The ancient mythos surrounding the origins of Dionysis is that he had a double birth of fire and water. He was also strongly associated with cultivating vines (fertility) and the development from the juice of the black vine via its decaying grapes which we call wine. (human ingenuity).

As the sun dries the earth clay/mud and ripens the grapes of the green vine, in a like manner, water and the morning dew moistens the same soil as they give rise to the microorganisms who give birth to spirits – the “black vine juice.”

A drink made of molds/fungi that brings the duality to the consciousness of humans who under its influence know both joy and sorrow – Laughter and cries.

The Black Vine of Dionysus brings riches and financial ruins and conscious and unconsciousness or death such as Lycurgus, who raped his mother and ended up blind and mad forever imprisoned within the filaments of the underworld for opposing Dionysus.

The bearded Dionysus sits beside the Goddess of Gnosis from Crete, Ariadne, and a Satyr. Through the filaments of Dionysus, Ariadne will awaken to her true origins.

As the black vine, Dionysus is the first representative/symbol of the individual vine or as I conjecture in modern terms, he was the first idea of the species of fungi (black vine) to become alive and conscious molding into another thousand vines.

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