Hello, this is Moe with the latest episode of the Gnostic Warrior Podcast with DNA scientist, Max Rempel. We talk about the science behind DNA Gnosis, DNA Resonance, Biofields, and Bloodlines.

Max got his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Institute of Gene Biology in Moscow, Russia in 1994.

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Max Rempel Quotes:

“Let me first start just to connect the idea of Gnosis and DNA. This double helix is very ancient. It comes from outside of the planet. It’s depicted on many ancient stones, two snakes wrapping around each other, and they are also present in the Middle East in Egypt and in America in, in, in the native American culture to snakes overlapping.

So that’s very ancient knowledge.”

“It is exactly what it’s called facia. And it is a network, a fiber-optic network, which transmits by energy by a field. DNA resonance model, genomic resonance model every cell with DNA in 99% of the cells have DNA except erythrocytes, which is red blood cells and everybody, everything else has DNA is participating in in the biofield.

And we are thinking in part of the brain’s thinking, but in part, we think with the whole body, the whole, with the whole DNA of the planet, and this facia is a fiber-optic network, which connects to the tissue. So it’s a. You have the computers on the internet you have with the wires.

So facial is the worse and the hubs, which connect everything. Obviously, the main thinking work happens in the cells, in the cells’ nucleous, in the brain cells, and all the other sense of the body’s cells makes sense.”

“Basically, it’s the molecular mechanism; scientists love that, and everybody else is scared like a nonscientist, but the molecular mechanism, how the DNA makes the biofield. One thing is to say DNA is a magic molecule that makes the biofield.

And another thing is to describe the physics of that. I described only minimum, but I can actually point to the molecular structure and say, these electrons, these aromatic electrons of Purin rings, basically of these structures within the GNA. They form a liquid crystal structure. Okay. DNA for Analytica, liquid, crystal structure and periods for within the structure, they form an antenna and they form an antenna that creates the field basically to create a field. You’d like to run to, to radiate it out.

So this is an antenna and this proton’s electrons are negatively charged. Protons are the smallest, positively charged elementary particles. There have the sign H plus protons H so they H two O they have two ages. There are protons in the water. So these protons in the DNA form a string. Electrons make clouds of spirits, specific shapes and protons make strings which also creates another oscillator and another antenna.

And together they create I pronounce the world, a computer and specifically a quantum computer. So a sequence of DNA made four letters, a C T it creates a program for that computer and creates the body of that computer. Within this letter, there is a badge of that computer, which thinks within the DNA.

And as I mentioned, each cell contains 6 billion letters. So this is a pretty sophisticated program like a big library equivalent of a big library, but it can also be written on a DVD or put on a flash drive, six gigabytes it’s big, but it is manageable. So now I have published the mechanism, how the DNA creates the field.”

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