All insects, animals, and mammals such as humans are infested with many different kinds of Worm - In mans headworms which today we call parasites. Many life forms on earth can live symbiotically with these parasites, but sometimes they can also become sick with illness and even almost die from these worms as in the case of  a 50-year-old Chinese man who was admitted to a UK hospital complaining of headaches, seizures, an altered sense of smell and memory flashbacks.

His doctors didn’t know what was wrong so they ordered various tests that came out negative. They then did an MRI scan showing that he had an abnormal region in the right side of his brain, showing inflammation, but no tumour.

This swelling actually would move over the next four years, and finally his doctors decided to operate. To their astonishment, they found a 1 centimetre-long ribbon-shaped worm that they had surgically removed. Once they removed the foreign invader from the man’s brain, all his previous symptoms and ailments ceased.

The doctors said the worm was unlike any seen before. Tests showed that the worm contained around 10 times more DNA than any other tapeworm sequenced ever before. wink wink 😉

As I said before, there is a war for your soul. Inside your body via your blood and organs such as your brain is where the battle is fought.

“Here have we war for war and blood for blood, Controlment for controlment.” – Shakespeare

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