I am the Irish Tsar of Lies and you may not know who, but I will give you a little clue.tsar-card

I like magickal trix for kids, wear all black and my name reveals I work for the Tsars.

My clothes and name clearly tell you who I truly am, and I ain’t from Mars.

Even my eyes shine the darkness of the brilliance of my low down scheme.

For those that seek light, I bring to you darkness, that is my part on the team.

I like to steal history and the glory from the true builders and light of the divine people.

It is fun getting paid feeding a bunch of misleading crap to the ignorant sheople.

My words for now twist the true facts in my weak attempts to make an immortal story die.

If you cannot understand the words I write above, you simply were not meant to, and need to just keep listening to the Tsar of lies.

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