In early August 1988, former Blondie bassist and author Gary Lachman attended an event held by some leading members of the Church of Satan calling it “a quartet of modern satanic masters, hosting an unholy celebration.”

“We are gathered here tonight to celebrate this day in history,” the event begins. “This has historically been Satan’s Day, a day of purification, a day of truth.”

It was held on the date of 8-8-88, which was purposely chosen due to the marketing power of 88 “Heil Hitler” to their fellow neo-Nazis.

Their goal was to celebrate a new film for their hero, Charles Manson, and the cold-blooded murders in Los Angeles, California, of actress Sharon Tate, couple Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, and three others just two decades prior by the Charles Manson family.

To the Satanic Revolutionaries in attendance, the murders represented the symbolic death of free love and hippie culture and a violent return to order. What we may call the emergence of their Satanic New World Order onto the world stage with Geraldo Rivera’s TV crew there to record everything.

The public ritual was called 8-8-88 and took place at the Strand Theater in San Francisco. It was hosted by the Church of Satan’s founder’s (Anton LaVey’s) daughter Zeena Schreck (LaVey), her then-husband, Nikolas Schreck, and the notorious Neo-Nazi Satanist, Boyd Rice, and the late publisher Adam Parfrey. Please keep in mind the creative adjectives I choose to use to describe these people are based on their own historical admissions and or symbols they proudly adorn themselves with.

The 8-8-88 ritual was conducted right at the heart of the Satanic Panic.

The goal, further exploit and feed upon the energies produced by the fears of the ignorant general public and media. It was shown to a sold-out crowd of degenerates promising them, “A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief,” “A Nightmare of TERROR!” and “An Evening of Apocalyptic Delight!”

Awful Satanic music with organ drones and militant drumbeats devolving into a chaotic mess of noises were cooked up for the attendees by Shreck’s band, Radio Werewolf. A quasi-Satanic music event using Nazi and dark imagery meant to provoke fear in people and propagandize the nation’s youth in front of Geraldo Rivera’s TV crew.

It was the perfect black magic marketing opportunity of a lifetime.

These Satanic Masters would not let it slip by without capitalizing on the dark energies surrounding their movement.
As organs blared in the background, the hosts clad in all black and naziesque styled military uniforms recited bad poetry as they espoused their ghastly and predominantly racial extremist worldviews.

When a reporter questioned Boyd Rice about the date’s evocations of Nazi Germany, Rice explained, “What appeals to us about the SS or the Nazis and what we feel we have in common with it is order, bringing things back to order.”

Nicholas Schreck said later that evening, “is designed to awaken primordial instincts” and take control of the masses through the “dominant frequency.” During a bad Satanic remix of the religious song, “Silent Night,” lyrics speaking of blood and rebirth were purposefully added into the song.

“We need to bring power back to the powerful,” Nickolas Shreck proudly stated. “We need the slaves to be enslaved again, and not be slaving over us, not be ruling over us.”

As you can quickly tell, Lachman’s description of Satanic Masters holding an unholy celebration was spot on.

These guys weres not shy in clarifying their murderous and racist Neo-Nazi Satanic mission on Geraldo Rivera’s video recording of the event.

For example, Boyd Rice said on camera that Sharon Tate’s death was a “symbolic representation of the end of the entire way of thought, of compassion for the weak, peace for its own sake, pacifism that breeds stagnation.”

“That whole way of thinking was destroyed on Aug. 8, 1969, a ritual of cleansing and purification.”

“For us, the ’60s were a decade of corruption, a final culmination of Judeo-Christian rottenness,” says Rice. “The ’60s were murdered, but its vestiges remained. We must annihilate its traces, branch, and root, we must purge them from our life, and purge them from life itself. This is our sacred duty.”

“The entire world is rotten and corrupt … to us they’re dead people who refuse to lay down, they’re cadavers,” said Rice on camera.

He further reveals their murderous intentions and the so-called creation of a Master Race to the world;

“We would like to see most of the human race killed off because it is unworthy of the gift of life,” he said. “We’re working with natural law, and nature has decreed that most of man must die. We are forming an elite, a master race. That’s the only term I can use.”

Toward the end of the interview, Nikolas Schreck makes the common rhetoric decrying the Satanic Panic. He says, “These middle-class housewives that are worried that we want to groom abduct their children are barking up the wrong tree because we wouldn’t want to do anything with their mediocre and corrupt lifestyle.”

Both Zeena and Nikolas Schreck later expressed regret for the event due to the controversy it generated and the backlash they endured after Geraldo Rivera aired it on television.

A few years later, in 1990, they renounced the Church of Satan. Zeena had gone on record calling her father Anton Lavey a charlatan who did not have actual knowledge of Satanism. The Church of Satan even renounced her. Shortly thereafter, Zeena and Nikolas Schreck joined Michale Aquino’s Temple of Set but later left that organization as well.

Today, Zeena refuses to be called by her former last name of Lavey and still goes by the name Shreck even though the two have been divorced since 2015.  Both Nickolas and Zeena have claimed to have transitioned into a life of Buddhism.

Zeena offers merch for sale in her online store like a t-shirt of Manson’s face next to a Christian Cross in mocking fashion and images of her in front of an inverted pentagram calling her “The Original,” which she may be 100% right in her marketing claims.

According to Zeena’s website, “Kaliyuga Clearing House is happy to present the Retro-Zeena Collection. This 1989 photo of Zeena was her last, personally commissioned and stylistically designed, publicity shoot while still serving as High Priestess of the Church of Satan. A year after that, due to ideological and personal conflicts with her father and his new retinue of parasites, she renounced satanism to pursue her own spiritual journey.

Nikolas Shreck now lives in Germany where he is an author who it seems could never get enough of Charles Manson befriending and visiting him in prison up until his death and I would contend, his #1 apologetic. His Instagram page is also ripe with Satanic imagery and photos from his heyday.

Hell, I get it, we all have to make money in this damn “rotten world,” and you can’t blame them.

Modern Satanism with all the magic, controversy, marketing power, and cult heroes like Manson and “The Original” sells much better to wayward youth and parasites than plastic Buddha statues in this Satanic New World Order.


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