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The main Gospel of the Trismegistic Gnosis is contained in a sacred sermon which bears in Greek the title “Pcemandres.”

This may perhaps have been originally the Greek transliteration of an Egyptian name (ii., 50); but from OF the treatise itself it is manifest that it HERMES, was understood by the Greek followers of this Gnosis to mean “The Shepherd of Men,” or ” Man-shepherd.”

This Shepherd was no man, but Divine Humanity or the Great Man or Mind, the inspirer of all wisdom and hierophant of all spiritual initiations.

His majestic Reality or Essence of Certitude was conceived of as a limitless Presence, or Person, of Light and Life and Goodness, which enwrapped the contemplative mind of the pious worshipper of God or the Good, of the single-hearted lover of the Beautiful, and of the unwearied striver for the knowledge of the True.

And so, in His instruction to one who was striving to reach the grade of a true self-conscious Hermes, Pcemandres declares:

“I, Mind, Myself am present with Him, holy men and good, the pure and merciful, men who live piously.”

~ The Hymns of Hermes By George Robert Stow Mead, Hermes (Trismegistus.)

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