depp helped release from Arkansas’ death row has become like a brother to him, right down to getting matching tattoos.

“We have some,” Depp said Saturday as he touched a tattoo on the right side of his chest.

“This one Damien designed. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and it means quite a lot to me,” Depp told The Associated Press before the premiere of the documentary, “West of Memphis,” about Damien Echols and his two co-defendants.

Echols said whenever he and Depp get together, they often end up in a tattoo parlor. Depp said it’s about “celebrating the moment.”

A fact that you need to know is that Damien Echols was the executive director of the films which played a huge part in securing his release.

This meant that he had the final say in what information will be presented in the film and what they will not be shown to the public.

When I discovered that Echols was the executive director, I immediately thought “How many convicts would love to receive millions of dollars for their defense and to direct a movie to secure their release telling the public about only the details of the crime that they would like them to believe?”

In my opinion, that is a lot of magical power to hand to a convicted child raping killer who is on Death Row. In fact, this has never happened in the history of our justice system.

As the author, Gary Meece points out in his book, Blood on Black: The Case Against the West Memphis 3 Killers, which is unlike the other books and documentaries about these crimes because he actually uses real court case files. Meece wrote:

“The murders were thrill kills, according to Echols himself. But they were much more than that. Police were struck by the ritualistic aspects. Local dabblers in the occult immediately came under suspicion.

Under questioning, Echols, already acknowledged as a witch, flaunted his knowledge of the occult, his theories of how the killings could have “magickal” implications and his insights into how the killer would think and feel.

He demonstrated special knowledge about the case beyond the little publicly known. He gave out signals that he was a prime suspect; a series of witnesses further implicated him. A confession broke open the case.”

All these facts were mysteriously left out of the movie script… I wonder why?

What is also left out of the film is over 500 pages of mental health records saying things like Echols was prone to extreme acts of violence, liked to drink human blood and threatened to kill and eat people like his own father.

These 500 pages are known in the West Memphis Three case filed as “Exhibit 500.”

It includes most of the hospitalization and mental health records of Damien Echols as a teenager while he lived in Arkansas and Oregon and also his application for disability. Yes, he applied for disability due to his inability to function as a normal person due to his severe mental health issues and thus keep a job.

It is a large collection of mental health status records, psychological testing, dozens of damaging notes by mental health doctors and nurses and also includes statements from Jerry Driver, Damien’s parole officer.

Here is a small example of some pertinent facts you should know about Damien Echols before the murders.

Harming self

* Suicidal.
* Made a suicide pact with Deanna Holcomb.
* Self-mutilation (cutting and burning).
* History of drug abuse.

Violent threats or ideation

* Threatened harm to or threatened life of Pamela Echols (mother).
* Threatened harm to or threatened life of Joe Hutchison (father).
* Threatened harm to or threatened life of father of Deanna Holcomb (girlfriend).
* Threats/terroristic threatening, others.
* Murderous ideation.

Violent acts and attempted acts of aggression.

* Chased child with ax.
* Initiates fights at school/aggression toward others.
* Attempted to claw out schoolmate’s eyes.
* Started fires.

Belief system/behaviors

* Witchcraft interest and practice.
* Satanism, occultism or devil worship.
* Possessed by a spirit or demon.
* Drank blood of peers (voluntary or involuntary).
* Claimed to be a vampire.
* Planned to have baby and sacrifice it.
* Wrote disturbing, dark, or occult (or satanic) poetry.
* Made occult (or satanic) drawings.

Damien Echol’s long history of family dysfunction, mental health issues, violence, and sexual abuse were the main themes that can be found in the Exhibit 500 documents and in later witness statements taken after his arrest.

In these records, Echols had said to various psychiatrists and therapists that he had no feelings for his family and that he hated both his step-father and biological father and that he did not like his sister because “she want(ed) to be like him and that bothers him a lot.”

His mother said Damien’s biological father may have been physically abusive and once threatened to break Damien’s arm. His stepfather was accused of being sexually abusive, and possessive toward his mother, and was “mentally abusive” to his step-children.

An interesting note is that Damien is not his birth name. He was born Michael Wayne Echols and he changed his name as a teenager from Michael to Damien. Damien said both in trial and to a social worker in 1992, that he was the reason behind the name change.

He claimed that he had been interested in Catholicism at the time and admired Father Damien, who tended to lepers on Molokai. But many people allege that he took the name himself after the boy in The Omen who was really a demon.

Damien’s first stay at a mental hospital was at the Charter Hospital in Little Rock after threatening to commit suicide after being arrested for burglary, sexual misconduct, and breaking and entering involving an incident with his then girlfriend and her parents. Damien was sent to the hospital after expressing plans to commit suicide in the detention facility.

From the numerous reports compiled there, we can start to see a more complete version of Damien’s mental health and occult history.

Damien said that he had been suspended from school seven times for setting fires. He also mentioned a fight with a classmate over a girl, where he almost gouged out his eyes. The classmate was questioned and the incident was found to be true. There was a time when Damien chased a child with an axe, but Echols would later deny the event happened.

The hospital staff confirmed that he had a history of physical aggression and felt that his peers at school taunted him. They observed Echols daily, and took a lot of notes referring to him as being “depressed” and “withdrawn”, with a “flat affect”. He told the hospital that he had burned himself with lighters, and huffed gas and paint

Echol’s mother expressed concern to the hospital about her son’s “anger and rage”. His MMPI evaluation (which begins on page 199) also made note of Damien’s apparent “impulsive hostility” and how he may “feel justified in treating others in an unprincipled matter” due to perceived wrongs.

The mental health staff noted that he may have been suffering from paranoia and auditory hallucinations, due to sniffing the air and giving “inappropriate smiles.” The MMPI evaluation diagnosed him with depressive disorder, bipolar, and paranoid schizophrenia. Echols claimed at his trial that he was on medication for manic depressive behavior, though what was prescribed to him (Tofranil) is actually an anti-depressant and is known to make manic behavior worst.

In 1992, while incarcerated at the Craighead County Detention Center in September of 1992, after it was found that he drank the blood that came from a peer, he was transferred to the Charter Hospital of Little Rock for observation.

Details about the incident are contradicted by Echols who claimed that the person had allowed him to suck blood from his neck but the incident report from the Juvenile Detention Center said that Damien had sucked blood from a peer’s arm without warning.

In an interview on September 15, 1992, a social worker claimed that Echols discussed his devil-worshippingiefs in vampirism. The social worker also claimed that Damien was giggling and smiling at inappropriate moments, during this interview.

The initial evaluation also stated that his peers at the detention center were afraid of him and that he showed poor judgment and had little insight into his illness. They also noted that Damien seemed cooperative but drew occult symbols, which concerned them.

In early 1993, Echols attended more counseling when he claimed to his therapist that his “parents were constantly fighting” and that he had “tried to ignore it but eventually started fighting back.”

During the evaluation, he made various disturbing statements that proved that he was a hardcore Satanist who performed blood rituals.

Echols said to the therapist that he wanted to “go where the monsters go when I die” and that he “hated the human race.” He talked often about his beliefs in witchcraft, but claimed that he was not part of a cult. Echols said that he drank blood to feel power, though it had to come from a sexual or ruling partner.

He said that he had a spirit living inside of him and communicated with demons through rituals and admitted that due to his anger, he blew up sometimes and wanted to hurt other people.

Shortly after he was released from the hospital, Echols applied for SSI disability benefits.

As I had mentioned, the West Memphis Three case had got a lot of attention from Hollywood because some people had wrongly characterized their prosecution as the result of a Satanic Panic and overzealous law enforcement who busted Echols and two other teens just because they were into heavy metal and wore Metallica t-shirts.

A movie was made that was funded by people such as Johnny Depp, Eddie Vedder, and Marilyn Manson and directed by Damien Echols himself. In my opinion, that is a lot of magical power and money to hand to a convicted child-raping killing Satanist who is on Death Row.

As you can witness for yourself with the multiple confessions of one of the murderers and the facts documented in Echols mental health records via Exhibit 500, Damien was a hardcore Satanist with a lust for violence and liked to consume human blood.

He was not part of some local cult or organized Satanic sect, but like most people who commit crimes like this, he suffered from family problems, mental health and drug issues. He had a tendency for violence and a taste for human blood.

Fast forward to today and you will find Damien Echols free as a bird and happy as a Satanic clam.

Echols sells books on “High Magick” and demon sigils in his online store that he claims helped him get out of prison and you know what, I believe him 100%.

He is writing books teaching kids and adults on his popular Youtube channel. Dark wisdom that he dispenses to anyone and everyone showing the very magic that he used to escape from Death Row for the rape, torture, and murder of three boys that he “allegedly did not commit.”

In addition to his books, Youtube and Twitter, he also receives thousands of dollars a month on Patreon.

But let me remind you that he and his accomplices pleaded guilty to the crimes on two occasions.

They were never proved to be innocent or exonerated for the rape and murder of the three innocent boys.

Baphomet: Learn the true meaning of this mysterious symbol

Baphomet: Learn the true meaning of this mysterious symbol

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In our modern era, no other occult symbol or drawing has caused so much controversy and misunderstanding as the mysterious goat-headed half-human hybrid known as Baphomet.

Laboring away in his studies in the suburbs of Paris, Eliphas Levi published his famous book on the occult sciences in 1854 called Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Dogma and Ritual of High Magic). In this book, Levi revealed the secrets of a mysterious figure called “Baphomet”.

Some people believe that Baphomet is an image of Satan or the Devil. While others claim that it is simply a symbol of man’s animal and spiritual nature in which it contains the secret to enlightenment.

But what did Eliphas Levi truly mean when he created this mysterious figure?

In modern times, the image of Baphomet is one of the most famous esoteric images.

It is used by several occult organizations, but very little is known about its true context and its meaning remains largely obscure. Much of the confusion about its meaning can be related to the various interpretations and even propaganda published over the last two centuries by authors and esotericists.

Eliphas Levi was a French occultist and author. He was born under the legal name, Alphonse Louis Constant in Paris, France on October 28, 1810. As a young man he studied law at the Sorbonne University and served as an officer in the French army during the 1830s.

Levi was exposed to Freemasonry during this time and later became a Freemason himself. He also became interested in Spiritualism, joining the “Society of Psychical Research” in London, England in 1875.

Because of his associations and writings, he was eventually imprisoned for several months. After his release, he then devoted himself to magical and mystical studies, which culminated in the publication of his Magnus opus, Dogma and Ritual of High Magic.

To understand the original meaning of Baphomet, one has to examine this book. You will find that he explains in detail the true meaning of various dark esoteric enigmas such as Black Magic and what he thinks of the Devil and Satan in order to educate people about its dangers.

But Levi’s main focus in this book was by conveying what he called the tradition of “true religion” which he believed would be the final “synthesis of religion, science, and politics.”

The merging together of these various philosophies that have been opposing forces in society for many centuries up until modern times. As it relates to Baphomet, they are also inherent within humankind what is called “spiritualistic magnetism,” and mastering the balance of opposing forces.

That said, Baphomet was the symbolization of the equilibrium of energies within and outside the human body and mind.

One center of these opposing magnetizing forces comes from what Levi calls the “soul of the earth”, which could be equated with what religionists tell us literally is the Devil. The other force is a higher force associated with the “astral light.”

Man or women only become masters of themselves and their environment when they can properly harness and balance these energies. In other words, by being able to balance these forces, they become adepts in communion with the true creator or God.

I will go more in-depth on Levis teachings of magnetism, but first, it is important that I address the accusations made against Levi for being a Satanist and the figure of Baphomet representing Satan or the Devil.

Levi makes it clear in his book how he feels about the ideas of Satan, the Devil, and Lucifer.

He regarded the belief in Satan as nothing but “superstition.” (pg. 179) To Levi, this notion of Satan was not representative of dark forces, or Baphomet but human error (sin) and perversities. He wrote;

“Satan, as a superior personality and as force, does not exist. Satan is the personification of all errors, all perversities, and consequently also of all weaknesses.” (pg. 174)

In Levi’s opinion, the Devil was nothing but the malicious intentions of black magicians and their misled followers. Levi explains;

“The devil, in black magic, is the great magical agent employed for evil by a perverted will.” (pg. 175)

To Eliphas Levi, the practice of magic – either white or black – depends upon the ability of the adept to control the universal life force – that which again, he calls the great magical agent or astral light.”

Manly P. Hall wrote in his book, Dionysian Mysteries and Masonry that the image of Baphomet is NOT a Christian Devil but a symbol of the ancient alchemists representing Nature and natures God being a combination and balance of the forces, light and darkness;

“The Goat of Mendes or BAPHOMET whom the Templars were accused of worshipping is a Goat Headed deity, being formed of both male and female principles, with a Caduceus of Mercury in oplace of its Phallus.

One arm points up and one down , with the Latin ‘ Solve et Coagula’ written on them (meaning: ‘flow and ebb’)

This is NOT the image of a Christian Devil but a symbol of the ancient Alchemists representing Nature and natures God being a Combination & Balance of Male and Female forces, light and darkness, moisture and dryness.

The very principle of Hermes Trismegitus: As Above So Below” is what is symbolized by BAPHOMET…”

The name Baphomet is derived from Greek βαϕή baphe, βάπτω (“I dip”) “immersion” + Μῆτις, Metis “wisdom,” “skill,” or “craft.”

The meaning of Baphomet is “baptism” or initiation into wisdom.

In Latin, the phrase, TEM OHP AB (Temple omnium hominum abba), which is simply Latin for “father of the temple, universal peace of men.”  TEM OHP AB spelled backwards is where we get the word “Baphomet.”

In the book, “The mysteries of magic: a digest of the writings of Eliphas Lévi by Éliphas Lévi and Arthur Edward Waite, it explains the reason why this name was chosen.

“The Baphomets of the Templars, whose names should be spelt kabbalistically backward, is composed of three abbreviations—TEM OHP AB, Temple omnium hominum pads abbas, the father of the temple, universal peace of men. According to some, it was a monstrous head, according to others, a goat-shaped demon.

A sculptured casket unearthed in the ruins of an ancient commanday of the Templars was observed by antiquaries to be a baphometic figure, conformable in its attributes to our goat of Mendes and the androgyne of Khunrath. It is bearded, but with the entire body of a woman; in one hand it holds the sun, in the other the moon, joined to it by chains.

This virile head is a beautiful allegory which attributes to thought alone, the first and creative cause. The head here represents mind, and the female body matter. The stars, bound to the human form and directed by that nature of which intelligence is the head, have also a sublime significance.

The terrible Baphomet is, in fact, like all monstrous enigmas of ancient science, nothing more than an innocent and even pious hieroglyph.

Let us declare emphatically to combat the remnants of manichaeanism; that Satan, as a superior personality and power, has no existence.


In Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, Levi also clarifies that Lucifer is not Satan. He associates the fallen angel of the Bible with the concept of the Astral Light as it relates to his theory on magnetism. (pg. 178)

He explains that Lucifer and Satan came to symbolize the two opposing tendencies in human nature, which did not exist as independent forces but as positive or negative instrumentations of the Astral Light. (pg. 180)

Lucifer was depicted as the force of liberty and progress, while Satan stood for perversion and anarchy—this is the main reason why it is mistaken to identify the Baphomet with the inverted pentagram described in Rituel. (pg. 181)

Levi also addresses Baphomet and its association with the Knight Templar, who he maintained were Gnostics. They were the “torchbearers of the secret tradition of true Christianity, the “champions of humanity.” He  said, “Thus the Templars became the torchbearers of the secret tradition of true Christianity, the “champions of humanity.” (pg. 28)

In “The Classics of the Kabbalah,” he claims that the true meaning of the Temple was “a social utopia and a symbol for the perfect government, based on an egalitarian hierarchy of intelligence and merit.” (pg. 29)

Levi clearly states who the enemies are of this revolutionary Gnosis of enlightenment. He believed that it would bring about the age of reason and the second coming of Christ. Levi wrote;

“the so-called orthodox sectarians who obstinately deny progress” and “claim authorities that they do not understand”:

“The ecclesiastical hierarchy is only temporary and must end when the time of the virility of humanity has come, the age of force and reason” which will bring “the second coming of Christ,” the explanation of all symbolical figures, and the erection of the Temple.” (pg. 30)

This is when Levi says, “Then the universal religion will finally be realized”:

But this purified religion will not be invented, it exists and it has always existed in humanity; but it had to be concealed by the sages, because the vulgar have been incapable of comprehending it. It is the tradition of all the great sanctuaries of antiquity, it is the philosophy of nature, it is God living in humanity and in the world, it is being demonstrated by being, it is reason proven by harmony, it is the analogy of the contraries, it is faith based on science and science elevated by faith.” (pg. 31)

Author, lawyer, and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, Albert Pike quoted Éliphas Lévi extensively in his own Masonic magnus opus, Morlas and Dogma. On the subject of Baphomet, Pike wrote;

“Hierogliphically to express this law of prudence, they gave their mercury, personified in Egypt as Hermanubis, a dog’s head; and to their Sulpher, represented by the Baphomet of the Temple, that goat’s head which brought into such disrepute the occult Mediaeval associations.”

Pike says,

“The Gnostics held that it composed the igneous body of the Holy Spirit; and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes.” [Pike, op. cit., p. 734, teaching of the 28th Degree]

If one is to truly study Levi’s writings and not the opinions of others, one will understand that his intentions were to teach this ancient mystery tradition and clarify various magical teachings. One of the most important in what he describes as the “Great Work” is the eternal law of the opposing forces of nature in which the initiate is to strive to find an equilibrium between the two.

Levi wrote;

“This force was known to the ancients: it consists of a universal agent whose supreme law is equilibrium, and whose direction is concerned immediately with the great arcanum of transcendental magic. … This agent, which barely manifests itself under the trial and error of the disciples of Mesmer, is exactly what the adepts of the Middle Ages called the first matter of the great work.

The Gnostics represented it as the fiery body of the Holy Spirit, and it was the object of adoration in the secret rites of the Sabbath or the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the Androgynous Goat of Mendes.” (pg. 13)

It is important that you understand that Eliphas Levi believed that the doctrines of the Church have been both corrupted and lost.

In the preface of his book, he explains the iconography of the various aspects and symbology that can be found in the figure of Baphomet. Levi wrote;

“The goat on the frontispiece carries the sign of the pentagram on the forehead, with one point at the top, a symbol of light, his two hands forming the sign of Hermeticism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black one of Geburah.

This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice.

His one arm is female, the other male like the ones of the androgyne of Khunrath, the attributes of which we had to unite with those of our goat because he is one and the same symbol.

The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it.

The ugly beast’s head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes.

The rod standing instead of genitals symbolizes eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi-circle above it the atmosphere, the feathers following above the volatile. Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyne arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences.” [3. Eliphas Levi, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie]

The first connection of Baphpmet to modern Satanism arrives when the Brittish occultist and spy, Aleister Crowley adopted the symbol for the religion he invented called Thelema and his so-called Gnostic Mass. In addition, Satanic organizations like the Church of Satan and Satanic Temple have reappropriated and corrupted Baphomet for their own use and marketing purposes.

For example, Anton Szandor LaVey’s Church of Satan adopted the symbol in 1966. The Church of Satan’s current High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore even claims it was his organization that made the “Sigil of Baphomet” to be associated with Satanism and popular among Satanists.

In researching Eliphas Levi’s books, it appears that his main objective was to bring back what he called the “traditional and original Christian religion”, which he associated with the Ancient Gnostics and the Knight Templar who he said were the official “torchbearers” of this secret Gnosis. It is important that you understand this history because among the Freemasons, Templars, and other occultists,  Baphomet was not associated with Satanism until our modern era.

How did this happen?

You will find that a common theme in Satanism is to sometimes alter or corrupt Christian symbols and other art and create what they for example Peter Gilmore of the Church of Satan says in his own words, “blasphemous parodies.” For example, the upside down cross and also the original pentagram on Baphomet’s head by Levi they invert to create what is called the “inverted pentagram,” which “changes its original meaning.”

Here is a quote from Peter H. Gilmore on the Church of Satan on their own website stating these facts:

“Examine the literature and imagery predating the founding of the Church of Satan in 1966: Satanism is usually denoted by inverted crosses or crucifixes and blasphemous parodies of Christian art. There are also images of goats and devils, and demons—along with their sigils from grimoires—all used to represent the “satanic.” However, the complete graphic which we now call the “Sigil of Baphomet” only became associated as the foremost symbol of Satanism in the public and media consciousness after the founding of the Church of Satan and Dr. LaVey’s use of it.

From its inception, the Church of Satan has been constantly spotlighted in print, film, and television media all over the globe, so this was to be expected. The word “Baphomet” dates back to records of Templar trials, and there are ongoing discussions concerning its derivation and meaning. However, there is no clear evidence that the symbol which we in the Church of Satan call “Baphomet” is similarly derived; the evidence, if any, has not yet been released in any public forum.”

Then you have other organizations like the Satanic Temple who not only use the Satanic version of Baphomet for their own marketing purposes, they create statues and controversy all around the world with their devilish antics. Further muddying the truth and cementing in people’s minds that the symbol of Baphomet is purely Satanic.

As I have explained and from Eliphas Levi’s own writings, you can clearly see that his intentions were not to represent Baphomet with the Devil or Satanism.

It was simply a drawing representing human nature, balance, and equilibrium of the astral light.

He believed that it was by the manipulation of this fluidic essence, that the phenomena of transcendental magic were produced, which were the secrets of magnetism.

This was the supreme arcanum of human existence.

To master it was to become a co-creator with God.

For Eliphas Levi, Baphomet is the iconic representation of the “true religion”, which were the revolutionary doctrines of Gnosis going back to the “Gnostics.” A time where he believed there was a battle between the “true” and “false” religion in which the false doctrines had usurped the true doctrines of the Gnostics.

Levi wrote in “The Kabbalistic Origins of Christianity” that the Kabbalah was the core doctrine of real Christianity, which contained the true teachings of the “universal tradition” that opposed the corrupted doctrine of the established Churches.

During the time of Saint Paul, there was a schism among the Gnostics between the traditional religion and the new initiated by St. Paul’s burning of the books of Hermes and Pythagoras. For Levi, this was needed in order to forge a new synthesis “in the name of the original and traditional dogma against the despotic and ignorant interpretations of the degenerated priesthood.”

By doing so, Paul walked in the steps of the “pacifistic revolutionary” Jesus Christ, who he believed to be a successor to Osiris, Orpheus, Moses “and all great men of enlightenment.”

This traditional religion and honoring the chain of wise initiates was broken when the philosophical battle took place between Paul and John. Lévi sided with the teaching of Saint John who he said was initiated by Jesus and wrote his Apocalypse in the “hieroglyphic language” handed down to him.

A meaning which was lost by “the official Roman Church.”

This paved the way for “Catholic absolutism” with the followers of the Church being misled to attack the Gnostics: “From the burning of books they came to the burning of their authors.”

Meanwhile, Levi said that true Christianity, the original Gnosis of the Ancients was preserved by various secret sects such as the Templars and Freemasons.

He believed that the ultimate goal of preserving these teachings was for “the realization of the divine ideal in humanity.”

For Levi, he was a warrior for God whose sole task was to bring Light to the only true Tradition with the ultimate goal of establishing a perfect social order ruled by the wise.

– Moe Bedard


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House of the Devil: Crowley’s Boleskine House of Black Magic and Demons

House of the Devil: Crowley’s Boleskine House of Black Magic and Demons

Some people call it, “The House of the Devil.” While others, “The House of Sin.”

What we do know for sure is that Aleister Crowley purchased the Boleskine House in Scotland along the banks of Loch Ness for the sole purpose of performing black magick rituals and summoning demons when he lived there between 1899 and 1913.

Crowley was just 25 years old when he bought the home in 1899 after looking for the perfect location to carry out a series of rituals from the Book of Sacred Magick Abremelin Merlin of Mage.

The Boleskine House was the right spot because it was very secluded so he could carry out his rituals in solitude without the prying eyes of his neighbors. It also had the right architecture and was situated near an old cemetery, which was perfect for spirit conjuring.

This was also the same location where a blaze occurred during a church congregation – and killed everyone inside. Interestingly, this same site is near the banks of the home to one of the world’s most famous monsters, Loch Ness.

Crowley wrote in his autobiography, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley; “I had picked out Boleskine for its loneliness. Lord Lovat and Mrs Fraser-Tytler, my nearest neighbors, were eight miles away, while Grant of Glenmoriston was on the other side of Loch Ness.”

According to Crowley, in order to perform the operations, “the first essential is a house in a more or less secluded situation. There should be a door opening to the north from the room of which you make your oratory.

Outside this door, you construct a terrace covered with fine river sand. This ends in a ‘lodge’ where the spirits may congregate.” (The Confessions of Aleister Crowley)

Crowley wrote of his experiments;

“The demons and evil forces had congregated round me so thickly that they were shutting off the light. It was a comforting situation. There could be no more doubt of the efficiency of the operation.”

In his autobiography, he described how the spirits he summoned got wildly out of hand, causing one housemaid to leave, and a workman to go crazy.

It is said Crowley had to leave Boleskine when he was called upon by the head of the O.T.O. on official business before the full operation – which could take up to six months- was concluded, with the so-called demons left gathered at the home.

One of Aleister Crowleys biggest fans and an occultist himself, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, bought the home in 1973. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine back in 1975, the musician talked about the bad energy the place had, the spirits and weird events that haunted the manor.

ROLLING STONE: You live in Aleister Crowley’s home.

PAGE: “Yes, it was owned by Aleister Crowley. But there were two or three owners before Crowley moved into it. It was also a church that was burned to the ground with the congregation in it. And that’s the site of the house. Strange things have happened in that house that had nothing to do with Crowley.

The bad vibes were already there. A man was beheaded there, and sometimes you can hear his head rolling down.

I haven’t actually heard it, but a friend of mine, who is extremely straight and doesn’t know anything about anything like that at all, heard it. He thought it was the cats bungling about. I wasn’t there at the time, but he told the help, “Why don’t you let the cats out at night?

They make a terrible racket, rolling about in the halls.” And they said, “The cats are locked in a room every night.” Then they told him the story of the house. So that sort of thing was there before Crowley got there. Of course, after Crowley there have been suicides, people carted off to mental hospitals.”

Page later employed his childhood friend Malcolm Dent to be the caretaker of Boleskine House. He ended up living there raising his family, until Page sold the property in the early 1990s. Dent died in 2011.

In a 2006 interview, Mr. Dent said he and his wife and children had loved living there, despite the “curious” goings on.

He said: “Doors would be slamming all night, you’d go into a room and carpets and rugs would be piled up.”

“We just used to say that was Aleister doing his thing,” Mr Dent said.

Dent also experienced the “most terrifying night of my life” at Boleskine. He awoke one night to hear what sounded like a wild animal snorting and banging outside his bedroom door. It went on for some time and it was not until morning that Dent dared open the door, and there was nothing there.

Dent added “whatever was there was pure evil.”

Another friend who stayed at Boleskine awoke one night claiming she had been attacked by “some kind of devil”.

Another story that Dent says everyone loves involves seven chairs Page bought from the Cafe Royal in London.

“Jimmy got those chairs specifically because one of them had Aleister Crowley’s name on it,” Dent said. “Each of the chairs belonged to a famous person and had a nameplate on the back and front – Marie Lloyd, Billy Butlin, James Agate, Ruldolph Valentino, William Orpen and Jacob Epstein.”

Dent says Crowley’s chair was always placed at the head of the table. But, after the chairs underwent repairs, they kept finding Crowley’s chair switched with Marie Lloyd’s.

“The kids couldn’t have done it and we didn’t know why this was happening,” Dent said. “Then I realized the guy who did the repairs didn’t know which plaque went with which chair and hadn’t put them back on the right ones.”

But, according to Dent, the strangest thing about the house may have been its visitors.

“I had them from every corner of the world,” he said. “A lot of them were nutters. A lot of them were downright dangerous lunatics. They will still be turning up today. The house is on the map as an occult centre and you’re not going to get rid of Crowley’s legacy that easily.”

The Boleskin House burned down in November of 2015. Thankfully with no one inside.

Today, the burned-out ruins are all that remains of Aleister Crowley’s unholy home that sits on 23 acres of cursed Scottish land.

It was recently purchased by a group called the Boleskine House Foundation. An article they wrote titled ‘Greetings from the Boleskine House Foundation!’ – references Crowley, Thelema and the place being a sort of pilgrimage site for Thelemites. Kind of like how the Vatican is a sacred site for pious Catholics.

The Boleskine House Foundation website claims its mission is to “use the estate to promote education on the heritage of the house, to welcome the enjoyment of its structure and surrounding gardens.”

“The Boleskine House Foundation is not affiliated with Aleister Crowley or Thelema and is an independent organisation with primary secular interests to restore the house.”

“While the Bolsekine House Foundation has been set up primarily as a secular entity, established for the public’s educational benefit , we would like the reader to know that it is our intention to uphold the Thelemic legacy of the house.

“We hope it will serve as a great opportunity to educate the greater community about Crowley’s legacy and thus give Thelema more exposure to the general populace.”

“Many Thelemites know Bolsekine House as the significant place in history where Aleister Crowley underwent the intensive ceremony known as The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage in an attempt to contact the Holy Guardian Angel.

“While the ceremony was never seen to completion at Boleskine House, Crowley would forever consider the estate to be of great significant spiritual import.”

Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake

Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake

“Many who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to everlasting life, but others to shame and everlasting contempt. Then the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever.” – The Book of Daniel 12:2-3

Before I begin, it is important to note that the original Greek scripture that was later changed into Latin had used a different word for dust than our modern English version. In addition, many of the words and meanings have been purposely doctored over centuries. Mainly due to the Doctors of the Catholic Church who were tasked with rewriting the books of the Bible. For example, the Greek Septuagint rendering of this Biblical passage from Daniel 12:2 above is, “And many that sleep in the breadth (πλάτει) of the earth shall arise, some to life eternal, and some to reproach, some to dispersion (διασπορὰν) and eternal shame.”

This was done so that the average person or the profane could not easily decipher the encoded secret philosophies, history, and science that were contained within its pages. Hence, “The Secret Rites of Gnosis Controlled by the Church and Secret Societies.” Oh, and might I also add the CIA, MI6, KGB, and Mossad in modern times.

As Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power” and more recently, Tom Clancy puts Bacon’s quote in proper perspective when he said, “The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.”

Yes, there is nothing new under the Gnostic sun but the cover of darkness via black magic.

Over the years, I have decoded many Biblical passages to their original meanings. As a result, I now understand that there is a hidden science encoded into the Scripture that was once lost and is now being revealed. I have proven this in many of the numerous essays that I give freely on this website, time and time again.

Hence, if you sleep in the dust and are not illuminated to these facts, you must awake to this Gnosis to have everlasting life. Therefore, we must understand this simple fact as we attempt to bring light to this age in which they are finally being revealed. For example, as it relates to the English word ‘dust’ in the current translations of the Scripture, the actual word used thousands of years ago was apar or aphar, which was changed to sperma in the Greek Septuagint. I will attempt to decipher these words and their proper meanings later in this essay.

In the Scripture, dust is a material that has the ability to not only create man, it could also make men appear dead or asleep (unaware, ignorant, unenlightened) of their true nature. As it is said both in the Book of Daniel above and in Isaiah 26:19 – “Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.”

This dust was also what God had used to form and create man (Genesis 2:7), “For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust” (Genesis 18:27 Job 4:19, etc.). In a previous article, The Lord God formed man of the dust: Dust’ is the Building Block of All Vertebrate Genomes, I explain how scientists recently discovered genetic code (DNA) in tiny particles of dust that are the building blocks for all animal vertebrates, including humans.

Genesis 13:16 also informs us that the LORD made Abrahams descendants of the dust – “I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth, so that if anyone can number the dust of the earth, then your descendants can also be numbered. “Arise, walk about the land through its length and breadth; for I will give it to you.” Then Abram moved his tent and came and dwelt by the oaks of Mamre, which are in Hebron, and there he built an altar to the LORD.”

As the Bible tells us, this so-called dust is part of our human biology and has a supernatural ability to not only graft into our DNA, it is connected to touchable darkness and can also be cursed, cause plagues, rain from the sky, and when we die, this dust takes us into the grave.

In Exodus 10:21-22, Dust is “touchable” darkness that could be cursed. “For the LORD God (Yahweh, Jehova) had “cursed man and the dust” by saying to the serpent, “Because you have done this, you are cursed above all livestock, and above every animal of the field. On your belly, you shall go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life. (Genesis 3:14). When man dies, he returns to whence he came (Genesis 3:19, “Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”; compare Job 34:15 Psalm 104:29 Ecclesiastes 3:20Ecclesiastes 12:7, etc.) and dust is used figuratively for the grave (Psalm 22:15, 29Psalm 30:9 Daniel 12:2).

The cursing of the ground is another ancient black magic art that I have also researched and in more modern times, we can look to the Native American Indians as I have also shown would perform curses upon the soil/fungi/molds. I explain this phenomenon in my essay, “Daytona Demons: Native American Curses and Spiritual Warfare.”

This dust could also rain from the sky and destroy you as we learn in Deuteronomy, “The sky over your head will be bronze, and the earth beneath you iron. The LORD will turn the rain of your land into dust and powder; it will descend on you from the sky until you are destroyed. The LORD will cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You will march out against them in one direction but flee from them in seven. You will be an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.”

As I also had explained in another previous article relating to dust and the Scripture about the Third Plague of Egypt was the result of fungus gnats after the Phoenician (Hebrew) lawgiver and Levite Priest, Moses, tells his Brother Aaron to use his staff to strike the dust.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a biblical scholar to understand the science of dust, but a microbiologist or great researcher to know that it is not the dust that created man could be cursed and make people as if they sleep when they are allegedly awake. Instead, the microorganisms contained within its tiny fine particles and that also make up approximately 97% of our DNA that the Bible is genuinely speaking of.

In regards to the meaning of Daniel and in particular, the “dust of the earth,” as I mentioned above, the modern English word ‘dust’ was changed overtime from apar or aphar, which was changed to sperma in the Greek Septuagint. Biblical scholars like Professor Robertson Smith have suggested that instead of reading ‘admath ‘aphar, we should read ‘armath ‘aphar – aram in Arabic meaning a “cairn” or “mound.”

The word apar or aphar can also be interpreted as ‘mud.’ As I explained in my many of my previous essays such as, The Theology of the Phoenicians from Sanchoniatho, the historian and a priest of Byblos (City of the Book/Bible), Sanchuniathon (Phoenician: 𐤎𐤊𐤍𐤉𐤕𐤍) said the word Môt was a Semitic word for ‘Death’ but may also mean ‘mud’ which some call Ilus (Mud), but others the putrefaction of a watery mixture. And from this sprung all the seed (sperma) of the creation and the generation of the universe.

The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance lists the word Mot as meaning, “be carried, cast, be cast out of, befallen in decay, exceedingly, falling down.” The modern word for death in Spanish is Muerte, in Latin, it is mortem, morte in Italian and Portuguese, in Romanian, it is moarte, Arabic is maut, in Sanskrit mirtiu, and in Persian, it’s faut. From mot where we get the words like moth, motion, motive, motley, and of course, mold, molded, and mucus which all spring from Môt AKA putrefaction and mold.

With that said, those that “sleep in the dust” that shall thus “awake” is the resurrection and illumination of the mind whose condition was brought into a waking sleep and Beasts (Bĕhēmôt or Behemoth) like existence by the state black magicians over the last 2,000 plus years who must cease their enslavement of “my people.”

For those that doeth evil, judgment awaits. For it is proclaimed in John 5:28-29, “And He has given Him authority to execute judgment because He is the Son of Man. Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear His voice and come out—those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment.”

As it is said in Daniel 12:2-3, “Then the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever.” But you, Daniel, shut up these words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will roam to and fro and knowledge (Gnosis) will increase.”

We learn in Revelation 22:12 – “And as he hath given the fullest assurance that there is a reward for the righteous; so he hath assured us also that it will be augmented, in proportion as men have labored to be more extensively useful, and to advance the real and best interests of their fellow-creatures, namely, their spiritual and eternal interests.”

And my True Brothers around the world proclaimed, “AMEN!

Siberian Shaman Sentenced to Life in Psychiatric Hospital for Threatening President Putin

Siberian Shaman Sentenced to Life in Psychiatric Hospital for Threatening President Putin

A Siberian Shaman who threatened to purge Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin using his magical powers was sentenced indefinitely to a psychiatric hospital for compulsory “intensive” treatment in July.

The Yakutsk City Court ruled that Aleksandr Gabyshev, a practitioner of Siberian shamanism, was found guilty of “using violence against police officers” and “calling for extremism.”

Unlike here in the U.S.A., magical occult rituals are regarded as real threats to the Russian state.

In 2019, Gabyshev gained international attention when he walked hundreds of kilometers from Yakutsk to Moscow, promising to use his so-called magic against Putin. According to Radio Free Europe, during a rally near the Mongolian border, Gabyshev claimed that “God told me that Putin is not human, but a demon and has ordered me to drive him out.”

After traveling over a third of the way to Moscow, he was abducted by police and placed in a psychiatric hospital for examination but was released two days later.

In May 2020, he was picked up again by police for allegedly refusing a Covid-19 test. However, he was released two months later after public outcry and an international solidarity campaign, which Amnesty International took part in.

According to, “In January 2021, two weeks after Aleksandr Gabyshev announced another march on the Kremlin, 50 police officers broke into his house, arrested him, and took him to a psychiatric hospital. This time he was officially charged with making “calls for extremism” and “using violence against police officers”. During his arrest, Gabyshev allegedly tore a riot officer’s uniform and superficially wounded him with a batas, a ceremonial Yakut sword.

Various human rights organizations have condemned the court decision, comparing the sentence with the Soviet-era practice of using psychiatric clinics to silence dissidents.

According to the Russian Reader,  explanations of reality and occult methods are widespread among the highest ranks of security services. The late General Georgy Rogozin of the Federal Protective Service (FSO) who served as deputy chief of the president’s security service was is an expert on telepathyclairvoyancehypnosisapplied psychologyparapsychologytelekinesisastrology etc.  He received the alias “Merlin the Kremlin” (or “Nostradamus in uniform“).

“There are powerful techniques that reveal psychotronics. This is the science of controlling the brain. […] In order to see the trajectory of a person’s life, their ups and downs, it is enough to know when they were born,” Rogozin told Komsomolskaya Pravda in an interview.

In December 2006, General Boris Ratnikov told Rossiiskaya Gazeta that the secret services had tapped into the subconscious of US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and detected a “pathological hatred of Slavs” and dreams of controlling Russia.

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