Welcome to a new episode of the Gnostic Warrior Podcast where I interview author and philosopher, Sebastian Gaete. In this Podcast, Sebastian explains his concept of the Physchdelic Christ and his secret charts he has developed the show the way to heaven and hell.

He describes the wheel of life and the six realms which is like the Christian idea of heaven and hell. Sebastian also tells about the Titans who are like warrior-type fighting spirits and the hungry ghosts are basically living in this kind of wilderness where nothing grows. They can’t eat because their necks are too thin. There’s some sort of standard. They’re never satisfied by anything and they’re always trying to fulfill their desires but never can.

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Cosmic Consciousness Meditation – www.pachananda.com



SEBASTIAN GAETE – So it’s not just heaven and hell, but we do have heaven in house. So you can see at the top here, this is the Devore locker, which is the run of the Davis, which is the, which has heaven basically. And then you have the hell realms at the bottom, which is full of demons. But you also have these other four, four realms, which are between the two.

Next to heaven down here on the left is the human realm, which is like the realm the everyday of family life and domestic and going to the market and just riding horses and whatever they’re doing there. But on the other side, you’ve got the Titan realm, which is the fighting spirits or SSRIs.

And here you can see this tree that grows into heaven, and it’s hard to see that, but these are warriors with shields and swords and all the rest of it who are basically storming heaven, trying to break in. And the myth is it’s we also have the same myths in the West of the, kind of the Titans against the gods in the Greek myths.

And so they have that the East as well as the perpetual war between the godsend yeah. Titans. So these are like warrior-type fighting spirits. So that’s the kind of top, half the bottom half, we’ve got the hell ramps at the bottom. You’ve got the animals here. And then you’ve got the hungry ghosts on this side.

And the hungry ghosts are basically living in this kind of wilderness where nothing grows. They can’t eat because their necks are too thin. There’s some sort of standard. They’re never satisfied by anything they’re in this kind of perpetual. Like Tantalus, they’re always trying to fulfill them their desires but never can.

So it’s a kind of hellish realm as well. Where’s the actual helmets. Hello, this is torture so that those people could possibly be. Someone that is just after their material desires, who some might call the bourgeois and they just live for their appetite and, just complete liberal what I’m meaning like a parasitic type of life, bring up my one and then you’ll see how it maps on, because remember these are the six realms, that’s what I’m using.

So you’ve got heaven and hell. You’ve got the human realm, the Titan realm, hungry ghosts animals, and hell at the bottom. So what I do is I update that with these archetypes, let’s get rid of that one where these archetypes is that big enough, right? So these hungry ghost realm that we were looking at I just call that addicts.

So basically. If you’re addicted to something you’re a hungry ghost. A gavel Nazi wrote a famous book in the realm of the hungry ghost, which is all about addiction. That’s his specialty. And that’s what that’s the realm that you’re in. If you’re an addict, whatever it is that you’re addicted, whether it’s drugs or alcohol or sex or whatever it is the animal realm I call that victims.

I’m thinking of people who always feel like they’re being treated like animals, like domestic animals who basically are being victimized. Amanda at the top here, muggles is probably what you meant by the bushwa. A thing. So th this is in the human realm, which basically means people who have a, quite a narrow.

View of the world. It comes from Harry Potter. Probably people know that. It means muggles are people who don’t have any magic. So they’re like normie. So let’s say something like that. So they have a very parochial, small world that kind of thing, the human realm, the happy doing their thing.

And then you, and then the devas I’ve tended to divas in heaven, meaning people who feel that they’re top dogs they’re top of the heap muggles are basically trying to become divas. So in the sense that this is their road up to heaven, that’s what they want. They want them, to be rich and famous, to have influence, and storm heaven without doing the work.

That the Mughals do the work. So they do the nine to five. They slowly really respect the divas and they want to get there themselves. So they work really hard. And that’s normal, let’s say career ladder. Yeah. That they do, the Muppets are different.

They don’t like the beavers. They basically they want to bring them down basically. So the idea is that that the Titans or the Muppets are people who are in a sense let’s say ideologically possessed and they identify with a, some kind of belief system that wants to basically.

Destroy the hierarchical order of the human and heaven realms. Let’s see. So it can be political often, or it can be religious as well. So kind of fundamentalist religions Muppets a lot of kind of revolutionary type people can be Muppets that I call them up. It’s partly because they like puppets, they are the extensions of a giant kind of entity, which is a collective entity.

So the Titan in a sense is as a giant means that the certain collective idea of the world. Supersedes the freedom of the individual of individual thoughts. So they’re just, that’s what I mean by that. It’s ideological if you get me. Yeah, I, yeah, I totally get it. I have to turn my volume down.

I have someone grinding they’re stuck on the back, so it might get loud here and there, but yeah, I totally relate to that. And when I look at myself, sometimes I feel like I’m in the Titan realm. And let me explain. But the people who we would say are at the top of society and culture right now are who I believe are the fakes and the freight fake aristocrats and the people who got there through this secularism and this black magic that I believe we’re under in a lot through nefarious means.

So I seek to, in my mind to tear down the hierarchy, like here in the United States, that I believe are abusing the people and the being, and making it to where, whether you’re a muggles or you’re a Muppet, whoever you are, they’re controlling. The show, so I feel like I fit in the tightened realm right now.

Th the idea is that we all have a bit of all of these and yeah, it may be that you identify strongly with that. And, but th basically the myths here is that this has always been the way, and it’s always will be the way that basically the Muppets will be at war with the divas, since the beginning of time and forever, but the Muppets will never win.

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