“The good hand of our God upon us.”Symbols - hand signs

In our modern American culture of Holly-wood entertainment and lost angles media, the so-called stars and entertainers of our Masonic man-made world are at the center of attention for many of the globe’s citizens. It is through these high paid people who are actors playing a part via a script on the grand stage of life that many people today who sit and watch the show from their couches or standing peering at the latest i-Phone “tune into their energies.” Quite simply, many of these same said people have given up on living their own lives and now artificially live through the actors they see on a screen.

There is nothing new under the entertainment sun.

In the not so distant past, many of these overpaid actors would have been low paid court gestures and poets working for beer and food in the Kings Court who were tasked with entertaining the King’s subjects. Their job was to take the stress, kingdoms troubles and future plans of the royal court off the minds of the people who were akin to pawns on a chessboard much like they are today. As time rolled on, these methods and techniques of the ruling elite became more and more refined to the point of what we see today in the technological entertainment and media world.

Sometimes these modern paid actors and musicians do things, copy one another and make weird hand gestures that their fans simply do not understand and many of these same actors don’t even know themselves. One of these gestures has been dubbed the Illuminati hand sign and symbol of the pyramid. It is the most popular hand gesture that you will often see modern entertainers and other people in our modern culture make, and their pictures can be found all over the internet.

You will often see entertainers like Tom Cruise and Kanye West above right throwing up the hand sign like it’s the latest Holly-wood gang sign of the true God. Also their compadres like Jay Z and his wife Beyonce throwing up the pyramid.

Symbols - jayz

Basketball players such as Lebron James

Symbols - lebron james

Hell, even billionaires like Warren Buffet are throwing up the hand sign

Symbols - warren buffet

However, many of the people who make these hand gestures and or write about this pyramid hand symbol have no idea why they are doing it and its true origins. In this article I would like clear the Illuminati air from all the con-spirit-c-i-es to simply explain who was the first Israelite Tribe to use this hand symbol and what its true meaning is. After all, I’m a true descendant of the Levites and these teachings are part of my gnosis on this Gnostic trip we call life.

In my research into the past I have found that it first originated with my Tribe who is known as the Phoenician/Hebrew Kohanim Tribe of Levi, also known as the Levites. This tribe was founded by Aaron, and was composed of some of the most famous biblical luminaries and lawgivers the world has ever known such as Moses and John the Baptist.

The Levites were the chosen priesthood of Israel by King David who placed them in charge of Solomon’s Temple. Merari, the third son of Levi, certain of whose descendants were placed in partial charge of the temple music, aiding certain of the Gershonites, descendants of Levi’s first son, and of the Kohathites, descendants of Kohath, second son of Levi.

king david and levites with ark

They were overseers. r. v., “They set forward” the workmen such as the scribes, officers, porters and musicians. These were divisions of the Levites. Levites were drawn from all these divisions to aid in the repair of the temple. The Levites were the first priestly Knights of Solomon’s Temple and or the Templars.

Levites 2

It is important you understand they were in charge of the temple and were also the musicians.  “And he set the Levites in the house of the LoRD with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps, “according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the king’s seer, and Nathan the prophet: “for so was the commandment of the LORD by hisprophets. And the Levites stood with the instruments of David, and the priests with “the trumpets. And Hezekiah commanded to offer the burnt-offering upon the altar. And ‘when the burnt-offering began,  the song of the LORD began also with the trumpets, and with the instruments ordained by David king of Israel.

As we all know, playing music, singing, dancing and acting is a talent that many of these people in Holly-wood and the city of lost angles are born with while other people couldn’t play a tune and or dance if their lives depended on it. Like ancient teachings and symbols are encoded into our DNA, so are our talents which is also a form of Gnosis. My Gnostic path happens to be that of a Levite scribe whose history and the true teachings of my tribe which I ofTen write about here on the Gnostic Warrior.

The main symbols of our Kohanim Tribe of Levi are the water pitcher and a sign made with the hands that is exactly the same that you will see today in Holly-wood and in mass media. The pitcher signifies the Levite who was responsible for cleaning the hands of the Temple priest.Symbols - levite water pitcher

Here is an image of the symbol on a Kohen gravestone

Symbol - levite water vase

The famous so-called Illuminati hand sign made by so many actors, musicians and other people today is derived from the Kohanim Orthodox prayer service also deliver the priestly blessing, during the repetition of the Shemoneh Esrei. The Levite priesthood performs this service by standing and facing the crowd in the front of the congregation, with their arms held outwards and their hands and fingers in a specific formation. 

Symbol - Levite hand symbol

The symbology of the true Illuminati hand gesture of the Levites is used during a blessing ceremony, the nesiat kapayim or the “Priestly Blessing”, that accompanies the prayer service. The Levites use two hands with the thumbs touching and fingers paired and split, and extended outward for the Shin gesture forming the letter Shin (שׁ), an emblem for Shaddai, “Almighty [God]”.

Symbols - levi shin


In this gesture, the arms are then held at a roughly 45 degree angle, level with the shoulders, as opposed to the completely vertical salute fashion in the “live long in prosper” version of the gesture. Kind of like in the 1960’s-70’s TV cult classic called StarTrek with Spock’s (Leonard Nemoy) salutary Vulcan hand signal used for greeting others.

Symbols - levi spock

Symbols - levi hands

As I mentioned above, the hand gesture is made for priestly blessing of the Levites who use the Hebrew gesture forming the letter “Shin”, which represents the name “Shaddai” meaning “Almighty” (God). This gesture is obviously still used today and often by people who do not understand the history and symbology behind it.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” – Numbers 6:22


The descendants of Levi, the son of Jacob. (LEW (1).] He had three sons: Gershon or Gershom, Kohath, and Merari (Gen. xlvi. 11 ; Exod. vi. 16: Numb. iii. 17; 1 Chron. vi. 10, 43). Moses and Aaron were the grandsons of Kohath, and the greatgrandsons of Levi (Exod. vi. 16, 18, •JO, 2G). Gershon, Kohath, and Merari all founded families, but a certain prominence attached to the Kohathites, from whom the leaders of Israel at the critical period of the departure from Egypt had sprung (Numb. iv. 1-40). The Levite leaders are:

The meaning of Levite we can find in the root word in Hebrew means “to join,” to “‘ bind ” (see Lui-than “snaky-monster “) and “joined” or “attached to”–see Genesis 29:34, and also Numbers 18:2, 4 (Hebrew text). This word, says Professor Goldziher, “is but an expanded form of Lui, a serpent,” just as nahash-than, the name applied to the Levitical brazen serpent of the temple, is of nahash, any oracular serpent, as that of Eden. The serpent Nehushtan (” snake monster”) was worshiped in the Jerusalem temple (2 Kings xviii, 4) with incense, and was traditionally said, about 726 B.C., to be the copper, or bronze, serpent-symbol made by Moses in the desert.

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