In my experience in researching the occult (hidden) aspects of our global society over the last seven years, I have found that the so-called Truth movement with its alleged Truth leaders who _podcastTemplateclaim to be at the forefront of the lies is just one big circle jerk alchemically fueled by fear porn, pointless news and mind control. Almost every person, website, podcast and video that you will find that says they tell the truth are centered around fear and how we are all mind controlled.

What I quickly learned from these websites is that the government controls the laws, politicians, cops, news and even alternative news through covert operations against their enemies abroad and also targeting the rogue mindless citizens within their own borders.

In addition, they regularly employ mind control techniques using various methods such as “TV and internet programming” to keep their peasants in check.

Imagine that my fellow truth seekers…….

NO! Say it isn’t so!

The news and podcasts that comes daily from most of these web portals seem to be based on 95-100% fear mongering, DNA manipulation, MK Ultra mind control, war, the NWO and the enslavement of the human race by those evil Jews and or the Illuminati with the help of the Vatican, Islam and Bilderbergers who are funded by those bankers no one can seem to offer any true evidence on, the Rothchilds.

The facts are that is all many of these so-called truth websites promote is the same mindless fear mongering by alleged truth tellers and their well paid leaders.

OK, I fawken get it and? We must ask these same people a simple question like, “WTF are you going to do about it other than spread fear and the same mind control BS stories 24/7?”

The facts are that these websites cannot and will not to do anything other than spread fear and act as if they are on the leading edge of truth because that is how they make most of their money. Fear mongering pays well in this day and age.

From what I can gather based on corporate news, if they changed their own programming, they would lose out on online revenue from the countless mind controlled peasants who like to watch, listen and pay for fear to be beamed into their ignorant minds 24/7.

You see, most of these websites and their leaders are NOT really helping their followers, but they are actually keeping them in a state of fear. They are paralyzing people in the lowest human vibrational energy, and by doing so, these websites are actually mind controlling their ignorant users who tune into this low level knowledge.

I’m sure many of you can name some of these websites that get millions of visitors and their leaders seem to be able to travel the world and afford nice lifestyles.

Let me please disclose that I’m also guilty of spreading fear at times, and I have also unconsciously made the mistake of having many of the same guests and stories on my websites that only added to the mind control fear mongering shit pot. Part of my problem was that I was sometimes relying on this fear porn for my own website content because I was trying to fit in with the other alleged truth tellers.

That was a mistake on my behalf, and I apologize to you all.

Then I finally woke up by taking a look in the mirror using reason and common sense. I decided that I had to distance myself from most of these websites and many of these people. What I did was simply unfriend many of them because they were never truly my friends and closed the internet pathway to their websites.

This is why I do not like to visit any of the top websites in the truth movement and the countless others that are just copies of a copy of a copy. Now I choose to keep a careful eye on what my mind tunes into, and relies on for information or news because I AM a Gnostic Warrior and not a mind controlled Agnostic idiot.

The question is, what are you?

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