In my last article on hand signs called, “The Illuminati Hand Sign of the Pyramid,” I explained that the hand sign we Symbols - spockoften see many modern entertainers such as Jay Z and his wife Beyonce make with both hands in the shape of a triangle is actually derived from the Hebrew Kohanim Tribe of Levi who are also known as the Levites.

The priests perform what is called the nesiat kapayim or the “Priestly Blessing”, that accompanies the prayer service. The Levites use two hands with the thumbs touching and fingers paired and split, and extended outward for the Shin gesture forming the letter Shin (שׁ), an emblem for Shaddai, “Almighty [God]” which can be seen in the images above and below.

This ancient hand sign of the Levites was made famous in modern times during the 1960’s-70’s when the TV cult classic called StarTrek with one of the lead Jewish actors, Leonard Nimoy who played the pointed ear half human and half Vulcan named Spock.

Symbols - levi spock

This mixed breed Vulcan character is interesting given the fact that in the Hebrew Torah and Book of Enoch we learn about a mysterious group of half-breed humans who are sometimes called the Sons of God, and the Nephilim who had mated with the daughters of men. Spock was also from an alien type father who was a Vulcan and his mother was human.

It was the character of Spock introduced the Hebrew sign for the letter Shin (שׁ), an emblem for Shaddai, “Almighty [God]” as the salutary Vulcan hand signal used for greeting others. In addition, Spock was a scientist who worked with healers and the Kohanim Levites were known in ancient times not only as priests, but as the world’s first scientists and doctors who were healers that travelled the world working and healing at various King’s courts around the world. One of the most famous Kohanim Levites is actually the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates.

Also, let us not forget that the Star Trek theme with Spock was based on the people known as the Vulcans losing their homeland in the 2009 movie and forced to wander in space on USS Enterprise much like the Jews were expelled from their ancient homeland and forced to wander to this very day.

I thought that it was pretty cool that later in his life, Nimoy had given several interviews where he explained his Jewish heritage and how the Hebrew origins of the Vulcan hand signal. He first saw what became the famous Vulcan salute, “live long and prosper,” as a child at an Orthodox Jewish synagogue service in Boston. In a 2013 interview, he had said, “This is the shape of the letter shin,” making the famous V gesture.


The Hebrew letter shin, he noted, is the first letter in several Hebrew words, including Shaddai (a name for God), Shalom (the word for hello, goodbye and peace) and Shekhinah, which he defined as the feminine aspect of God who supposedly was created to live among humans.

The Shekhinah, Nimoy has said, was also the name of the prayer he participated in as a boy that inspired the salute. The prayer, meant to bless the congregation, is named after the feminine aspect of God, Nimoy explained in a 2012 post on the Star Trek site.

He was born in Boston, but his parents came from a village in what is now Ukraine, where his father worked as a barber. “My first language was English,” Nimoy told the interviewer in Yiddish, “but I needed to speak Yiddish with my grandparents.”

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