Horus from lotusIn ancient Egypt, the symbol for “plant” meaning “Tree of Life” was the three sacred lotus lilies. To ancient Egyptians and their children who still honor these customs, the lotus is the symbolic plant of life, immortality, resurrection and sacred knowledge. In the funeral and re-birth ceremonies, the lotus was closely associated with processions and the imagery of the funerary Cult of Osiris, in which we find the God of light and truth; Horus, seated upon the lotus (pictured to the left). Evidence of the lotus being involved in their funeral ceremonies had been found in the tomb of Ramesses II.

The Egyptian Blue Water-lily, N. caerulea, or lotus was chosen as a symbol for the brotherhood because the ancient Egyptians believed that all life had originated from the Lotus and that creation began when the lotus had gave birth to the dual God, Amon- Ra, on the surface of a primordial ocean. Like the sun, the lotus at dusk closes its flowers as it prepares for the dark night and at the first sign of the morning rays of the sun, it opens its flowers again as if it is “reborn by the light.”

This lotus symbolizes the separation of the God Amon-Ra who is both Amon, the Hidden God and  the God of Truth who is our Ammon’s Horn (Hippocampus) and also Ra, the God of light who is Lucifer (Phosphorus) in our DNA represented in imagery by the sun.

33rd Degree Freemason, Master Rosicrucian and author, Manly P. Hall had said this of the Lotus –

May your consciousness be lifted upward through the Tree of Life within yourself until in the brain it blossoms forth as the Lotus, that rising from the darkness of the lower world, lifts its flower to catch the rays of the sun.

Your consciousness comes from both, your Ammon’s Horn (Hippocampus) in which the tree of life, AKA our DNA, is then combined with the light of Lucifer (Phosphorus) in our DNA, so we too are reborn and rise like the rays of the sun or lotus in the morning.

The Lotus is also connected to the Druids Hesus (Hu, Iseous, Esus, Jes, Chrishna Jeseus or Jesus), the name of a Celtic god who was worshiped in Gaul and Ireland. The word Hesous or Hu is derived from the Eastern Horus which you will find came from “Nous,” meaning Mind or Intelligence, and this is why the lotus is associated with this Celtic deity. The word Jesus came later, and was of course derived from the Celtic God Hesus when the Celtic Church had merged with the Roman Church in the time of Columba; forming then the Universal Church.

From then on, the Egyptian Horus became the Celtic Hesus and finally the Universally accepted icon, the Christian Jesus. All of these deities represent light, truth and Christ intelligence that only comes through gnosis and wisdom of thyself and thy-world. Like Jesus, Hesus was fathered by God, born of a virgin mother named Mayence, and was also crucified. But Hesus was crucified on an Oak Tree instead of a cross like Jesus was. Essentially Jesus and Hesus (mind and intelligence) were crucified on the cross (Tree of Life and Logos) being symbolic in representing the secrets of the ancient priesthood.

The Druids had worshiped under the oak tree and to this day, the oak is the national tree of England and also the U.S.A., in which it symbolizes strength and endurance, and with Christians we find this is represented as the cross. In the bible, Jesus is called the morning star and Hesus was also known as the morning star. You will also find him connected with Jupiter which is also known as the morning star and is known as the light bearer, or also Lucifer who is another well known morning star.

When Horus rises, it is said: ” He opens his eyes and illuminates the world. The Gods rise from his eyes and the men from his mouth, and all things are through him, when he rises, brilliant from the lotus.”

Today we see the secret of the Lotus is concealed in the full light of day under other symbolic plants such as in France with the fleur de lys,


in Ireland with the Shamrock


and the thistle of Scotland.



The text at Denderah says:

“The Sun, which was from the beginning, rises like a hawk from the midst of its lotus bud. When the doors of its leaves open in sapphire-coloured brilliancy, it has divided the night from the day.”7 Of the Sun-god, Horus, it is said: “He opens his eyes and illuminates the world. The Gods rise from his eyes and the men from his mouth, and all things are through him, when he rises, brilliant from the lotus.”8 At Denderah a king makes offering of the lotus to the Sun-god, Horus, with the words: “I offer thee the flower which was in the beginning, the glorious lily of the great Water.”9 A confessional chapter of the ” Book of the Dead ” closes with the words: “I am a pure lotus, issue of the field of the Sun ” (p. 19).

No. 6 shows Amon (Sun-god of Thebes15) worshipped, in the same way. No. 4 shows Osiris (the sun at night16), father of Horus, in one of his habitual associations with the flower. No. 11 shows Nefer-Toum, or the good Toum (the setting sun, but also worshipped at Heliopolis as the sun in all other

Funerary Stela. 

Round top; front covered with linen and thin coat of stucco on which the drawings are made. Winged disk at top, colored red, yellow and blue. Two registers: Above: four seated figures, two on each side of a lotus plant which takes the place of the usual table of offering. Above each figure is a name:

On right of lotus, above the king is, “The good god, Ra-dsr-ka (splendid is the ka* of Ra, prenomen of Amen-hotep I, of the XVIII dynasty), living forever”; above female figure: “Ahmesmerit-Amun (name of sister of foregoing), beloved of Amon-Ra, lord of heaven”;

on left of lotus, above figure of Osiris, “The good god, Ra-men-kheper-ka, giving life like Ra forever;” above seated king, “The great god, Ra-men-kheper (prenomen of Thothmes HI, XVIII dynasty), beloved of Amon-Ra, lord of heaven.” Bottom register contains kneeling figure of man at right, facing toward two seated figures at left, each holding lotus flower to face.

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