Answer. I am that I am.

Q. How shall I know you to be a Royal Arch Mason? A. By three times three.

Q. Where were you exalted to the most sublime Degree of a Royal Arch Mason?

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A. In a regularly and duly constituted Chapter of Royal Arch Masons assembled in a place representing a Tabernacle, erected by our ancient brethren near the ruins of King Solomon’s temple.

Q. How many constitute a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons?

A. Nine Regular Royal Arch Masons–consisting of Most Excellent High Priest, Excellent King, and Scribe, Captain of the Host, Principal Sojourner, Royal Arch Captain, and three Masters of the veils.

Q. Who do the three former represent?

A. Those of our ancient brethren who formed the first Most Grand Council at Jerusalem, and held their meetings in a tabernacle.

Q. Who did the three latter represent?

A. Those of our ancient brethren, who directed and brought to light the principal secrets of this Degree, after they had lain buried in darkness from the death of our Grand Master Hiram Abiff, until the erection of the second temple, and as a reward for their zeal, fortitude and attachment to Masonry, were exalted to become the three Grand Masters of the veils.

Q. How many veils were they?

A. Four.

Q. What were their colors?

A. Blue, purple, scarlet and white.

Q. What does blue denote?

A. Friendship, and is the principal color of a Master Mason.

Q. What does purple denote?

A. It being composed of blue and scarlet, it is placed before the first and third veils of the colors, to denote the intimate connection between this most sublime degree, and ancient Craft Masonry.

Q. What does scarlet denote?

A. That fervency and zeal which should actuate all Royal Arch Masons, and is the peculiar color of this Degree.

Q. What does white denote?

A. That purity of life and rectitude of conduct which should govern all those who seek to gain admission into that Sanctum Sanctorum, or Holy of Holies.

Q. To whom do the four veils allude?

A. To the four tribes of the children of Israel, who bore the banners through the wilderness, viz.: Judah, Reuben, Ephraim and Dan, emblematically represented by the strength of the Lion, the intelligence of the Man, the patience of the Ox and the swiftness of the Eagle.

Q. Where were the veils placed?

A. At the outer courts of the tabernacle.

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Q. Why there?

A. To serve as a covering for the tabernacle and stations for the guards.

Q. Why were guards stationed there?

A. To take special pains that none pass or repass, except such as were duly qualified, as none were permitted to enter the presence of the Most Excellent High Priest, Excellent King, and Scribe, except the true descendants of the twelve (12) tribes of the children of Israel.

Q. How did the children of Israel make themselves known to the several guards?

A. By the same words and signs given by God to Moses. He was commanded to conduct the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt from the bands of bondage.


Q. Where were you prepared to be exalted to the Most Sublime degree of a Royal Arch Mason?

A. In a room adjoining a regular and duly constituted Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

Q. How were you prepared.

A. I was divested of my outward apparel, in a working posture, hoodwinked, and a cable tow seven times around my body, accompanied by two (2) brethren possessed of like qualifications, in which condition we were conducted to the door of the Chapter, where a regular demand was made by seven (7) distinct knocks.

Q. To what do the seven (7) distinct knocks allude?

A. To the seventh Degree of Masonry, it being that upon which I was about to enter.

Q. What was said to you from within?

A. Who comes here?

Q. Your answer?

A. Three worthy brothers (or brethren) who have been duly initiated, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft, raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, advanced to the Degree of Mark Master Mason, regularly passed the Chair–have been received and acknowledged as Most Excellent Masters, and now wish further promotion in Masonry, by being exalted to the Most Sublime Degree of a Royal Arch Mason.

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