My experience in the so-called truth movement over the last 7 years has proved to me that it is anything but. It is theI pet goat path of lies in the Labyrinth. Last week I started distancing myself from ALL the main people who rule this movement with all the same recycled guests and authors who talk about same old subjects such as the Illuminati, mind control and or similar recycled BS.

I have come to the conclusion that almost the authors, bloggers, podcasters and videographers who do talk about these same subjects all the time are actually keeping us in a state of chaos and disinformation. A trap for human energy to dwell in complete darkness and fanaticism.

You become a pet goat behind barbwire with the Sons of Satan pulling your strings.

If you want to see and or hear this same old tired BS, you can visit 90% of the occult, esoteric and con-spirit-cy websites who will be happy to serve you this chaos for some donations and or to buy their book or pay $200 for the next mind control conference.

Yawn….I think I will go back to sleep now!

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