(By Manly P. Hall) – The goat is both a phallic symbol and also an emblem of courage or aspiration because of its Goat Symbolsurefootedness and ability to scale the loftiest peaks. To the alchemists the goat’s head was the symbol of sulphur.

The practice among the ancient Jews of choosing a scapegoat upon which to heap the sins of mankind is merely an allegorical depiction of the Sun Man who is the scapegoat of the world and upon whom are cast the sins of the twelve houses (tribes) of the celestial universe.

Truth is the Divine Lamb worshiped throughout pagandom and slain for the sins of the world, and since the dawn of time the Savior Gods of all religions have been personifications of this Truth.

The Golden Fleece sought by Jason and his Argonauts is the Celestial Lamb–the spiritual and intellectual sun. The secret doctrine is also typified by the Golden Fleece–the wool of the Divine Life, the rays of the Sun of Truth. Suidas declares the Golden Fleece to have been in reality a book, written upon skin, which contained the formulæ for the production of gold by means of chemistry.

The Mysteries were institutions erected for the transmutation of base ignorance into precious illumination. The dragon of ignorance was the terrible creature set to guard the Golden Fleece, and represents the darkness of the old year which battles with the sun at the time of its equinoctial passage.

By Manly P. Hall from “The Secret Teachings of all Ages.”

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