(By Jordan Maxwell) – We, as the children in the kindergarten, we’re just little children. We don’t understand that there are Lucifer-Devil-imagesome very powerful entities from other worlds who have come here, and they saw us, and they began to look at the women, and they began to look at the beauty of this place, and they said, “I think we’re just going to stay here. Why don’t we move in?” Now you’ve got something called star wars, wars in the heavens between the entities, between the gods.

All of that the Greeks knew.

The Greeks talked about the gods and the wars of the gods of…between gods and men. Zecharia Sitchin wrote a book on this subject. I was in business with Zecharia Sitchin. I sent him to different countries, and so I was in business with him. I used to sit and talk with him for hours on this subject, along with all kinds of others of researchers and writers and people in the field.

I’ve heard all of the stories. I think that what’s really going on here is, whoever created us had in mind a particularly beautiful idea of creating humans and maybe keeping us ignorant so that we don’t get too uppity. But I think at the same time, we’ve got entities who have come here…because there’s obviously more than one out there…they’ve come here and looked at what’s going on and they moved in.

So now there’s all kinds of incredible, dark stuff that’s not even human that’s happening to us. Now they are sucking humans into these secret societies, giving them powers that they would not normally have. But all the time the humans are thinking how clever they are. They’ve got money now. They’ve got all of these political pull and powers with the powers that be, and so humans get sucked in to this, never realizing.

The guy who’s been giving you money and helping you get your business started was taking care of you, now you find out he’s Mafia. He’s not your friend, he bought you. He set you up. You needed help, he came in and helped you, and he came in and financed you and treated you and your family great, and now you find out who he really is. That’s what’s happening, I think, on the earth.

The human race is going to find out that the people who are running your government, the people who are running your religion, the people who are in the high-ups in your particular faith, in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, in your governments, in your learning institutions, they’re not your friends. They have set you up.You were supposed to be able to stand on your own two feet, and honor your creator, and honor the universe, and be what you were designed to be, like the animals.

We have books called ‘Born Free.” We were born free, we were sovereigns when we were born. We came in to this world, not because of government, but because God gave us a life. Whoever it was that created us gave us the ability to come in to this world, be on our own feet, do our own thing, and be free to grow and to be what the gods wanted us to be. Now, as it turns out, the whole entire world has been put under arrest. We’re now under what is called arrested development.

Nobody can do anything, you can’t talk, you can’t do anything, you better watch your mouth, you’re going to prison, you’d better be in compliance, the cops will knock on your door, you better get a permit, you better get a license, you better get an OK from the government. You can’t even get married. You can’t even hang out with a woman. You’ve got to get a license.

So what I’m saying is that human race has been overtaken by extraterrestrial, demonic forces which now have taken over and commandeered the whole human family. We are now as a human family on the earth, put under arrest. We can no longer enjoy peace and happiness and prosperity, and the happiness of being alive, to enjoy children, to enjoy a family, to enjoy life.

You can’t enjoy anything. You better be in compliance or you’re going to prison. And there’s a very dark and evil and filthy place where even your religious institutions are raping your children, your governments, your institutions for running the planet are corrupt beyond belief.

I think whoever it was that originally created us, are here, or they’re coming back, or they’ve come back, and somewhere along the line, there’s going to be some kind of a power play. Where those who created us are going to confront those who have raped and destroyed us…

That’s the story in the Bible, God’s kingdom coming, and the angels with Jesus coming back to fight Satan. Those are just metaphors for something that is, in fact, happening. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there is something like a heavenly force coming to us to protect mankind and to take us back and to protect us.

By Jordan Maxwell – Interview excerpt from April 30, 2013 interview

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