“When you look at the network of fungi, it starts to look back at you!” – Dr. Merlin Sheldrake (Fungal Biologist and author)

Our bodies are made up of a vast network of various fungi (molds) and other organisms whose histories span the great genetic divide from them, us and to our first ancestors. A non-human or “extra-dimensional” intelligence in which we are all eternally interconnected with.

It is through this internet of alien DNA that I theorize we communicate with the aid of certain alkaloid drugs on the As Within and So Without which helps produce our “visions, trips, hallucinations, and even remote viewing.”

Paranormal communication tools that magically allow us to alchemically tap the memories of our ancestors and also give us the ability to travel in time along the super mycelium information highways to Innerspace and simultaneously cosmonauts whose thoughts can beam to the moon and beyond.

These memories I contend come from within the vast microorganism network that makes up our very DNA. It is this genetic information network that certain drugs allow us to hack in order to access another dimension, their dimension.

Fungi Derived Drugs Help Us Communicate As Within So Without

“Fungi are absolutely remarkable chemists. They produce molecules that humans still can’t reproduce in a lab, and we’re only beginning to scrape the surface of what we can learn from them.” – Gerry Wright: Biochemistry professor McMaster University

My theory centers around certain fungal and alkaloid derived drugs like Psilocybin (magic mushrooms, shrooms, etc.), LSD (acid), and DMT that derive their power from an alkaloid called “Tryptamine.”

In the 1950s, the research of Stanislav Grof shows how LSD, a drug derived from the fungus (mold) ergot had given people what could be called Gnostic superhuman abilities

At the time, Groff was chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and assistant professor of psychiatry at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine when he conducted a series of experiments with LSD in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the Psychiatric Research Institute and made several startling discoveries.

For example, he had discovered a common experience that many patients shared while under LSD trips was reliving what it was like to be in the womb before they were born. Groff described how patients could somehow access the consciousness of their relatives and even more distant ancestors and were able to accurately describe moments from the lives of their parents before they had been born in exact detail and without any previous knowledge about these events.

Some patients with absolutely no education or knowledge of ancient Egyptian customs were able to give detailed descriptions of embalming mummification practices.

Initially, Groff believed that his patients were simply imagining these images, but their descriptions and the knowledge they shared often went far beyond the patients’ previous educational levels.

Meaning, there was no way that these people could “know about or be privy to this knowledge (Gnosis) unless it came from somewhere and something else or possibly from where I contend, within their very own DNA.

In an interview, Groff described how LSD acted like an “onion peeling of the unconscious”. He had said;

“We were doing something that we called psycholytic therapy, which was a large number of medium dosages of LSD—something that one of my patients called “onion peeling of the unconscious.” We were able to remove layer after layer and map the unconscious, moving from the Freudian individual, or personal unconscious, through what I call “the perinatal unconscious,” related to the memory of birth, to what Jung called the collective unconscious—both its historical and mythological, or archetypal, aspects.”

Author, Michael Talbot, had written;

“In fact, there did not seem to be any limit to what Grof’s LSD subjects could tap into. They seemed capable of knowing what it was like to be every animal, and even plant, on the tree of evolution.

They could experience what it was like to be a blood cell, an atom, a thermonuclear process inside the sun, the consciousness of the entire planet, and even the consciousness of the entire cosmos.

More than that, they displayed the ability to transcend space and time, and occasionally they related uncannily accurate precognitive information.

In an even stranger vein, they sometimes encountered nonhuman intelligences during their cerebral travels, discarnate beings, spirit guides from “higher planes of consciousness,” and other suprahuman entities.”

On occasion subjects also traveled to what appeared to be other universes and other levels of reality. In one particularly unnerving session, a young man suffering from depression found himself in what seemed to be another dimension. It had an eerie luminescence, and although he could not see anyone he sensed that it was crowded with discarnate beings.

Suddenly he sensed a presence very close to him, and to his surprise, it began to communicate with him telepathically.

It asked him to please contact a couple who lived in the Moravian city of Kromeriz and let them know their son Ladislav was well taken care of and doing all right. It then gave him the couple’s name, street address, and telephone number.

The information meant nothing to either Grof or the young man and seemed totally unrelated to the young man’s problems and treatment. Still, Grof could not put it out of his mind. “After some hesitation and with mixed feelings, I finally decided to do what certainly would have made me the target of my colleagues’ jokes, had they fund out,” says Grof.

“I went to the telephone, dialed the number in Kromeriz, and asked if I could speak with Ladislav. To my astonishment, the woman on the other side of the line started to cry. When she calmed down, she told me with a broken voice: ‘Our son is not with us anymore; he passed away, we lost him three weeks ago.” (The Holographic Universe, pg. 69)


I believe what is happening is that these drugs have similar molecular DNA which counteracts with our own “ancient DNA” causing an alchemical reaction in our blood flooding it to the point we become one with the mushrooms and the environment.

Recent studies indicate that when we take these drugs, people often experience a breakdown in the perceived boundary between themselves and their environment, a phenomenon that is often termed ‘ego-dissolution’ (Lebedev et al. 2015Millière 2017).

Two recent studies have replicated earlier reports of the experience of ego-dissolution after administration of psilocybin mushrooms (Lebedev et al. 2015) and LSD (Tagliazucchi et al. 2016).

A 2010 study called it  ‘the experience of unity’ which had clearly identified people showing aspects of dissolving self-boundaries, with statements such as ‘The boundaries between myself and my surroundings seemed to blur’ and ‘It seemed to me that my environment and I were one’.

Here is an image illustrating the schematic summary of the key aspects of consciousness discussed in the research paper mentioned above which shows the inappropriateness of a unidimensional account of consciousness.


In researching one of the world’s most powerful of the entheogens, DMT, you will find that many people who have taken the drug experience visions of alien type entities

One of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Rick Strassman conducted a series of experiments in the 1990s with DMT at the University of New Mexico. In DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Strassman describes the alien type entities that his patients encountered. He writes;

When reviewing my bedside notes, I continually feel surprised in seeing how many of our volunteers “made contact” with “them,” or other beings. At least half did so in some form or another. Research subjects used expressions like “entities,” “beings,” “aliens,” “guides,” and “helpers” to describe them. The “life-forms” looked like clowns, reptiles, mantises, bees, spiders, cacti, and stick figures. (DMT The Spirit Molecule, pg. 185)

Professor Ian Wilson from Astra Zeneca said in a 2004 Wired Magazine article that they believe the “human super-organism” concept “could have a huge impact on how we develop drugs, as individuals can have very different responses to drug metabolism and toxicity.”

“The microbes can influence things such as the pH levels in the gut and the immune response, all of which can have effects on the effectiveness of drugs,” Wilson said.

The article further stated that the Imperial College research demonstrates what many – from X Files stalwarts to UFO fanatics – have long claimed: We are not alone. Specifically, the human genome does not carry enough information on its own to determine key elements of our own biology.”

In Sekret Machines: Gods: An official investigation of the UFO phenomenon, authors, Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda discuss how fungi derived entheogens produce hallucinations that bring the shaman into contact with the “other world” who is a living repository (DNA and Fungi) of the clan or tribe. They had written;

“This other world is a field of symbols: not only the static symbols of icons and images, but active symbols that manifest through sound, dance, the play of environmental forces, and the hereditary narrative of the village itself.

The shaman is the living repository of the history of the clan or tribe; as such. he or she can communicate in a sacred language, a shorthand of symbols and semiotic content that is comprehensible to the other members of the tribe and can be interpreted by them while the shaman is still in a trance.”


This all leads to the modern phenomenon of remote viewing. The CIA defines remote viewing as being the “acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shield, or time.”

Several units of the US military have conducted remote viewing intelligence programs like the US Army’s code name Star Gate. A program in the 1970s operated by psychic, Skip Atwater who was the Operations and Training Officer for 10 years.

One of the earliest thought leaders who believed that LSD can cause its taker to have remote viewings is John Lilly who in 1985 discussed his ideas in his book about LSD and consciousness, The Center of the Cyclone. A book that Lilly claims reveal the ways to reach an inner state in which communication with higher entities is possible.

In 1997, researchers at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands conducted as a study to determine if psilocybin mushrooms could influence remote viewing. 12 people were studied under the influence of psilocybin and they found that over half (58.3%) of the people in the test were able to achieve measurable remote viewing.

A 2001 case study of space-time distortion during a total lunar eclipse following street use of LSD, examined a case of cosmic perception under the influence of LSD is reported which included the apparent movement of consciousness to the lunar surface combined with the experience of remote viewing of the Milky Way galaxy.

The researchers claimed that while the possibility of veridical remote viewing is unlikely, they speculated that the neurocognitive action of LSD can sensitize the user to focused bright light, associated memories, and creative elaborations during actual eclipse events.

A man of science and truth who has been publically labeled a heretic and has been shunned by the scientific community, Rupert Sheldrake believes that memory is a function of time, not matter, shared by all living things, that he called “morphic resonance or morphogenetics”.

Sheldrake is a Cambridge-trained biochemist and best selling author whose theories have been widely accepted by the public but are banned to hell by some of his former peers.

Here is Sheldrake on the far right pictured with Terrence McKenna and Ralph Abraham.

His theory is that similar forms (morphs, or “fields of information”) reverberate and exchange information within a universal life force and that like attracts like. Rupert believes nature has a kind of memory that we can tap into in unexplained ways and the use of psychedelic drugs “can reveal a world of consciousness and interconnection” which he says he has experienced.  

Like Sheldrake, I have also experienced the world of consciousness that I was able to hack and the fellings of interconnection with everything while under the use of psychedelic drugsAn experience that countless takers of these drugs have verified to be all similar to one another.

A Guardian article on Sheldrake stated he became interested in a notion of biology and heredity that shared close affinities with Carl Jung’s ideas of a collective unconscious, a shared species memory. He was profoundly influenced by a book called Matter and Memory by the philosopher Henri Bergson.

Sheldrake said, “When I discovered Bergson’s idea that memory is not stored in the brain but that it is a relation in time, not in space, I realized that there might potentially be a memory principle in nature that would solve the problem I was wrestling with.”

What he found was the morphogenetic fields of the mysterious and highly hidden properties of the phosphate called denimax which enables instantaneous communication over vast distances. In researching this substance denimax, the web has quite fittingly gone virtually dark on this knowledge which may further prove that Sheldrake was on to something big.

Sheldrake had written a book about his findings that when it was first published, it generally garnished a favorable reception. But like most unsanctioned Gnostics in this 6th Age, a “book for burning” was ritually performed in the magazine, Nature, by its editor, Sir John Maddox who wrote;

“This infuriating tract… is the best candidate for burning there has been for many years.” In 1994, Maddocks said: “Sheldrake is putting forward magic instead of science, and that can be condemned in exactly the language that the Pope used to condemn Galileo, and for the same reason. It is heresy.”

Like many truth-tellers before, Sheldrake’s has a new life in banishment as a discredited scientist, heretic, and quite fittingly as a bestselling author and underground Gnostic hero.

In his latest book “Science and Spiritual Practices,” he claims that we cannot split science from spirituality because the earth is alive and that science and spirituality are two lenses that reveal are parts of the same whole. I could not agree more.

The facts are in this Apocalypse of Gnosis, science is still moving right along with other lesser-known heretics who are carrying the forbidden knowledge within their own DNA by releasing cutting edge research that is validating Sheldrake’s and even my own.

Scientists like Rupert Sheldrake’s son, Merlin Sheldrake, 28, who is has a PhD on the ecology of fungal networks at Cambridge and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama where he conducted extensive fieldwork as a Smithsonian Research Fellow. Merlin received a triple first in Biological Sciences and starred First in History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University where he was a prize-winning scholar.

Merlin believes that the existence of a “mycelial network” linking plants to one another could have profound implications for the functioning of ecosystems” that might be better imagined as a single superorganism, rather than a grouping of independent individualistic ones; and about what trading, sharing, or even friendship might mean among plants.

“All of these trees have mycorrhizal fungi growing into their roots,” Sheldrake said.

“You could imagine the fungi themselves as forming a massive underground tree, or as a cobweb of fine filaments, acting as a sort of prosthesis to the trees, a further root system, extending outwards into the soil, acquiring nutrients and floating them back to the plants, as the plants fix carbon in their leaves and send sugar to their roots, and out into the fungi. And this is all happening right under our feet.”

Merlin had recently said, “When you look at the network of fungi, it starts to look back at you!”

A statement that reminds me of the quote on monsters and the abyss by Nietzsche – “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil. Aphorism 146)

It’s as if this abyss – ie: unseen world of fungal monsters that we are speaking of or should I say for is demanding the truth of our existence be known and scientists like Sheldrake and researchers such as myself are the chosen prophets to bring in this New Age.

For example, recent experiments by other scientists are showing that there is an interconnectedness of the human mind with other minds and with matter.

This interconnectedness I contend would appear to function via a hidden global fungal communication network or hive, such as a bee, ant or bacteria colony.

A colony made of certain immortal laws to govern the heavenly kingdom of humans who appear to be the most prized and highest conscious form of earthly descendants of these alien fungal creatures with one Queen mother, King, priests, knights, soldiers and workers who appear on most accounts to be intelligently guided.

Drugs like LSD appear to allow us to hack this fungal colonial world and attain human superpowers such as remote viewing.

A 2018 research paper reveals how brain activity was recorded using magnetoencephalography (MEG)and Scalp level Event-Related Fields (ERF) showing how humans react via backward connectivity in the brain to various stimuli while under the influence of LSD.

The researchers found that the brain seemed to be turned off and that rather than being a marker of conscious level per se, that the backward connectivity may index modulations of perceptual learning common to a variety of altered states of consciousness, perhaps united by a shared altered sensitivity to “environmental stimuli.”


This “environmental stimuli” is what I believe to be the internet of fungi in which science has now proven humans are both an unconscious (unknowing) programmer (creator) and virus (destroyer) of its earth colonies.

What Merlin Sheldrake calls the wood wide web and his father Rupert says we can access these memories via morphogenetic fields and can do so with the help of certain drugs that I mention in this article.

Research that further validates Carl Jung’s ideas of a collective unconscious and the shadow.

I believe we can now say that we are part of their billion-year-old ecosystem of fungi in which our DNA and certain drugs via super sekret alchemical processes allow us to hack this myco-internet governed by the very fungi who rule the world and in turn, our minds and bodies.

It is my understanding that on earth, we are the highest form of life that they use to procreate, communicate,  legislate and if need be, destroy its creation.

Hence, the circle (game) of life (thrones) via the ouroboros eating its own tail.

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