High Priest (showing signet to Scribe.)–Companion Scribe, think you this is the true signet of Zerubbabel?

Scribe (looking shrewdly at it.)–I am satisfied that it is. Most Excellent.

High Priest (drawing signet across his forehead, in imitation of the penalty, see Fig. 36.)–Signet of Truth, and Holiness to the Lord!

The King and the Scribe, each in turn, puts his hand to his forehead, repeating–Holiness to the Lord.

High Priest (to candidates.)–It is the opinion of the Grand

p. 240

[paragraph continues] Council, that you have presented the true signet of Zerubbabel. But, owing to difficulties having arisen from the introduction of strangers among the workmen, none are allowed to undertake in the noble and glorious work, but the true descendants of the twelve tribes. It is necessary you should be very particular in tracing your genealogy. Who are you, and what are your intentions?

Principal Sojourner–We are your own kindred, the descendants of those noble families of Giblemites, who wrought so hard at the building of the first Temple. We have been regularly initiated as Entered Apprentice Masons, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft, raised to the sublime Degree of Master Mason, advanced to the honorary Degree of Mark Master, presided as Master in the chair, and at the completion and dedication of the Temple were acknowledged as Most Excellent Masters. We were present at its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, and by him were carried away captives to Babylon; where we remained servants to him and his successors until the reign of Cyrus, King of Persia, by whose proclamation we were liberated, and have come up thus far to aid and assist in the noble and glorious work of rebuilding the house of the Lord, without the hope of fee or reward.

High Priest–Let the captives be unbound, and brought to light. Companion King, I think we had better employ these sojourners. They look like good hardy men; just such men as we want about the building. What say you?

King–It is my opinion, Most Excellent, that they are very expert workmen. I wish they might be examined.

High Priest–What is your opinion, Companion Scribe?

Scribe–If they can satisfy us they are Free Masons, I shall be in favor of employing them immediately.

High Priest–You say you are entered Apprentice Masons. Satisfy the Grand Council.

The three candidates give the signs of Entered Apprentice. (See Figs. 1 and 2, pp. 17, 18.)

High Priest (to King and Scribe.)–Companions, are you satisfied?

The King bows gracefully, and the Scribe answers, We are satisfied, Most Excellent.

High Priest (to candidates.)–The Grand Council are satisfied that you are Entered Apprentice Masons. Have you been advanced to the Fellow Craft’s Degree?

Candidates give the Fellow Craft signs (see Figs. 3 and 4, p. 17), when the High Priest asks his companions of the Grand Council if they are satisfied, as before, and then informs the

p. 241

candidates that the Grand Council approves them as true Fellow Crafts, &c.

The same questions and answers are given in like manner as to each Degree, up to and including that of Most Excellent Master, and the candidates give all the signs of those Degrees to the Grand Council in detail.

High Priest (after consultation with the King and Scribe.)–Companions, we are satisfied that you are three worthy Most Excellent Masters. As such, we will employ you on the Temple. What part of the work will you undertake?

Principal Sojourner–We will take any service, however servile or dangerous, for the sake of forwarding so great and noble an undertaking.

High Priest (to Royal Arch Captain.)–You will furnish them with the working tools, and direct them to repair to the northeast corner of the ruins of the old Temple, with orders to remove the rubbish, preparatory to laying the foundation of the new Temple. Advise them to carefully preserve every thing of service to the craft that falls in their way, and bring it to the Grand Council.

The candidates are presented, one with a pickaxe, one with a crow, and the other with a shovel, which are generally made of wood, and kept for the purpose in the Lodge or Chapter.

WORKING TOOLS OF A ROYAL ARCH MASON. Principal Sojourner (to the candidates.)–Follow me.

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