Three brethren are we and sons of Kronos, whom Rhea bare: Zeus and myself, and Hades is the third, the ruler of the folk in the neptune on hippocampusunderworld. – Poseidon says in Homer’s Iliad (xv)

The symbol of the 3 forked Trident had originated in ancient Greek mythology where it was first applied as the symbol of Neptune who is also known as Poseidon. Neptune (Poseidon) is known as the god of the sea who travels the world with his war chariot or seahorses, and he holds sovereign sway over the world armed with his three-forked trident. With his mighty trident, he had caused earthquakes and deluges and holds a 3-fold power over heaven, the earth, and hell.

The meaning of the name trident or the Indian Trisula is “three-toothed, three- pronged; and as a noun, a three-pronged spear or fork.” Often when you see the symbol of the Trident today, it is usually represented by a three-pronged fork symbolizing power and the holy number three (3), or more appropriately, 3 in 1. The number 3 is significant not only in the symbol of the Trident and God Neptune, but also in creation of the universe and our man made world that mimics the AS ABOVE, SO BELOW and AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT.

The number 3 is one of the most important numbers in our world. It represents the trinity, unity, opposition and the beginning, middle and end. The creation of our world dividing time into morning, noon, evening, with the past, the present, and the future. With his 3 forked trident, Neptune holds power over the 3 principalities of heaven, the earth, and hell.

The Trident is akin to the symbology of the shepherd’s crook in which the shepherd uses the hook of his crook to save fallen animals by ensnaring them by neck or leg. This is why the crook is often used as a religious symbol by the Druids, and by Christian as the bishops crosier. The Trident of Neptune (Poseidon) rules us human who live in the underworld. Through the government of the waters of our blood, waters of the earth and the powers of alchemy in which Hydrogen Sulfide in the AS ABOVE planet and So BELOW god Neptune rules over the seas of the blood of humanity.

Neptune’s 3 tools of warfare are his suits of shields, swords, and spears who along with his 3 sons, Albion (Brittain), Erin (Ireland), and Caledoiu (Scotland), they make war upon earth, and on one another. It is said that for many ages there will be much enmity with each other; but in the end times, they will unite.

Are we witnessing these Apocalyptic times right now?


The mythology for the God Neptune had originated on the sacred Holy Island of Crete, where Neptune (Poseidon) was the great master of the seas with his brother Zeus, and the rest of his family of Gods and Goddess. It is from Crete where almost all Greek mythology had originated and also quite appropriately where all their Gods and Goddess would be born such as Zeus, and Neptune with his famous symbol of the trident. The name of Poseidon is related to the ancient city of Sidon which is also on Crete.

In Plato’s story of Atlantis we can find a connection between Neptune who is called Poseidon with Crete and a city named after the Zeus with tridentbiblical Sidon. In the bible, this city is known as the first home of the Phoenicians on the coast of Canaan, and from its extensive commercial relations became a “great” city. There is also a shrine commemorating the last meeting place between St. Paul and St. Peter inside the Old City of Sidon. A city we know of today as Cydonia or Kydonia (Greek Κυδωνία, “quince”) on the island of Crete;

“Poseidon-worship seems to have been a peculiarity of all the colonies previous to the time of Sidon” (” Prehistoric Nations,” p. 148.) This worship ” was carried to Spain, and to Northern Africa, but most abundantly to Italy, to many of the islands, and to the regions around the Aegean Sea; also to Thrace.” (Ibid., p. 155.)

In my article, Crete: The Lost Island of Atlantis, I explain that Crete was also known under the old biblical name written in Greek, “Kaftor or Caphtor” and the Arabs had called it Kerith. The Greek historian, Pliny had said that the ancient Cretans were called Curetes, and that their king was Philistides. Diodorus Siculus who wrote works of history between 60 and 30 BC had said, “the Cretans have traditions that the Titans came to their island in the time of the Curetes.” In the Odyssey, Homer calls the natives of Crete, Eteocretans (true Cretans), and the Cretans were also called the Pelasgi (Pelasgians or Pelasgoi). Much later in the early 19th century, a treasure hunter named Arthur Evans had taken it upon himself to rename them yet once again to his own invention; a people he had coined as the Minoans after the island’s mythic“king” Minos.

It is interesting to find so many biblical and mythological connections to Crete. Yet, this island often goes unnoticed by almost all modern historians and current self proclaimed experts on the bible, ancient history, ruins or symbologists. 

The Cretans (Minoans) of Ancient Greece were known as liars, warriors, sea people and Gnostics. They also had one of the largest roles in building most all of Western civilization with strong ties in the East to Egypt, India, Rome and many other countries.  As I mentioned in this article, one of their main symbols was the Trident  and later we would see this same symbol in Christian art as a symbol of the devil who walks the earth with his 3 pronged pitchfork. A devil who like the Cretans, are well known as liars, and who the church calls an apostate.

Let me also please inform you that Crete was home to the first true Gnostics whose city was known as Gnossus, and today is called Knossus. The same original Gnostics who are well known in history for being adversaries to the Roman Empire and who would eventually meet with their demise with the destruction of City of Knossus along with their Temple and then their banishment from the island under Roman Law which was punishable by death. Later the Cretans and Gnostics of the Old Testament would also become known as Jews.

The Holy Island of Crete is well known as the the birthplace to almost all of Western Civilization. A location I know as the true lost island of Plato’s Atlantis. The Cretans were known by many names over thousands of years such as the Minoans, Ophites, Philistines, Judeans, Tribe of Judah, Sea People, Phoenicians, Greek Hellenes, Jews and many more names. After all, the name Crete is derived from the Greek word Kriti (Kri-ti), which means ‘creation,’ and that is exactly what the Cretans (Minoans) were well-known for. They were said to be the creators of the first alphabet, writing, poetry, mythology, music, weapons of war, boat building and most of all, deception through symbols, words and language. This deception may be found in  a famous statement by a fellow Cretan named Epimenides who called his own people liars. It was this 6th century B.C. Tattooed Gnostic Shaman and famous lawgiver who had said “that all the Cretans are liars.”

The brother of Neptune is Zeus who is also the true king of the gods, the air and in reality a mythological name for the planet Jupiter. They were the followers of the God Jupiter known as Yahweh, and Jehovah in the Old Testament. The name Minos is just another name for Jupiter and the Minoans, the children of Jupiter. It was on Crete where the King Jupiter had deposed his father Saturn from the government of the universe and divided it into three portions, assigning the ocean to Neptune, the infernal regions to his brother Pluto, and retaining heaven and earth for himself. Together they accomplish enormous feats such as the building of the walls of Troy, the taming of the horse, the raising of the island Delos (Kos and now Dia) out of the sea, and the destruction of Hippolytus by a monster from the deep. A great story of history, war, alchemy and Gnosis encoded in allegory.

The Cretans were well known as metal workers and one of the great things they forged with their skills was money in the form of coins they used for trade and also control. Many coins have been found that originated in Crete showing the symbol of the Trident.

The most ancient Cretan coins show the Phoenician god Tan (translated Poseidon by Philo of Byblos) with a fish-tail, that is as a fish-god, and holding a Neptune’s trident. The name of this god is found, too, in composition in the Cretan Itanos, from i-tan, isle of Tan. Now Tan was son of Yam, son of Ba’al, son of II (or Kronos). Did the trident thus descend from Kronos or Saturn to the seagod Poseidon or Neptune? That Kronos was prominent in the worship of Crete is abundantly clear from the fact of human sacrifices having been there, as in Rhodes, offered to him.

The sons of Neptune were Triton, Phoresis, Proteus and Glaucus. The wife of Neptune was a sea nymph by the name of Amphitrite, a daughter of Nereus. According to Hesiod, Oceanus was one of the Titans who was considered the ruler of the exterior waters encompassing the earth, and interior seas and rivers were assigned to Neptune.

In the etymology of the name trident (Latin tridentem, amis, of tridens) we find the two words tri and dent (dens). The meaning of tri is three and the meaning of dent (dens) is tooth. The word dent or dens is where we get the modern English word of dentist. Hence, the meaning of trident is having three teeth. Sanskrit trishula is compound of tri त्रि “three” + ṣūla शूल “thorn”.

The connection of teeth and the island of Crete can be made also with the Phoenician Prince named Cadmus who had founded the city of Thebes as the Capital of Boeotia in 1500 B.C.  who in Greek legend is the inventor of the alphabet.The descendants of Cadmus were known as the Sparti (the sown men), a Boeotian aristocracy from the Peloponnese region of Greece that were also called the Pelopids. From this race of people various tribes would form as the IllyriansDacians or Thracians who Plato, Aristotle and Plutarch had said were originally from Thebes and of the Boeotian aristocracy.

The connection to teeth and Cadmus can be found in the dragon he had slew and its teeth which were sown. The towns of Boetia such as Athens and Eleusis were situated beside the river Triton. Cadmus is connected with the island of Crete by Herodotus who had said that the Curetes had come to Crete with the Phoenician Prince Cadmus, and Sir Isaac Newton had written they settled in Phrygia, where they were called Corybantes, and some settled in Crete, where they were called Ida. The connection of the goddess Athena with the Triton river in Boeotia had expanded into other myths about her birth-place which included all the lands of the Boeotians such as Crete which was also known as Arcadia, and also in Thessaly, and in Egypt.

Later in many countries such as Asia and India after Alexander the Great had conquered the region, you will find that the Trident became intertwined in their religions such as a symbol of Buddha, and also the Hindu God Shiva where it can be found in every Siva temple in India. Therefor, we can safely say that it was the Greek Macedonian King and Son of the God Ammon, Alexander the Great who had brought the rule of Greek myth and law of the Trident into these countries over 2,000 years ago. A symbol they possess to this very day.

Many scholars claim that in the bible, Neptune is the son of Noah and his name Japhet. This biblical connection to mythology changes Saturn and his 3 sons, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, to be Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham, and Japhet. Between the 3 sons, they partition the earth into 3 equal portions each. It is Neptune of the biblical Japhet who is awarded the  maritime parts, islands, and countries beyond the seas.

This biblical connection with the mythology of Neptune makes sense since the trident is also a symbol of the Jewish priests known as the Kohanim who use the 3 prong fork to take their portions of offerings. At one time it is said that the ancient Phoenician Tyrians who had named their priests Kohanim (Cohanim or singular Kohen). The island known today as Dia sits just 7 miles off the coast of Crete and city of Knossus. It is the original home of the Kohanim who were known 3,000 years ago as the Koans and the island of Dia was called Kos (Cos, Coos, Ceus, Zia etc). The word Dia is another name for Zeus (Jupiter). The sacred Dragon isle of the God of Healing, Aesculapius. Some of the most famous men in history were called Koans from Kos. People such as the Father of True Medicine, Hippocrates. His sons Drakon, Thessalus, and son in law, Polybus, were Kohen trained doctors as well. It was also the birthplace to Pharaohs such as the Greco-Egyptian, Ptolemy II.

In the Torah, the priests of Baal are referred to as Cohen or Kohen or plural: Cohanim or Kohanim which is a Hebrew word for priest or king and the word or Bol-Khan, specifically refers to the priests of Baal who in Homer’s Iliad as the are the “Danaans” or “tribe of Danaë,” grandchildren of Belus (Phoenician ‘Baal’) who gave their name to the “Argives.” All the kings of Denmark, Norwegian, Swedish and Anglo-Saxons and even the first president of the United States, George Washington claim descent from this blood line. Today in almost all these lands, you will find the symbol of the trident.

According to Hesiod, Oceanus was one of the Titans who was considered the ruler of the exterior waters encompassing the earth, and interior seas and rivers were assigned to Neptune. He is credited with building the first Navy, and inventing horsemanship. On July 23, there is a Roman Holiday called Neptunalia, that was made in honor of Neptune. When Neptune arrives on the lands he conquers, he not only arrives with his mighty navy, but also his hippocampus-like horses. Many Navy’s around the world still honor “King Neptune” in an ancient tradition of initiation called the “Line-crossing ceremony.

All these symbols such as the trident and horses had originated on the same sacred island of Crete, and they are still used today by their Cretan descendants around the world who in their lands the wield the sovereign power over the dominion of heaven, the earth, and hell.

“The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.” – 1 Corinthians 2:14


Britannia is an ancient term for Roman Britain and also a female personification of the island which encompass the parts of the island south of Caledonia (Scotland). In the 2nd century, Roman Britannia came to be personified as a goddess, armed with a trident and shield and wearing a Corinthian helmet. (Wikipedia)

Trident Britannia-Statue

The number 3 and Trident in Freemasonry explained in the “General History, Cyclopedia and Dictionary of Freemasonry,” By Dollar MasonGeorge Oliver;

To the eye, the number is represented in the regular figure of the triangle, which has been applied to numberless symbolical representations; the ear perceives it most perfectly in the harmonic triad. As the triple is also the basis of symmetry, that three-figured form is found in architecture, and in simple utensils, without any particular reference to symbolical or other significations. Of this kind are the triglyphs in architecture, the tripod, trident, the three thunderbolts of Jupiter, the ancient three stringed-lyre, though the number has in these objects, as well as in the three-headed Cerberus, other more symbolical relations. The Triad, represented by the delta, is a significant emblem in a large number of Masonic degrees.

The Navy SEALS – The US Navy Special Warfare insignia, worn by members of the US Navy SEALs, and containing the symbol of the Trident of Neptune representing the three aspects (Sea, Air, and Land) of SEAL special operations. It also has the symbol of the brother of Neptune who in mythology is Zeus or in science as Jupiter in the form of the eagle or phoenix.


The insignia of the US and Crete Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Crete

The Maserati Trident Logo – The trident logo of the Maserati car company is based on the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore. Today the company is now owned by the Adolfo Orsi family, who in 1940 relocated the company headquarters to their hometown of Modena. Modena is home to a Military Academy, Italy’s “West Point”and famous Modenesi include Mary of Modena, the Queen consort of England and Scotland. Also, there is the church of St. Francis which was built by the Franciscans  starting in 1244, and finished two centuries later.

Trident Maserati

The Coat of Arms for the Ukraine is known as Tryzub (Тризуб), the literal translation of “trident”.

Trident Ukraine

As it is been written; “Your sons, Albion, Erin and Caledon,” says he to Neptune, will for many ages be at enmity with each other; but at length will unite. When that period shall arrive, I foresee that, grown weary of dominion, you will desire to resign your government of the sea. Meanwhile these three spears, the property of your three sons, when firmly hooped together at my eternal anvil, will become one sceptre—a sceptre worthy of Ocean’s lord.”

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