The Black Sun has been symbolized and used by various alchemists and occultists for well over 500 years. As I explained in my article, Black Sun Rising, this symbol is also known as the “Invisible Sun” and called by its Latin name, Sol Niger, and the German Schwarze Sonne, and the Sonnenrad German for Sun Wheel.

High-ranking Nazi officials eventually chose the symbol of the Black Sun to symbolize the force or energy they would channel to spread their ideologies around the globe and conquer their enemies.

However, the Nazis would use a modified version of the symbol of the Black Sun (German: Schwarze Sonne), adding twelve radial sig runes rather than the Traditional symbology, which did not contain the sig runes up until that time.

It has been theorized that the development of the Nazi Black Sun symbology was due to several SS leaders who were very much deep into the occult and esoteric studies. People like Rudolph Hess, Wilhelm Landig, and Karl Maria Miligut whose research influenced Hitler’s #1 man, Heinrich Himmler, and the German National Socialist ideologies who used this unseen force to fuel their war campaigns.

The NAZI Black Sun first appeared in Nazi Germany during World War II in 1933 when Heinrich Himmler created the central meeting place and spiritual home for the Schutzstaffel (SS) at the Wewelsburg Castle.

A place that he considered the new “center of the world (Axis Mundi)” for the Black Order’s ideologies.

The SS revered the castle as a place of mystical power, and I believe that the Black Sun had played a huge part in their initial war campaigns. The medieval castle was located near the site of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where German tribesmen defeated the armies of Rome in 9 BC and what was called “First Holy Roman Empire.”

Himmler was said to have redesigned the castle and named its rooms after military heroes in Teutonic history and folklore, such as King Arthur, King Henry the Lion, Widikund, and Frederick the Great.

Himmler leased the castle for 100 years at $1 Reichstag yearly and remodeled it with a special room with the Black Sun (German: Schwarze Sonne) painted initially green and inlaid into the floor as one of their main symbols.

A Swastika also adorns the ceiling of the ‘Circular Crypt’, which is directly below the main floor with the Schwarze Sonne, and it has a gas pipe in the floor for an eternal flame 12 pedestals at even intervals around the walls.

It was initially a “Reichsführer school” for SS officers known as Hitler’s personal guard but later became a central meeting place and for occult ceremonies and initiations for the highest SS officers. These highest-ranking officers were known as the “Obergruppenführer” (Upper-Group-Leaders).

It was said that to secret initiates of the highest rank within the Third Reich, the abbreviation “SS” did not represent “Schutzstaffel” but the words “Schwarze Sonne” meaning “Black Sun” in English, and the number twelve as significant for “the things of the target and the completion.”

According to research commissioned by the Third Reich, it was believed that their Germanic ancestors believed in “a grand force or a grand god on earth and in the life of all beings and facts” in which the Black Sun was symbolic of this force or god.

A symbol which some have said to be like a “shadow” of the spiritual Black Sun whose dark solar power could provide enough voltage for the rebirth of the Aryan Nation.

An ancient force called “Vrill” that is also known in other alchemical traditions as Chi, the Odic force, the Orgone, and Astral Light.

In the 1871 book, The Coming Race by the occultist Edward Bulwer-Lytton, within the earth’s interior is a special force he dubbed “Vril” in which a subterranean species of Giants who derived their power or force from a large ball of “Prima Materia” called the Black Sun providing energy to these inhabitants of the inner earth.

It was through these myths and Nationalism that German secret societies formed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries had wanted to control the powerful Vril force to become superhuman.

Former SS member and who was called Himmler’s Rasputin, Rudolf J. Mund had said of the Black Sun;

“Everything that can be comprehended by human senses is material, the shadow of the invisible spiritual light. The material fire is – seen in this way – also just the shadow of the spiritual fire.”

According to the author, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke who had written the most authoritative history of esoteric nazism called the – Black Sun; “The former SS member Wilhelm Landig of the Vienna Circle (esoteric) “coined the idea of the Black Sun, a substitute swastika and mystical source of energy capable of regenerating the Aryan race.”

In 1939, German author Hermann Rauschning had written the book ‘Hitler Speaks’ where he claims that “Hitler surrendered himself to forces that carried him away. He turned himself over to a spell, which can, with good reason and not simply in a figurative analogy, be described as demonic magic.”

I think symbols can be modified and perverted to be used for whatever you choose, as in the case of the NAZI Black Sun.

The reality of humanity is that there is a shadow and dark side to us all.

If unleashed and tapped into, a Dark Force that can make humans who choose this path do incredibly evil things that most people cannot even imagine.

If fed, an inner Beast that becomes stronger and more ruthless as time moves on, no matter the person, race, or nationality.

One that can turn into the perfect military killing machine in which the NAZI’s not only exemplified but embraced.


According to the ADL, they have officially stated that the Black Sun symbol is not a hate symbol on its own and should be analyzed in the context that it is used;

“The sonnenrad or sun wheel is one of a number of ancient European symbols appropriated by the Nazis in their attempt to invent an idealized “Aryan/Norse” heritage. The sonnenrad appears in the traditional symbology of many countries and cultures, including Old Norse and Celtic cultures.

It has countless variations; the swastika and similar rounded variants are actually sonnenrad forms, as are certain versions of the Celtic Cross. In Nazi Germany, the Nazi Party, the SA and the SS all used sonnenrad symbology at times, which has led neo-Nazis and other modern white supremacists to adopt such images.

One sonnenrad version in particular is popular among white supremacists: two concentric circles with crooked rays emanating from the inner circle to the outer circle. Often white supremacists will put another hate symbol such as a swastika in the center of the inner circle.

Because sonnenrad imagery is used by many cultures around the world, one should not assume that most sonnenrad-like images necessarily denote racism or white supremacy; rather, they should be analyzed carefully in the context in which they appear.”

According to the author, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, the first connection between the Black Sun symbology of the Wewelsburg mosaic happened in 1991, which transformed the symbol as being “an esoteric symbol of the Nazis” and has been mainly used by Neo-Nazis since the 1990s”.

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