Some of the followers of Satan are on edge.

The Christian Big Boys in Washington are up to something and this something, many of the Satanists suspect means nothing good for their cult.

Possibly, Satanism is one of the underground movements that Attorney General Sessions had warned the U.S. public about when he announced the Religious Liberty Task Force on July 30, 2018 that, “a dangerous movement, undetected by many, is now challenging and eroding our great tradition of religious freedom.”

This movement, he left unnamed. Open to conjecture and internet interpretations.

This is mine…

One of the big questions the Satanists are asking is, “Just whose religious liberty will this task force protect?”

It’s a good question.

Let me remind some of you that Attorney General Sessions is a Christian and member of the United Methodist Church (UMC) which is a mainline Protestant denomination.

Simply put, he is as conservative as you can get and he follows the teachings of the bible which is the same book that he was sworn into office on.

His comrades, Vice President Pence and many other members of the Trump administration are also Christians with strong ties to the Christain Churches and communities across the nation.

A nation that has on its dollar bill, “In God We Trust” which was placed there in the 1950’s as a result of the advocacy of the U.S. Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus.

A church who it is well known in the Roman built West as one of the world’s oldest Christian Churches of whom we know that Satan is their Adversary – an Apostate of the Faith.

I’m sure I do not have to inform you all that these guys – the elite U.S. Christians have a lot of money, big guns, armies, mercenaries and God on their side.

They don’t F around with underground movements threatening and eroding all the hard work they have put in building this nation.

With that said, the facts are that many of the competing religious organizations and cults such as Satanism are up in arms over this news of this Religious Liberty Task Force and for good reason.

Reasons which I listed in this article.

Here are some quotes from the Satanists corner;

The Church of Satan had tweeted the same day the task force was announced;


Yes, the very fallen angels (evil demons) who hellishly flourish at the expense of sacrificing your own children to Moloch and they have now taken their war to Twitter for the final Babylonian battle of this “Age of Heretics.”

This is the exact place they were expected to voice their ignorant opinions 280 character tweets at a time about things they have no knowledge (Gnosis) about and the creators of the Religious Liberty Task Force could not be more joyed. After all, every word is being recorded and categorized by the Deep State and as the famous Gnostic, St, John had revealed to them,

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