For much of 2014, the world wide media circuit has had a field day with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the New Obama and PutinWorld Order headlines.

For example, the Russian media reported in October, “Vladimir Putin calls for new world order;” and in September the New American said; “Putin’s East vs. Globalist West: Merging Into a New World Order.” Earlier in the year it was the Iranian backed media outlet, PressTv who had written, “Putin puts fear of God in New World Order: Barrett,” and again in September, the Politico headlines read; “What Will Putin’s New World Order Be?” Then in November, the Moscow Times says, no, no and declared, “Despite Putin’s Rhetoric, No New World Order.”

One month it is Putin and Russia leading the NWO, and the then the next month the media is reporting that it will be Russia and China leaving the West in a trail of American dollar dust, and economic misery.

US and China new world orderThen this month after a historic agreement made between China and the U.S., the media is starting to sing a different New World Order tune, like an article that just came out today in the UK’s Guardian where the headlines read; “Forget the Brics – America and China will reshape the new world order: Anti-western rhetoric may be loud in Beijing but the Sino-US relationship remains the one to watch.”

Now this week many of the world’s top leaders are all wearing purple silk shirts, smiling together, and taking pictures as if they are all just one big happy purple family, right after the U.S. and China sign a historic climate agreement where both countries have agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by almost a third within two decades.

A climate agreement that will change both the American and Chinese commercial landscapes forever, where doing business will never be the same for those companies whose products destroy the environment. Many of these companies will be closed down, and tens of thousands of jobs will be lost as a result of this plan. A simple sustainable plan for both the U.S. and China that goes in line with Agenda 21 and a New World Order, where in the near future maintaining a healthy earth, clean air and water will come first before commercialism, consumption, jobs and human selfishness.

But what is really going on here with all the conflicting New World Order media reports?

Is this just NWO rhetoric, and media disinformation at its finest; or are we truly seeing the formation of a formal crazy New World Order Apocalyptic type game, where all these major players will come together like the ten horns who are the ten kings in the bible who will come from this new kingdom?

This is all really starting to make NWO sense, and I think the BBC has caught on with this headline today, “US and China: The great game is on.”

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