Here have we war for war and blood for blood, Controlment for controlment – Shakespeare, King JohnAs within so without

Blood is the seat of our soul. It is said that he who controls the blood, controls the mind. In the stressful and poisonous world that we live in today, many people do not control their blood. Therefor, they are easily mind controlled because they are poisoning their very own blood supply with their poisonous thoughts, harmful actions and passion filled lives. A combination, that not only makes them easily mind controlled, but also sick, and over time, it eventually kills them.

This is the AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT of Gnosticism and Alchemy. In order to KNOW THYSELF, we first need to know how thyself operates. Part of this process involves the study of the occult mysteries of health, universal laws of nature, energies of science and becoming medically familiar with the human body. One of the subjects that I would like to explore today, is blood alchemy and the bible. Two very important subjects that go hat in hand, or what I’d like to call, ‘Theoalchemy.’ Theo meaning, relating to God or deities,and alchemy meaning the human chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter.


In alchemy and science, color is very important when it comes to the aspects of man. From our blood within, to our aura without. It is all connected. We are all consciously, and some of us unconsciously choosing our own colors of health or disease by our thoughts, actions and lives. The German-Swiss Renaissance alchemist and occultist, Paracelsus confirms this when he had written that the causes of disease can be classified under five heads, among them Psychological causes and that could be cured Psychologically, by mind and faith.

The meaning of temperament is “a person’s animal nature, and especially as it permanently affects their behavior.” This is different from an occasional change of your moods that we can experience and that vary from day-to-day. Your temperament is your overall tone or vibration and energy or astral aura that is you most of the time. For example, if  you are in bad mood often and have a tendency to be overly negative, you would be considered to have a bad temper or negative temperament.

In science, temperament or erasis, meaning mixture or tempering of elements, fire (phosphorus and sulfur), air (oxygen), Seal of Solomon symbolearth (carbon), water (H2O). This is where the modern alchemist must practice the art of healthful balance with his mind, thoughts, actions, diet and living. A way of life, that I would like to call “Modern Gnosticism and Alchemy.” A simple method of human operation, that involves the proper management of these chemical energies within our bodies and that we can help regulate with a healthy temperament via positive thoughts, healthy actions and happy lives.

“An animal or a plant cannot be entirely hot—that is, consist wholly of fire; nor can it be wholly moist, as is the element of water: there must necessarily be a mixture or tempering of qualities, and the individual temperament is designated from that quality which super abounds.”

Our temperaments directly relate to the alchemical color aspects of our blood and also the color of our “energy aura.” This bad attitude eventually turns your red blood dark by heating the ‘temperature’ of your normal helpful chemical energies such as phosphorus, sulfur and homocysteine in your blood. What this does, is change them into harmful gasses and acids such as sulfur dioxide which is the product of the burning of sulfur or of burning materials that contain sulfur and that will simply kill you over time if you do not correct these abuses of your mind and body.

Devil_vs_JesusOur goal as modern Gnostics and Alchemists, would be to master the science of being human. A science, that not only includes the acquirement of knowledge, but also the implementation of this knowledge into our lives and families. A Gnosis (knowledge) that cannot only transform us into healthy individuals, but also change our very chemical beings into light and truth in order to become closer to God, rather than dark souls like that of Satan. Fallen stars from the pride of Lucifer who can again become immortal through the teachings of Christ in which we resurrect ourselves back from the grave and our fallen states.

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