“I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” (Matthew 10:34)Jesus and sword

This is a satirical conversation between the great Gnostic and founder of the Catholic Church, Simon Magus and his unfortunate cousin. The cousin we will call Gnostic #1.0 and Simon is Gnostic #2.0.

Gnostic #1.0 – Hey, my knowledge is better than yours.

Gnostic #2.0 – No, my knowledge is better than yours.

Gnostic #1 – Oh yeah, but we worship the true Christ and not some evil god Yahweh of the demiurge.

Gnostic #2.0 – Lol, we Gnostics have a new Christ named Jesus backed by the Roman Army and he has come to bring a sword, not peace.

Gnostic #1.0 – You evil archons will never change our minds and we are intent in fighting forever with you demons for our Gnosis over your Gnosis.

Gnostic #2.0 – Fraternity is the only foundation and the pathway to peace! You know what, screw you Gnostic assholes who do not want to unite under a Universal Brotherhood. If we do things your way, we will be fighting with one another from here to eternity. But if we do things our way, eventually, we will unite humanity under the common banner of Universal Brotherhood and ‘Fraternity’ to eventually have peace on earth.

What is so bad about that?

Gnostic #1 – Lol, don’t you know earth is hell and we Gnostics are trapped in matter. We won’t unite with you and we would rather die by the sword than submit to fraternity or the Universal Brotherhood.

Gnostic #2 – You know what? I’m just going to form my own church backed by an army to take all you other Gnostics out, because we simply are not going play this Gnostic game for the next 5,000 years.

Gnostic #1.0 – Go for it! We are ready to fight for our Gnosis over your Gnosis.

Gnostic #2.0 – OK, just don’t say we didn’t give you the Gnosis to make a wise decision when we come wipe all of you out for being a selfish cog in the Gnostic wheel of humanity.

The church spoken about above would later become known as the Catholic Church, and Simon Magus would be canonized as Saint Peter- who is the rock in which the church was built. In regards to the other Gnostics of the 1.0 civilization who had decided to be selfish intellectual buffoons, well, we all know what happened to those Gnostics…

Fast forward to 2013 and the words of Pope Francis, who now represents  1.2 billion members of the Catholic Church;

“In the face of the many tragedies that afflict the family of nations – poverty, hunger, underdevelopment, conflicts, migrations, pollution, inequalities, injustice, organized crime, fundamentalisms – fraternity is the foundation and the pathway to peace,” says a July 31 Vatican announcement on the theme for the 47th World Day of Peace.

The choice of “Fraternity, the foundation and pathway to peace” as the theme for his first Day of Peace, echoes the message of solidarity that Pope Francis has already made a hallmark of his papacy.

“Fraternity,” says the communiqué, “is a dowry that every man and every woman brings with himself or herself as a human being, as a child of the one Father.”

Pope Francis picks ‘fraternity’ as theme for his first World Peace Day message

Pope links fraternity and peace in 2014 theme – Catholic News Agency

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