Here is a very interesting article from one of our Russian Gnostic Brethren, Alexander Dugin. Dugin is who we can call the Russian President’s “Left-Hand Gnostic Man” who is a well known around the globe as a Russian political analyst with what some critics have called right-wing fascist and anti-liberal views.

Dugin claims to be a Christian conservative.

Let me also add that he appears to be a follower of the hellish theology of the Gnostic Saint John with his Apocalyptic views to bring on the “end of times” with all-out war. An ORDO AB CHAO world where the self-Initiated few of the 666 sinners are transformed like the Gnostic Jesus from a slithering worm into a bluish illuminated Phoenix or destroyed like the Devil in a Green Lake of Fire and Brimstone.

In Dugin’s Gnostic Russian mind, the Right-Hand Path in our current society is the path of illusions, false security, and may I say, the false and fractured self. It is the Left-Hand Path that separates the wheat from the tares. An interesting point of view, but one that has been tested by fire and forged in the philosopher’s stone by the Ancient Gnostic for millennia.

An End Times scenario where only a small few will make it out of the hellish labyrinth world of Satanic modernism, while the vast majority will spontaneously combust via liberalism into their own nihilistic hells.

By Alexander Dugin – “There comes the time to disclose the truth, to take a spiritual essence of what boots-licking average people define as “political extremism”. We have confused them, changing the registers of our political sympathies, the coloring of our heroes, passing from fire to cold, from “rightness” to “leftism” and back again. All this was only intellectual artillery preparation, some kind of an ideological warm-up.

We have frightened and tempted both extremely right and extremely left, and now both have lost their guiding lines, both have been got off the beaten tracks. This is wonderful. As great Evgeniy Golovin loved to reiterate: “The one who goes against the day, should not be afraid of the night”. There is nothing more pleasant than a feeling of the ground slipping away under your feet. This is the first flight experience. It will kill the vermin. It will steal the angels.

Who are we, actually? Who’s threatening face is appearing clearer day by day behind the paradoxical radical political current with the frightening name “national-bolshevism”?

Today it is possible to answer this question without equivocacies and evasive definitions. Though with that end in view it is necessary to make a brief digression into the history of spirit.

The mankind has always had two types of spirituality, two paths — “Right Hand Path” and “Left Hand Path”. The first one is characterized by the positive attitude to the surrounding world; the world is seen as harmony, equilibrium, good, peace. All the evil is viewed as a particular case, a deviation from the norm, something inessential, transient, without deep transcendental reasons.

Right-Hand Path is also called “The Way of Milk”. It doesn’t hurt a person, it preserves him from radical experience, withdraws from immersion into suffering, from the nightmare of life. This is a false path. It leads into a dream. The one going by it will reach nowhere…

The second path, the “Left Hand Path”, sees all in an inverted perspective. Not dairy tranquility, but black suffering; not silent calm, but torturous, fiery drama of spirited life. This is “A Path of Wine”. It is destructive, terrible, anger and violence reigns there. For the one who is going by this path, all reality is perceived as hell, as the ontological exile, as torture, as immersion into the heart of some inconceivable catastrophe originating from the heights of space.

If in the first path everything seems as good, in the second — as evil. This path is monstrously difficult, but only this path is true. It is easy to stumble on it, and it is even easier to perish. It guarantees nothing. It tempts nobody. But only this path is the true one. Who follows it — will find glory and immortality. Who will withstand — will conquer, will receive the award, which is higher than life.

The one going by the “Left Hand Path” knows, that one day the imprisonment will be over. The prison of substance will collapse, having transformed into a celestial city. The chain of the initiated passionately prepares a desired moment, the moment of the End, triumph of total liberation.

These two paths are not two different religious traditions. Both are possible in all religions, in all confessions, in all churches. There are no external discrepancies between them. They appeal to the most intimate features of a person, his secret essence. Those paths cannot be chosen. It is they that choose a person as a victim, as a servant, as a tool, as an instrument.

The Left Hand Path is called “gnosis”, “knowledge”. It is as bitter, as knowledge, it generates grief and cold tragedy. Once in antiquity, when the mankind still attached decisive significance to the spiritual aspects, gnostics developed their theories at a philosophical level, as a doctrine, as cosmological mysteries, as a cult.

Gradually people degraded, ceased to pay attention to the realm of thought, sank into physiology, search of privacy, homelife. But gnostics did not disappeared. They transferred the dispute to the level of things, understandable to modern average people. One of them proclaimed the slogans of “social justice”, developed the class struggle theories, communism.

“The Mystery of Sofia” became “class consciousness”, “struggle against malicious Demiurg, creator of the damned world” gained the character of social battles. The threads of ancient knowledge lead to Marx, Nechaev, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara….The Wine of socialist revolution, pleasure of revolt against forces of fate, sacred berserk passion to total destruction of all that is black for the sake of finding new, unearthly Light…

Others opposed the secret energy of race, the murmur of blood to the commonness. They erected the laws of cleanliness and new sacrality, proclaimed the return to the Golden Age, the Great Return against mixture, degradation. Nietzsche, Heidagger, Evola, Hitler, Mussolini shrouded the gnostic will into national racial doctrines.

That’s true that communists had no particular interest in workers, and Hitler — in Germans. But by no means due to their cynicism. Both were overwhelmed by a deeper, more ancient, more absolute aspiration — common gnostic spirit, secret and terrible light of the Left Hand Path. No workers, no “aryans”… That’s horse of a different colour.

Creative personalities also invoked on the Left Hand Path, on a path of gnosis swang to and fro between the “red” and “black”, the “white” and “brown”, rushed in spiritual searches. Being confused by the political doctrines, going into extremes, being unable to express clearly the metaphysical contours of their possessions, the artists from Shakespeare up to Arteau, from Michelangelo up to Max Eemans, from troubadours up to Breton feeded themselves with a secret wine of suffering, imbibing greedily in the society, in passions, in sects and occult brotherhoods the separate fragments of the terrible doctrine depriving you of an opportunity to smile. Knights Templars, Dante, Lautreamont… They never smiled.

It’s the sign of special closeness, a trace of the monstrous experience, which was common to all the “travelers of the Left Hand Path”. A gnostic surveys our world with his heavy look. The same look as his precursors, links of an ancient chain of the chosen, chosen by the Horror had. The repelling pattern appears to him. The West distracted in its consumer psychosis, the East — disgusting in its slow-wittedness and miserable obedience. Drowned world, planet laying at the bottom.

“In underwater woods the impulse is useless and the gesture is ceased…” (Evgeniy Golovin)

But gnostic will stay adherent to the life-work. Never, neither today, nor tomorrow. On the contrary, there are all reasons to triumph internally. Haven’t we told the naive “Right Hand Path” optimists where their excessive ontological trust will get them to? Haven’t we predicted the degradation of their creative instinct into that grotesque parody which is represented by modern conservatives who have resigned to everything, that horrified their more attractive (but not less hypocritical) precursors a pair of thousands of years ago? They haven’t listened to us… Now let them blame only themselves and read the “New Age” books or marketing manuals.

We have forgiven nobody; we have forgotten nothing.

We have not been deceived by the change of social scenery and political actors.

We have a very good memory, we have very “long arms”.

We have a very severe tradition.

Mazes of life, spirals of ideas, vortexes of anger…

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