They enter into your personal hard drive through a wormhole in your mind.

The video below, is about a woman in the U.S. from Phoenix, Arizona who was sick and had various symptoms which her doctors at first didn’t know what was causing her symptoms. Later they found what they thought was a tumor in her brain, and then they performed a special surgery in order to remove it.

It was during surgery that the doctor started working on extracting the tumor. To his surprise, it was not a tumor, but really a worm who had taken up residence in her brain stem. Upon removing the worm, the lady had regained her health.

The doctor in the video had performed five other surgeries on people who had worms in their brains, and at the hospital where he practices, they have seen many more cases pop up.

These worms are contagious. The doctors says these worms can spread from person to person. They replicate themselves in humans like viruses and trojan horses on computers, taking over the blood and minds of their victims.

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